Friday, February 22, 2008

Could This Be the End for Our Hero?

The Save the Planet protest saga has taken a dramatic turn, with its monochrome-clad leader being led away in handcuffs yesterday by the local authorities. This occurred after the police ascertained that he was creating a "potential riot scene" by "literally throwing money out of his bag" at the "pro"testers who were working for him. This happened after his employees grew restless and demanded additional funds, according to a poster on this message board. I would highly recommend reading through the posts, which include the obligatory LOLcats interpretations.

Apparently he had thousands of dollars in cash in his bag to distribute. He was making it rain so much, he was even charged by the county with littering (along with disorderly conduct). Can this be the first time in history that a person was accused littering for throwing money on the ground?

Photo by Flickr user katieg.

This thing just keeps getting better. The story even made the evening news.

The ten day protest was originally scheduled to end tomorrow - can anyone in the vicinity confirm if Lee has been released from custody and is back on the corner today?


Anonymous said...

My friend has reported from his window at HQ that no, our friend is not out there today :-(

Sligo said...

At least he went down in a blaze of glory.

Clancy said...

I saw him around 3pm walking through the breezeway between the NOAA buildings on EW & Colesville. So, I'd guess he was out. If he had a large bag of cash with him when arrested, I'm sure he could handle his own bail.

I did a double take as he walked past, so am positive it's him. It looked like he had just purchased a large package of meat from the Giant.

Sligo said...

For someone so intent on saving the Earth, I'm surprised he's not a vegetarian. That and with all the money he has to (literally) throw around, I'm also surprised he doesn't shop at Whole Foods. They have better meat!

Anonymous said...

This guy is most likely the man who took a man hostage and may have explosives at Discovery today:

Anonymous said...

yep... it was.