Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Write the Power

It’s time to do something about the constant disruptive behavior during movies at the Majestic 20. I’ve gone through my litany of complaints many times, so I won’t re-hash them here.

There has been a complete lack of response from theater management, which either doesn’t care or doesn’t want to get involved. (“We respect how different cultures act.") What we need to do now is get a campaign going to alert the corporate office of the problem and hopefully get them to put some downward pressure on theater management to do something about it.

Consolidated Theatres, the proprietor of the Majestic, has a customer feedback form on their website that can be used to lodge complaints. I would encourage everyone to submit a complaint to the company about the situation at the Majestic. Perhaps mention that you are considering ceasing to patronize the theater (if you already haven’t) due to the constant disruptions. I am curious to see what Consolidated’s reply will be and if there is any increase in enforcement as a result.

The Majestic is a good quality theater and the location is great for me, but at some point I’ll reach my limit and start driving elsewhere. That’s obviously not my preference, but at $10 per ticket, I at least expect some periods of quiet during a film.

Post a comment if you do submit a complaint so that we can get an idea of how many people have written them. Please let others know and encourage them to contact Consolidated as well. Do it!


Anonymous said...

Good idea. I just submitted a complaint online at their Web site. Who knows when/if they'll look at it or what they'll do, if anything.

I moved to the DC area a year ago from Chicago (I'm originally from there, but also lived in NY and overseas for years). I know this isn't going to win me too many friends here, but I find people in DC to be among the most obnoxious, selfish, and just generally trashy characters I've ever encountered. There's a thin veneer of Ph.D./economist and Euro-trendy types in Georgetown and Dupont, but once you leave those neighborhoods it seems the people in DC turn into either ghetto homeboy or trailer trash.

At the Majestic, it seems like most of the problem patrons are black, but in general I find most people in DC to be rude. Everyone here just seems to be a little more dickish than they are elsewhere. I've never experienced such a complete lack of consideration in Chicago or NY.

My 2-cents' worth.

Bonifant more sinister than Thayer said...
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Anonymous said...

prompted by your blog post I too filed a complaint with the provided complaint form above.

It's a nice theatre but the management and employees are rude and letting the establishment fall apart.

rtsind said...

I suggested in an earlier blog that management offer two choices for the moviegoer--

One viewing room for those who will not use cell phones(they even line the walls with lead or something to prevent cell phones calls from going in or our)and wish to watch the movie in peace. The other viewing room will be for those who wish to act like uncivilized humans.

Clancy said...

Is it really that bad? I've never really had a problem there, and it certainly isn't as bad as the old City Place theaters were. Granted, I don't really go to movies on Friday or Saturday night anymore, so that could be it (this will date me: I don't go because that's when "the kids" will be there); but, I've never had a bad experience there. In general, you just have to expect a little talking now a days.

Some theaters--or neighborhoods--are just worse than others (like Union Station, now that's a bad time). I'm not sure that movie theater rudeness is a regional thing. I've certainly had some of my worst movie experiences in Manhattan and in the L.A. suburbs, but I hardly use those experiences to indict everyone who lives there.

K-ha said...

Yes Clancy, it really is that bad. My favorite experience at Majestic was the screaming baby all through a late night showing of Die Hard 4--because that makes sense, of course.

I do have to say though, at a showing of Saved the Last Dance at the old City Place theater when I was in high school a major brawl broke out in the theater, and that hasn't happened at Majestic yet. Good times.

mcknif said...

Anonymous--you are so right about people being obnoxious and even self-centered- check out my blog :A Nation of Idiots" and see what happend at a local Giant Food store

b said...

I aree with anon., the people in the DC area are world class rude a-holes. I say, "yes sir/ma'am" to everyone I don't know, whether it's Bruce Lee, or the wino going thru his trash bin for treasure. I have lived in Chicago, LA, San Francisco, München, Sarasota,Fla. and even Detroit, and nowhere are people as rude and just plain unpleasant as here. It is a great area, and I have met really cool people, but, I have had warmer greetings from the anti-american crowd in europe than here.

A big thank-you to Sligo. I sent M-20 my thoughts on their local management team. I sat thru a noon matinee which appeared to be a private screening for MS-13.

Thayer Avenue said...

Done my part. Whatever happened to redoing the theater under the Golden Flame? Can't we band together and do something about that? Good beer and weekly showings of The Big Lebowski?

Anonymous said...

Although I agree with respect to behavior that is just generally rude, e.g. talking on cell phones, bringing babies to late showings, I do think we need to be careful as (I assume in large part) non-Black gentrifiers of a predominantly Black shopping district, that we do not try to impose our cultural standards of how we interact with cinema. Behaviors such as yelling instructions to characters, responding to lines, and generally participating in, rather than passively watching the movie are quite standard in predominantly Black movie theaters (and live theaters). Consider whether, if you moved into a Black neighborhood and started attending church there, you would complain to the pastor that people are calling out responses to the sermon. Just because something isn't done in white theaters (or churches) doesn't make it wrong.

Sligo said...

If people were yelling AT the movie, at least that would be amusing. That's not what I experience at this theater, however.

Anonymous said...

just anecdotally--I go to the movies almost every week at this theater and haven't ever had a problem. Maybe it's the movies I go to? or the times? Just wanted to be able to say that--I love having a theater there and I also love when people interact with the movie. I've for sure seen babies at inappropriate movies but in my experience they're taken out as necessary (ie when they start crying). I've seen more cell-phone answerers at Bethesda Row, for what that's worth.

Sligo said...


That's interesting because my cellphone doesn't even work at Bethesda Row, as it is in a deep basement.

Anonymous said...

