Sunday, November 11, 2007

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

- Big ups to Olazzo, which, unlike many bars and restaurants, actually has HD service to go along with their HDTVs. (Showing stretched out standard def sporting events on a nice 16:9 HD set is a personal pet peeve of mine.) I ate there for the first time on Saturday, and the food was solid Italian fare, with portions big enough to feed me the following night as well. I considered trying Nicaro, but based on my impressions from peeking through the window, I felt I was a bit scruffy looking at the time to dine there. The only odd thing about Olazzo was the fact that the bathroom doors don't seem to close quite right so you can see into the bathroom from the hallway, even when the door is shut. (No, I wasn't trying to.) They need to get that fixed.

- I also have to give credit to the audience at Saturday night's showing of Michael Clayton at the Majestic. It was quiet throughout the movie, and I even saw someone leave the theater to take a phone call!

- I'ts kind of creepy when you notice that someone has reached your blog from the search results for the phrase "dead body sligo creek silver spring md"... when there hasn't been a body found. What's creepier is that this isn't the first time it's happened.

UPDATE: It turns out there was indeed a body found in Sligo Creek Park. Guess I didn't perform the proper due diligence.

- After reading about the fatal crash on Bonifant Rd. this morning, I was left wondering who is this Bonifant and why does he have two different streets named after him in Silver Spring? Turns out, the namesake is a fellow by the name of Washington Bonifant, who served as a Maryland legislator from 1842-1849 and who was appointed a U.S. marshal by President Lincoln in 1861.

(Dum dum dum dum...)

For those of you wishing to make a pilgrimage to his grave, he (and numerous other Bonifants) are buried here in the Bonifant family cemetery.


john said...

10 bucks says someone dumped a body there and are searching for news to see if it had been found yet.

Sligo said...

"You guys wanna go see a dead body?"

Clancy said...

Speaking of accidents, does anyone know what happened to close E-W Hwy (between Summit Hills and Rosemary Hills) for 2+ hours on Friday night (11/9)? It looked to be closed in both directions.

Bonifant more sinster than Thayer said...

Yeah, but who was Thayer? I'm guessing he was Bonifant's man-servant. Or he was just some guy that worked at Cinnabuns.

Sligo said...

Might be this guy or one of his descendants. This stuff must be recorded somewhere.

Thayer Avenue said...

I bet Jerry McCoy would have the answer.

And my 20 bus to Hillandale could kick your ass any day. Bring it, you Bonifant punk.

bonifant more sinister than thayer said...

Thayer?!? I hardly know her!!

Valerie, Victor and Trudy said...

I hope the ICC doesn't disturb Bonifant's eternal rest; the ICC will be only a few hundred yards away. It certainly will disturb the living.