Wednesday, October 17, 2007

On Hiatus

I will be incommunicado for the next couple of weeks as I will be traveling to distant lands and will have limited access to The Internets.

Try not to let the place burn down while I'm gone. Seacrest out!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday News 'N Notes

- Here's an article on the growth of the Fillmore chain of concert venues and how Live Nation has fixed up venues that have been converted to Fillmores.

Performers have noted increased professionalism, better sound quality, and tighter security at the Fillmore-ized venues. But the patrons are the same, they added.
Of course, our Fillmore is a defunct department store that has sat empty for 20 years, so anything is a huge improvement. (As an aside, I love that the author's name is Chalupa.)

- Is this what we can look forward to with a light rail line through Silver Spring? I hope so! Trains hitting cars never gets old. It ranks just below cars jumping through open boxcars on moving trains and just above trains just barely missing cars, leaving the cops stuck on the other side of the tracks.

- The Silver Spring Olazzo is now open. I may give it a shot this weekend.

- Has anyone received a reply from Consolidated Theatres?

- The Silver Spring Library Book Fest is tomorrow from 10-3. As usual, the dealers will have purchased all the good books in the first five minutes, so go early.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Write the Power

It’s time to do something about the constant disruptive behavior during movies at the Majestic 20. I’ve gone through my litany of complaints many times, so I won’t re-hash them here.

There has been a complete lack of response from theater management, which either doesn’t care or doesn’t want to get involved. (“We respect how different cultures act.") What we need to do now is get a campaign going to alert the corporate office of the problem and hopefully get them to put some downward pressure on theater management to do something about it.

Consolidated Theatres, the proprietor of the Majestic, has a customer feedback form on their website that can be used to lodge complaints. I would encourage everyone to submit a complaint to the company about the situation at the Majestic. Perhaps mention that you are considering ceasing to patronize the theater (if you already haven’t) due to the constant disruptions. I am curious to see what Consolidated’s reply will be and if there is any increase in enforcement as a result.

The Majestic is a good quality theater and the location is great for me, but at some point I’ll reach my limit and start driving elsewhere. That’s obviously not my preference, but at $10 per ticket, I at least expect some periods of quiet during a film.

Post a comment if you do submit a complaint so that we can get an idea of how many people have written them. Please let others know and encourage them to contact Consolidated as well. Do it!

Friday, October 05, 2007

Friday News 'N Notes

- Today's Metro Connection show on WAMU 88.5 will deal with the "Battle of the Live Music Venues". You can listen live at 1 on the radio or internet or download the podcast after it ends.

- It's nice to see that Silver Spring still retains some third world charm. From the Post:

A man who lives next door to the owner of six chickens reported that the birds were not confined by a fence and often roosted in his yard. An animal services officer came to the scene and could see that only one chicken was holding to a coop, which was small but featured a nesting box, food and water.
This chicken phenomenon has been previously noted in other areas of Silver Spring, as well.

- This cellphone jammer might be a worthwhile investment for those who frequent the Majestic Theatre. If you want to be more discreet, this company offers a similar device disguised as a pack of cigarettes. Presumably, neither are FCC approved.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

More Fillmore

There are a number of articles in the local rags this week about the County's deal with the Fillmore. Here's a round-up:

- 9:30 Club owner Seth Hurwitz complains about the "free ride" the county gave the Fillmore, but says he would gladly take it himself. (Washington City Paper)

- It's gonna be a slobbernocker between Montgomery and PG county for the $4 mil in state funds. Llllllllllllleeeets get ready to ruuummmmblllllleeeeee! (Gazette)

- "Local e-mail discussion groups are abuzz with chatter" over the Fillmore because it wouldn't be a "good investment". (But a smaller venue that would bring in less money and people would be?) (Washington Post)

- Marc Fisher: OK, Silver Spring, we'll pay for your Fillmore but then you need to get yourself a jobby job. (Washington Post)

- Baby Boomers don't like the Fillmore because it will book acts that appeal to younger people instead of no-talent ass clowns like Michael Bolton who charge $100 per ticket. Besides, everyone knows tax dollars should only be spent on young people when it involves them going to Iraq. (Gazette)

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Keep College Park Lame

Heaven forbid College Park would be become anything like Silver Spring, but that's apparently the fear of some residents, who are spewing the same garbage as some people who live around here (and who should know better).

Some businesses worry that developer Foulger-Pratt Argo's plans will change the unique character of College Park. They cite the developers' recent Silver Spring revitalization as an example of a town that lost its unique feel as a result of re-development.
I won't go into again what "unique feel" Silver Spring really had ten years ago.

I do appreciate their desire to improve College Park and maybe change its status of one of the lamest college towns in the country, but let's be real people, what local character are you losing? Liquor stores, $5 chairs sold in parking lots, cheap hotels, abandoned buildings, used car lots and traffic? Heck, two of the most unique things in College Park, the right-side drive-through McDonald's and the haunted waterbed store are already history. College Park also suffered a big loss (for me) with the closing of the Record and Tape Exchange.

At least someone has a grasp on reality:
[Foulger-Pratt Argo Principal Richard Perlmutte] also defended his company's Silver Spring project, saying that city "is a combination of historically what it was and what it is today," with a link between old and new downtown. He also said that the new Downtown Silver Spring sparked other area development, which he thinks could also apply to College Park.
It annoys me that Silver Spring keeps being used as some sort of cautionary tale about redevelopment because one block of one street has some chain stores on it. I hate to break it to you, but a lot of those chains, such as Chipotle and Potbelly Sandwich Works are already in College Park.

Oh, and it's cute that they think they're getting OUR money for their Birchmere.

UPDATE: Thanks to the anonymous poster who provided a link to this City Paper article about environment of College Park. It captures all the elements that make CP such a crappy college town. ("It has the locational charm of a highway rest stop.")