Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday News 'N Notes

- Here's an article on the growth of the Fillmore chain of concert venues and how Live Nation has fixed up venues that have been converted to Fillmores.

Performers have noted increased professionalism, better sound quality, and tighter security at the Fillmore-ized venues. But the patrons are the same, they added.
Of course, our Fillmore is a defunct department store that has sat empty for 20 years, so anything is a huge improvement. (As an aside, I love that the author's name is Chalupa.)

- Is this what we can look forward to with a light rail line through Silver Spring? I hope so! Trains hitting cars never gets old. It ranks just below cars jumping through open boxcars on moving trains and just above trains just barely missing cars, leaving the cops stuck on the other side of the tracks.

- The Silver Spring Olazzo is now open. I may give it a shot this weekend.

- Has anyone received a reply from Consolidated Theatres?

- The Silver Spring Library Book Fest is tomorrow from 10-3. As usual, the dealers will have purchased all the good books in the first five minutes, so go early.


b said...

I recieved an e-mail from Consolidated Theaters about 5 min. after I sent my comments, thanking me (they couldn't have read it & thanked me), and saying that they would reply in 3 buisnes days.

b said...

Also... a work today I showed the reply from Anon. which stated that in Black neighborhoods it s cool to talk in theaters. These are all cool people. Middle class educated, lower class semi educated, and Bennings Rd SE no education. It was unanimous. Everyone wanted to know, "what the f*** kind of ignorant white people live in Silver Spring, that they think a Black person wants to spend $10.00 for a movie & listen to people talkinbg thru it". " It has to be some idiot a-holes that only knows know about Blacks thru Scary Movie". Just thought I would pass that on.

Thayer Avenue said...

How many people can violate the "straight ahead only" arrow in one video? It was like they waited until right past the 'only' arrow on the road when the train was just about to the intersection, THEN they decided to turn into it.

Beautiful - I can't wait!

Bonifant more sinister than Thayer said...

It would be great if the train would run into anyone who tried to go straight across on Bonifant at the intersection of Bonifant and Georgia. (you know who you are.)

Anonymous said...

Hey - no photo, no phine. :-)

WashingtonGardener said...

One idiot turning left directly in front of a train after another - the van was my fave cause you really saw the crushed damage.

Sligo said...

Here’s some facts you may not have known about that video:

This all happened in a single day… to the same train.

This particular train acquired a taste for human blood after the first collision and drives itself around the city searching for unsuspecting victims taking illegal left turns. Very Stephen King-esque.

Light rail trains in Houston actually blast Wagner from external speakers. ("It scares the hell out of the slopes.")

K-ha said...

Speaking of trains hitting cars....