A better idea might be to go to there corporate stock discussion boards, on say yahoo finance or possibly another site, and post your comments there.

Anonymous said...


b said...

anon... yea, in some cultures it is ok to be rude in public, because they have No Culture. Some African cultures have a practice of genital mutilation of women. Cool yea? In my culture, if your cell goes off in a theater, I'm shoving it up your ass. Do I have your respect?

mcknif said...

you know something b- I kinda like the way you think

Don't ever change- you are the voice of the quiet man.

rd said...

People of higher socioeconomic classes tend to behave a little better than people of lower socioeconomic classes regardless of race (and teenagers of all races are jackasses). Either way, my experiences at the Majestic haven't been too bad. Probably my taste in movies as well...

Anonymous said...

You guys are stupid. Get a life!

Anonymous said...

PS - to post someone's cell phone is just tacky.

Clancy said...

rd posted that, "People of higher socioeconomic classes tend to behave a little better than people of lower socioeconomic classes regardless of race (and teenagers of all races are jackasses)."

Although, the part about teenagers is the truest statement one can make, the notion that one class or another "behave better" is relative, is it not?

Leaving class aside, I could just as easily see someone deciding that a movie-experience was horrible because the "theater was dead," as another being just as turned off over too much talking. It's all relative to what you were expecting.

Similarly, I generally don't like horror movies; if I have to go to one, you better believe it's going to be in a theater in which talking to the screen is part of the experience. It just makes the movie better.

Nate said...

If I had ever had a bad experience at the Majestic I would consider complaining, but I haven't. Sorry that it continues to be such a hassle for you.

Anonymous said...

I've been to M20 a few times and have yet to have a problem. Of course, I'm not foolish enough to go to the latest teen date night movie and expect a quiet, 'repectful' crowd full of kids. That's what big screen TV's are for.

Maybe it's my imagination but I'm seeing a troubling US vs. THEM aspect to my beloved hometown. I saw it in the Birchmere/Live Nation debate as well as in here. The music venue debate was all about 'Us and our acceptable music' vs. 'Those people and their race music'. This thread is no better. Those 'black patrons' and those shifty hispanic kids who are probably MS13 because WMAL told me they're everywhere. What's wrong with you?

Silver Spring is an urban city. It's very diverse and only going to get more so. That's a great thing. If you need a whites-only crunchy conservative enclave, move to Prince William county.


I have empty boxes if you need them.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and one other thing.

Black people 'misbehaving' at the movies is a Racist Stereotype. Yes you saw a black person do something bad. Doesn't mean they all do. You saw a black comedian do a sketch about it. Doesn't make it true.

Anonymous said...

I would like to point out that Majestic Theatre hires (off-duty) Montgomery County Officers to keep people in line. They have the authority to remove people acting "inconsiderate" to other patrons.
It is best not to go to the theatre during Friday and Saturday evenings, especially during BIG opening weekends.
If you do not like a big crowd go to Old Greenbelt P&G Theatre, there normally isn't anyone younger than 67 years old and most of them do not own cell phones or have crying infants.

Libby said...

I agree with the this versus them tone this has taken. I have been to the Majestic numerous times and I have never witnessed any problems. A couple of folks forgot to turn their annoying cell phones off, but that was it. Granted, I don't go to the theater on Friday or Saturday nights, when I presume their is a large crowd of teens. Go during a matinee. That's when we go and we have never experienced these problems.

It saddens me to read so many racist comments and I guess this is another blog I will have to refrain from reading

Anonymous said...

I have also never had a problem at the Majestic, and I've gone there many times of day for many different types of movies (grown-up, kid, family ...).

I do want to say something about comparing the clearly biased-against-other-races comments about theater-goers with opposition to the Fillmore. I am opposed to the Fillmore because it's a stand-up venue that will draw crowds that are too big and too young. It has nothing at all to do with race -- I just don't think that attracting people who are too young to spend much money here -- plus are more likely to drive drunk, make noise, and be disruptive -- is advantageous for Silver Spring. I am old and creaky and cranky -- I want a place I can sit down, have a burger and listen to acoustic music. I want the Birchmere. I don't want crowds of twenty somethings.

Springvale Roader said...

There's nothing biased or racist about pointing out the fact that the Majestic is a horrible place to see a movie because of noisy and disruptive kids, many of whom come from D.C. or P.G. County expressly to go to the Majestic and other venues on Ellsworth Drive.

It's not about skin color, it's about behavior, and far too many of these kids behave terribly.

Anonymous said...

This is not a race thing so keep your sterotypes to yourself. It is is more of an age/class thing. When I went, it was a bunch of young white kids making noise and being disrespectful!!

Guy Mondo said...

I find the stereotyping of allegedly annoying theatre patrons disturbing but not unexpected. I have noticed in my movie going that disruptive behavior is not the exclusive domain of the lower-class or ethnic minorities. I've been in the Mazza Gallerie theatre with a group of soccer moms talking through "The Illusionist" until I said something to them. In the same theatre I've seen movies with a majority of teenagers that were very well behaved.

I've never had a problem at the Majestic 20 to date. As has been stated in other comments, you just have to pick what time you go to a movie. Otherwise, I recommend joining Netflix.

As for those who think DC residents are intolerably rude: The road that brought you here is the same road that will take you back.

Sharlotte said...

“This is a real rip off!” “What a scam!” You may repeat these statements every time when you are not pleased with the quality of goods or the customer service of this or that company. But do not shout into the open air. Do something that really works. Submit complaints. On the web site, you can post all the problems and misunderstandings that happened to you in any company of the world. Sharing your bitter experience will help others to avoid misunderstandings.

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