Friday, January 25, 2008

Friday News 'N Notes

- I am intrigued by the recently-opened Ghar-E-Kabab on Wayne Avenue. Can this be the Indian/Nepalese alternative I have been waiting for? I drove by the other night and it seemed like it was doing a brisk business. It is a definite candidate for an upcoming weekday takeout meal.

Here’s a short review from someone on Chowhound. Of course they had to include the obligatory “all restaurants in Silver Spring are chains” swipe present in all references to Silver Spring dining. The chain restaurants on the Promenade have been open for a couple years at this point, and most restaurants opened since that time have been independent, or at least part of a small, local chain (Olazzo, Nicaro, Taste of Jerusalem, Piratz Tavern, etc.) so that statement is unwarranted.

UPDATE: I grabbed some Ghar-E-Kabab takeout on Friday evening, and while I can't speak to the entire menu, the samosas, naan and chicken tikka masala were all good. I also discovered the best thing about this restaurant - they deliver. Note that they don't serve alcohol...yet. I imagine they are still in the process of navigating the county's draconian liquor licensing process.

- IMP is not giving up on operating a Silver Spring music venue. Seriously, don't be surprised if there is nothing there in five years and no purple line to get to the nonexistent venue. I really wonder what is more of a priority for them - having their own venue in Silver Spring or not having a competing venue.

UPDATE: Be sure to check out the comments section of the DCist article to sample some typical ignorant D.C. Resident Silver Spring hate:

"This is terrible news. I never dreamed I'd see the day when Downtown Silver Spring™ would go corporate."

"...the wankfest that is downtown silver spring aka the disney world of suburban dc"

"The thought of having to see an otherwise cool band in Silver Spring is really a buzz killer."
I love to read the typical vitriolic comments about Silver Spring from transplants to D.C. who are much cooler than you because they recently moved to some imaginary neighborhood created for marketing purposes like Penn Quarter or NoMa. That or they are helping to gentrify Columbia Heights ("CoHi") and hang out at the Wonderland Bar every Friday night. Of course if they ever want to raise children, they'll have to move out to the 'burbs they so despise or back to New Jersey...

- Teen is struck and killed while jaywalking across New Hampshire Avenue.

- Forest Glen residents want trains to STFU when rolling through their neighborhoods. I can definitely sympathize, considering that I can hear that same whistle from my house at night, over a mile away. I can see that being particularly annoying at 3AM.


The Hitman said...

I won't believe there's going to be a music venue in Silver Spring until there's an underground hip hop act performing there and some people in their 60's are complaining about the clientele outside.

SoundOff said...

I managed to move to Forest Glen without ever hearing the train whistles that now are the soundtrack of my home life one mile away. But what's with sounding the whistles MULTIPLE times? Do the conductors think we missed it the first time?

Sligo said...

Of course, what's the point of becoming a locomotive engineer if you don't get to constantly blow the whistle? I'd pay to do that.

Niko said...

The trains are so loud. I live down by University and Caddington and i can hear them from over a mile away.

Springvale Roader said...

I tried Ghar-E-Khebab last night, but in a limited way. We only picked up vegetable samosas and pakoras, roti, and chutney (we had leftover curry at home), but I can report that all of the food we got was very good.

The interior of the place is nice, and the owner was very gracious and professional. True, it's obvious that they are still working out the kinks are far as getting the orders to the kitchen and ringing you up, but those will probably smooth out very quickly.

It is in an odd place, nestled among three (count 'em) hair cut joints and good old Bonanza Coins, but the dumpy exterior of that strip will hopefully be fixed up, especially now with the Crescent nearby. I hope this place succeeds.

Sligo said...

I bet you can select any commercial space in downtown Silver Spring at random and it will be between two hair cut joints...

Sligo said...

By the way, if you have been in Bonanza Coins when it was on Georgia Avenue, then you are officially Old School Silver Spring (OSSS).

Springvale Roader said...

Sligo, I couldn't resist. I had to go over to the "DCist" blog and take them to task for their ignorant posts about Silver Spring. Aside from so much else about those messages that is wrong, basing one's view of Silver Spring on one freakin' block between Georgia and Fenton is just dumb. Plenty of locals aren't happy with the new Ellsworth Drive, but there is so much more to DTSS, as you know.

Besides, even the Ellsworth corridor has some gems, like McGinty's and Adega and CakeLove and Ceviche, and I can't too torqued about Chipolte or Lebanese Taverna, since those businesses, aside from being honest about what they are, serve up inexpensive food that is actually pretty good.