Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Hump Day News 'N Notes

It's been a really slow week.

- There is a certain Zen to the simplicity of the Snider’s Super Foods “meat” page. (And the "dairy" page brings to mind Borat's trip to a supermarket.)

- Nicaro gets a writeup in today's Washington Post.

- Montgomery County's 10th annual Thanksgiving parade will be held this Saturday in downtown Silver Spring. The route begins at the intersection of Sligo and Georgia, heads north on Georgia, then turns right onto Ellsworth Drive terminating at Cedar Lane. To tell the truth, I've never actually been to one of these before, but knowing that Doug Hill of StormWatch 7 fame will be the emcee, that could finally change this weekend.

More on the parade from the Gazette.

- That body found in Sligo Creek Park Sunday? Mur-diddly-urder.

UPDATE: Two suspects have been charged.

- Discovery Communications is opening a daycare center at their HQ. Not mentioned in the article that Discovery CEO David Zaslav mispronounced The Crocodile Hunter's trademark catchphrase "Crikey" as "crick-eeh" at the press conference. He also neglected to mention that while a daycare center might attract "the best and the brightest", they would be laid off once their department was moved to the other side of the country and their kids would be left up the "crick" without a paddle.

- "The Turf" will be around slightly longer than expected.


Thayer Avenue said...

Is it me, or does Doug Hill look like he could be the inspiration for Kent Brockman?

Sligo said...

The whole event is for welcoming our new insect overlords.

Anonymous said...

You must have been doing the same thing I did yesterday when I ran across the Snider's meat page. We ordered our fresh turkeys for the big feast.

Sligo said...

LOL that's exactly what I was doing!