Monday, November 19, 2007

Dude, Where's My Walk of Fame?

Some of you may vaguely recall that last summer during the SilverDocs film festival, it was announced that Silver Spring would be getting its own "Walk of Fame" outside the AFI Silver Theatre. Represented on the pavement would be recipients of AFI's Lifetime Achievement Award, beginning with 1997 winner Martin Scorsese.

I thought this was a great idea, as it would be another unique feature of Silver Spring. Unlike the Hollywood walk of fame, where anyone with fans (or agents) literate enough fill out a one-page form and raise $25,000 can get their "star" immortalized. And because you would need to have received an legitimate honor be represented on Colesville Road, it would be a lot more prestigious than it's Hollywood counterpart, where Ryan Seacrest, Ricky Martin and Charlie Murphy (but not Rick James!) have stars.

Unfortunately, it's been seventeen months and there's still no walk of fame. There has been no public mention of Silver Spring's WOF since the initial announcement, and AFI head Jean Firstenberg, who made the announcement, has since retired from that position. Let's hope that the project didn't leave with her.

Oh, and if we do ultimately get our walk of fame and you see some guy wearing a ski mask at 3AM out on the sidewalk with a chisel and crowbar hunched over the Clint Eastwood or Harrison Ford star, please refrain from contacting the police.

In the event that don't build it, I will create my own walk of fame utilizing only a can of gold spray paint. My version will feature celebrities that I feel are particularly deserving. Optimus Prime, for example. (Hey, The Rugrats have a star in Hollywood.)


- Silver Spring is still in the running to be the new home of NPR.

- Which downtown garage is this? It was pictured in an old steel ad from 1970, when Montgomery County was "the third largest operator of municipal parking facilities, ranking only behind Los Angeles and Chicago."

- The best nickname I have heard for the stretch of Ellsworth Drive where DTSS is located is "The Promenade". I hereby decree by the powers invested in my by the Chimerical Government of Silver Spring that these two blocks shall henceforth be referred to as "The Promenade".


Anonymous said...

That garage was on Ellsworth Street, just north of the astroturf.

Sligo said...

Good call. I thought it may have been but wasn't 100% sure.

Anonymous said...

Garage on Spring Street?

adb said...

If that's the demolished one that was on Ellsworth, is that picture from a vantage point from across Pershing? What was the structure to the left, at the very edge of the frame? Admitting I'm a newbie: what used to be where Strosniders/Adega/etc. now are?

LA said...

Isn't the garage on Spring Street, near the old bowling alley (fitnes ctr is there now).

Dan Reed said...

I think the garage behind LA Fitness is a little taller . . . I'm gonna bet this was the Ellsworth Drive garage, though to my knowledge I've only been there once, when I was four.

Yes. We should call Ellsworth "the Promenade." I think "the Promenade at Downtown Silver Spring" sounds a) hella classy and b) would differentiate "Downtown" from the real Downtown (because I'm tired of people saying that Downtown Silver Spring was built yesterday).

Thayer Avenue said...

Downtown Silver Spring was built yesterday.

Springvale Roader said...

It's can't be the Promenade unless it has a Quark's and at least one holodeck.

rd said...

Ellsworth is kinda nice, but THIS is a promenade:

Sligo said...

Sure, Santa Monica has better stores (Kid Robot, for one), but it's essentially the same thing.

rd said...

Santa Monica also has the singing hippies and silver painted beggars/performers... I wish we had cool street performers, those metro guys are a little on the lame side.

RoseAG said...

Is MC still the third largest parking lot operator?

Every time I go to Silver Spring I'm glad they do parking lots!

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