Thursday, October 04, 2007

More Fillmore

There are a number of articles in the local rags this week about the County's deal with the Fillmore. Here's a round-up:

- 9:30 Club owner Seth Hurwitz complains about the "free ride" the county gave the Fillmore, but says he would gladly take it himself. (Washington City Paper)

- It's gonna be a slobbernocker between Montgomery and PG county for the $4 mil in state funds. Llllllllllllleeeets get ready to ruuummmmblllllleeeeee! (Gazette)

- "Local e-mail discussion groups are abuzz with chatter" over the Fillmore because it wouldn't be a "good investment". (But a smaller venue that would bring in less money and people would be?) (Washington Post)

- Marc Fisher: OK, Silver Spring, we'll pay for your Fillmore but then you need to get yourself a jobby job. (Washington Post)

- Baby Boomers don't like the Fillmore because it will book acts that appeal to younger people instead of no-talent ass clowns like Michael Bolton who charge $100 per ticket. Besides, everyone knows tax dollars should only be spent on young people when it involves them going to Iraq. (Gazette)


john said...

Kudos on the 'Office Space' reference.

Thayer Avenue said...

RE: Marc Fisher...

I wonder how much tax revenue is anticipated from The Fillmore. You also have to take into account that it would bring in people from outlying areas who would spend their money at other nearby businesses and generate even more revenue for the county. What would that be as a percentage of the subsidy provided by the county?

When people go to Strathmore, they can leave there and walk over to... well, wait... they *can't* really walk anywhere to spend additional money and generate more revenue. They simply get in their Georgetown-Prep-sticker-laden Lexus SUV and drive back to their house in Bethesda or Potomac. Not that I'm really knocking Strathmore - I was just at a performance at the Mansion last night.

Sure, maybe we need to review the subsidy package, but "overfeeding the beast" seems to be a little much.

Thayer Avenue said...

btw... I don't care how he looks now or in the future: THAT's the Michael I will always know and love. Great picture.

Zlateh said...

You made a pretty ridiculous statement about why "baby boomers," which covers a large and varied demographic, preferred the Birchmere. Is it a surprise that people want a venue that books bands and music they like? You prefer the Fillmore for the same reason. As a 44 year-old, I prefer the Birchmere because I like the bands that play there, even if they are no longer the newest acts around. Hell, I like Mozart and Beethoven, and they've been dead a long time. Quality music has no expiration date. I'm also willing to see acts at the Fillmore, too, even if they, horrors, appeal to people younger than me.

Your obsession with Michael Bolton is silly. Nellie McCay just played the Birchmere. Is she a no-talent has-been, too? As for lame acts, rest assured the Fillmore will get its share of them.

Sligo said...

Did you read the article? I was referring to this portion of it. I don't think this is the opinion of everyone within a certain age group.

"Ken Davis, a Silver Spring resident who lives about three blocks away from the future site of the Fillmore, said he was less concerned with the economics involved than what an up to 2,000-person club meant for a neighborhood he said was heavily made up of "baby boomers."

All shows at the Fillmore in Philadelphia, for example, are general admission, standing room only, according to its Web site. Davis said many who live near downtown Silver Spring who were "middle-aged" like him have expressed concern that the venue would "without question" tend to appeal to a younger audience. "

Anonymous said...

they can walk to Rays the Classics, Ceviche, Quarry House Tavern, Jackie's

chaz said...

Kudos on the Snoop ref.

I'm guessing Ken Davis lives north or west of DTSS (I don't know how they're measuring "blocks"), because most people who live nearest the Fillmore site live in apartments, and aren't baby boomers. I know a renter is only 2/3 of a person, but still...

To me, a lot of the arguments over the programming at one venue and another are secondary. I like the bands the Fillmore books; but I still don't like the Fillmore. The Birchmere calendar looks pretty bland to me, but I would still prefer to have the Birchmere around the corner.

That said, even I would rather see the Fillmore in Silver Spring than nothing. I'll continue to grumble about handing taxpayer money to a company doing very well for itself, but I'll keep it to a dull roar.

Sligo said...

I was wondering if anyone was going to get that. ("jobby job")

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