Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Good Overview of Silver Spring Development History

This blog from a Canadian college professor offers a PDF document that provides a great objective overview of the rise, decline, and re-development of downtown Silver Spring. It has a particular focus on the transportation infrastructure that led to the initial development of Silver Spring and the steps taken to resuscitate downtown. (Perhaps he uses Silver Spring as a case study in one of his classes.)

Here's a tidbit from the document for the "Silver Spring was better before redevelopment" contingent:

LOL I had forgotten all about Holiday Spa.


silver spring penguin said...

Hmmm, Ellsworth Drive just doesn't look the same without Cakelove. Oh and my drooling face pressed against the glass at Cakelove.

How did you come across this Canadian professor's report?

Even more intriguing, how did this Canadian professor come across Silver Spring?

silver spring penguin said...

One more thing... The Canadian professor's PDF is VERY cool. Lots of pictures, little text. My kind of reading.

Excellent find, Sligo!

WashingtonGardener said...

On green space portion - he specifically shows the Fenton Gateway Park sketch - which is one project that is FAR from complete and one of my personal life's missions to see finally come to fruition just as it is described in the downtown SS CBD Master Plan which recommends it be "be expanded and improved as a gateway park defined by landscaping, gardens, and artwork" at the corner of Fenton & Burlington - we sure could use more green space downcounty as could the neighboring residents, businessess, commuters, and MoCo college students!

Where is the statue shown on page 28 in SS? At the courthouse??

Sligo said...

I think that's in DC. I believe this is one of a series focused on the DC Metro area and that is just the standard back cover page.

Sligo said...

That sculpture is at the Reagan Building.

Silver Springer said...

I still don't get all the hoopla about the roads in Silver Spring being too wide, the roads are just as wide as they are in D.C. and New York.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was funny that he uses that stupid little mini-park near the metro/townhouses/Twin Towers as his idea of a "safe, public green space". Usually, it's occupied by homeless people, from what I can tell.

Thayer Avenue said...

What ever happened to the investigation into the old underground movie theater by the Golden Flame that we were going to turn into a bowling alley? We could put a bar in there, too, and then we could live together forever!

Sligo said...

Maybe that will be my winter project.

Thayer Avenue said...

Finally read through this - great find. My favorite line:

"Suddenly, Silver Spring has class."

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