Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving News N' Notes

Before the long weekend of gluttony begins, I will leave you with these morsels:

- More on the proposed assemblage sale in East Silver Spring from the Gazette. Highlights include "threatening" telephone calls to the real estate agent and Silver Spring Towers being described as a "monstrosity". All I know is if they get rid of the comic book store, I'm going to be pissed.

- This morning on 29, a woman standing on the side of the road was killed in a "freak accident" when an axle broke on the truck, driving it off the road, leaving the pedestrian crushed under the trailer. This somehow makes the cutesy cat and dog on the trailer seem very sinister to me.

UPDATE: Some scumbag law firm is using this to drum up business.

- Speaking of trailers, someone's uploaded a different type of trailer to YouTube for a documentary about the Silver Spring B&O Railroad station. Note the "Silver Spring" theme song. (Not to be confused with "Silver Springs" by Fleetwood Mac.)


b said...

Thanks for the railroad video. Reminds me of the vibrant railroad culture in Europe. Memories of sitting on the platform in München, with a brat & bier, waiting on the night train to Florence, Italy. Memories lost. In 2005 I took an AMTRAK to North Carolina...all I can say is that the greatest country on earth can't pull-off a 19th century mode of transportation. Oh well, the ICC will make a cool bicycle trail when there is no more afforadable gas.

Niko said...

Wow your really right about the sinister animals on the trailor. Creepy.

Walter Gottlieb said...

We at Silver Spring Media Arts posted the trailer for "Next Stop: Silver Spring," our documentary about the history & restoration of our local B&O railroad station, to be broadcast on WETA in March. Thanks for mentioning it.

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