Sunday, January 27, 2008

Protest of One?

I know a lot of people have seen the recent advertisements in the Express calling for a protest of Discovery Communications' Silver Spring headquarters:

I fully expect there to be a huge contingent of protesters during every minute of the time this protest is scheduled - twelve hours a day for nine straight days. This protest may even rival the the one that erupted over Discovery's show on Jesus' tomb.

I think everyone accepts that Discovery's primary responsibility is saving the planet and there's definitely nothing else going on in the world these days that one might choose to protest in the Washington area.

Seriously though, I think it will just end up being this guy. Judging from the response on his MySpace page, the only interest has come from a goth chick in California who can't make it because she has to stay home and take care of her kids.

It's also interesting to note that the building where the environmental protest is scheduled to take place was recently awarded "platinum" status by the U.S. Green Building Council - only one of 62 structures in the whole country to be certified as such.


Dumbek said...

He sounds like a reasonable guy.

firejimbowden said...

I'm personally appalled that Discovery hasn't done anything programs about photography in DTSS, the Birchmere/LiveNation saga, or saving the Perpetual building!

They claim to be a "Silver Spring-based company", and they don't even show us Dr. Know getting people drunk at the Silver Spring Austin Grill anymore!

Down with Discovery!

Terry in Silver Spring said...

I want to protest Discovery because they didn't put Chompy the Shark up this year.

Sligo said...

Now that is a justifiable protest.

Nate said...

I think dumbek's comment pretty much says it all.

This guy's going to be marching up and down the block all by himself, glaring sullenly at all the passers by and Discovery employees who will be pointing and staring at him. Guess he had some extra vacation time this year . . .

WashingtonGardener said...

That Green Building status and ass-kissing WaPo article are a joke --an "underground parking garage" giving employees free parking right next to a mass transit center?? Leaving those "energy-saving" lights on 24-7?? Come on, Discovery, you know you can do much better.
This guy's protest seems off-base (I almost suspect it is a guerilla PR campaign FOR Discovery's new Green Channel), but he has a valid side point -- they can't claim to be protectors of Planet Earth and then operate like the carbon-sucking corporations of old. I'm sure they INTEND to be green, but like many big companies - that has to come from top down in the corporate culture for it to actually happen, and I'm just not seeing it.

Sligo said...

For what it's worth, the parking at Discovery isn't free - I think it's like $50 a month or something.

The problem is that sometimes you HAVE to drive with the way our 1960's-designed transit system is. If you live in Rockville, etc. you have to take the Metro all the way around the Red Line and pay $7+ dollars a day to commute to Silver Spring. Or you can ride the bus, which takes the long way there with frequent stops and can take forever.

silver spring penguin said...

I know how this guy can protest the Discovery Channel and save the planet: Turn off the freakin' television.

As far as traveling between Rockville and Silver Spring goes, that's a one-hour trip any way you slice it -- rail, bus or auto.

Why is that so, supreme being? Why?

Anonymous said...

Rockville to/from Silver Spring is only 15 minutes on the MARC train. But it only runs M-F during the rush hours.

Dan Reed said...

An hour? If you insist on riding the Metro. It's forty-nine minutes if you take the Q2 from the Silver Spring Metro to the Rockville Metro - and probably less if you Metro to Bethesda and J4 to Silver Spring. It's half an hour (by car) from my house in Silver Spring to Rockville Town Center; forty minutes from College Park to Rockville on the Beltway during rush hour.

Discovery could do without parking if they wanted to prove a point - but I figure jobs there pay well enough that its employees would rather buy a Prius and drive down there. It's too bad.

silver spring penguin said...

Downtown SS to County Council HQ: One hour on the Metro or a bus-rail combo. (That's according to WMATA.)

By auto, it took me one hour this morning via the Beltway and I270; 50 minutes via Rockville Pike and Jones Bridge Rd on the way home this afternoon. Mind you, this wasn't rush hour driving.

They have GOT to build that freakin' Purple Line. Can't imagine what that trip would be like once all the BRAC changes go down.

Thayer Ave., too said...

Count me in for the Chompy the Shark protest. He was the coolest! I kept waiting for him to arrive this year, to no avail.
I also liked the foam shark visors they gave out to all the kids during Shark Week.

WashingtonGardener said...

SSPenguin & Sligo -- is that $50 fee for Discovery employees? Or just outsiders who want to use their garage? My understanding was that Discovery is subsidizing the employee parking - but please feel me in with the correct 411.
And yes, I did the Q2 just yesterday from SS and Rockville in mid-afternoon is took about an hour. Ridiculous.

Sligo said...

I believe it is now $50/month for employees, although that is pre-tax. It is definitely not free. If you are a visitor you can probably get a temporary parking permit but Joe Public can't just park in there. If you don't drive, Discovery will give you MetroChecks or money for a bike or new walking shoes.

Anonymous said...

The parking is $60 per month pre-tax for employees and there is no parking for anyone other than employees.(Unless you make special arrangements ahead of time with an employee) But the garage always has a waiting list because there isn't enough spaces for all of the employees that want to park in the building.

Matt Dunn said...

Just checking to see how this protest is going. The press release got a lot of play on our website.

Racheygirl said...

R.I.P. James Jay Lee. 9/01/10 448pm EST. Its sad it ended how it did.

J said...

This guy was killed today. He took some people hostage. Crazy people like this should stop human population pollution by offing themselves first.

Anonymous said...

Blogger J said...

This guy was killed today. He took some people hostage. Crazy people like this should stop human population pollution by offing themselves first.

Hey, at least he supported his own cause, right?!

What a lunatic!

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