Monday, February 18, 2008

As Suspected, Discovery "Protest" a Total Fraud

After seeing the demonstration assembled outside the Discovery building on Sunday morning, I started suspecting that most of the participants were actually "pro"testors. Turns out that does indeed appear to be the case, based on photographic evidence captured by Chip Py and posted on Flickr.

According to Chip (no stranger to protests himself):

After a low turnout for the planned protest of the Discovery Channel, homeless people from the nearby Progress Place were paid ten dollars an hour to demonstrate. On Monday when it began to rain many of the demonstrators , such as this man right here, demanded to get paid and left.
I still want to know how this muppet is bankrolling this whole thing, and what his real beef with Discovery is, as the basis for the protest is a bit shaky.

I also find it ironic that Mr. Save the Earth was encouraging someone to fly out from California for the protest, even though airline travel is a significant contributor to global warming.