Monday, February 26, 2007

Protests to Hit Discovery HQ?

Discovery announced yesterday that they will air a documentary which claims that archeologists have identified the tomb of Jesus and his family. (Note that the announcement was too important for Silver Spring so it had to be made in NYC.) In addition, the documentary claims that they have evidence that Jesus fathered a son with Mary Magdalene.

This will no doubt piss some people off greatly. Apparently, security at Discovery headquarters has been tightened for the weeks leading up to the airing of the show in anticipation of protests by religious groups. Security guards have been instructed to keep a look out for a homicidal albino monk who will stop at nothing to prevent this documentary from airing.

UPDATE: Ted Koppel will moderate a panel that will debate the documentary immediately after it airs. I'm not sure if this will be held in the lobby of the Discovery building as it was for Koppel's first show.

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Winter Wonderland

This morning's snowfall, while unlikely to get me at least a two hour delayed opening at work, is definitely ideal for snowball throwin' and snowman makin'. (Needless to say, MCPS will be closed all week.) It also coated everything in a perfect blanket of white. I walked over to Sligo Creek Park to snap a few photos for posterity. Note the guy cross-country skiing.

If by some miracle I don't have to work tommorow, I'm heading to Strosniders's first thing in the morning to pick up a snow saucer and hoofing it over to the hill at Holy Cross Hospital. That's almost worth burning a sick day for...

Friday, February 23, 2007

Bring Roy Rogers Back to Silver Spring!

I miss Roy Rogers. No, not the deceased cowboy actor, but the fast food restaurant that shares his name. I think it is high time that the franchise make its triumphant return to Silver Spring, preferably at a convenient downtown location. All the sandwich and burrito fast food joints in Silver Spring are starting to get stale, and sometimes a guy just wants a decent, cheap, fast hamburger on which he can add his choice of “fixins”. (Not to mention Roy’s roast beef, fried chicken, etc.)

The fast food burger options are limited around town. Yes, there’s supposedly a Burger King somewhere in City Place, but then I would have to actually go into City Place (even if I did like BK, which I don't). Then there’s the Silver Spring McDonald’s (Worst McDonald’s Ever™), of course. As Jules Winfield might say, “Hey, the Silver Spring McDonald’s hamburgers may taste like pumpkin pie, but I'd never know 'cause I wouldn't eat at the filthy motherfucker.” Fuddruckers was supposed to open somewhere downtown, but I haven't heard anything about that in nearly a year. Even if it does ultimately open, you somehow end up spending $8-$9 whenever you eat there.

In its heyday, there were over 800 Roy’s locations, but now that number has sadly dwindled to just 54. There were at least two in Silver Spring that I knew of – one in Four Corners, and the other in nearby White Oak. The one in Wheaton stuck around for awhile, but that's a Pollo Campero now.

I miss getting my burgers and roast beef sandwiches on at the Roy’s in Four Corners. After Marriott sold the company to Hardee's it was converted to one of their crappy restaurants. Myself and a lot of other people stopped eating there and eventually it was converted BACK to a Roy Rogers. But really it was nothing more than a Hardee's in disguise and the food wasn’t very good. Finally, Hardee's gave up and sold the franchise to McDonald’s, nearly putting the nail in ol’ Roy’s coffin. (Here's a video about Roy Roger's if you're interested.)

You can still find Roy's around, but none are really convenient to Silver Spring. There are quite a few up 270/70, but who wants to go up there? Fredneck Frederick has SIX Roy's and we have none. Even Gaithersburg recently got a brand new Roy's near Lake Forest Mall. There are the fake Roy's at those highway rest stops, but those are overpriced and unclean, and the food isn't very good.

It's about time that we got our own franchise. I strongly encourage everyone to contact Roy Roger's corporate headquarters and tell them that we want Roy's to return ASAP. Now I'm hungry.

UPDATE: elastic|synapse's comment reminded me of one of the greatest things about Roy Rogers - the fry container that you could wear on your belt as a holster.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

NO Snow Day News 'N Notes

Damn, I was REALLY hoping for a snow day today (though not as much as these guys), only to have my hopes crushed by my office's weather hotline. When the snowplows didn't wake me up all night, I knew the chances were slim. Today's pathetic showing of wintry precipitation wasn't nearly enough to get me off of work, but I'm still hoping to get let out early. Hopefully they've got that water main break on 29 fixed so there won't be another traffic nightmare today.

- I went to the Silver Spring library's 75th anniversary this weekend, if only for the book sale. As usual, there were multiple dealers lined up at the door ready to cherry-pick any books worth buying. They have big plastic bins and somehow fill them up with every decent book available in under 60 seconds. It's a bit frustrating, but what can you do?

Here's a pamphlet with more information on the Silver Spring Library than you ever wanted to know.

- Poor Neils. The Silver Spring native didn't know the Chisholm Cattle Trail ended in Kansas and was therefore eliminated from Beauty and the Geek on last Wednesday's episode. Come on, everyone knows that.

- Ten years on, the Metropolitan Branch Trail from Silver Spring to Union Station still isn't complete... here's why.

- The Voice had an extensive article on the Tastee Diner in its most recent issue. (Pages 1 2 3)

- WARW, a radio station based in Silver Spring, recently changed formats and is also going green.

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Snow Day News 'N Notes

There was a light dusting of snow on the ground today, so that of course means that Montgomery County schools are completely closed. When I was a kid, this MIGHT have gotten you a two hour reprieve if you were lucky.

Anyway, around town...

- While I don't want to see Ellsworth street turn into Rockville Pike, lined with sign-wielding costume characters, at least the Blue Pearl Buffet & Grill earns points for cuteness:

$10.95 all you can eat? Who needs restaurant week?

Speaking of which, has anyone taken advantage of/been taken advantage of by restaurant week? Were the meals you had worth the $30?

- There's more discussion on the lack of green space in Silver Spring in today's Gazette. (It's a regular subject in that paper.)

Within the article, there is a mention of recent improvements to Jesup Blair Park:

Renovations for [Jesup Blair Park], completed in 2005, included a playground, two basketball courts, a tennis court, small stage and soccer field, as well as new lighting and a stone with a sculpture and poetry.

With all due respect to South Silver Spring residents, these upgrades to Jesup Blair Park (at Montgomery County taxpayers' expense) probably benefited D.C. residents as much as us, if not more. It is literally right on the border of the District line. With no parks available in this residential area of D.C., where do you think these residents take their kids or play basketball? I'd prefer they spend funds on a more central Silver Spring park or on good turf for Veteran's Field.

Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl Gameday Trivia

In honor of today's Super Bowl, I have a NFL/Silver Spring trivia question for you.

In the description provided for this eBay auction for a 1983 Kennedy High School yearbook, the seller states that he doesn't know if there are any famous people represented.

In fact, there was a future two-time NFL Pro Bowler playing for Kennedy at that time. Does anyone know who?

(I love the cover design of the yearbook... so 1983.)


The answer to the trivia question was Erik McMillan, a safety with the Jets, Browns, Chiefs, and Eagles.