Tuesday, September 25, 2007

TV None

TV One, home of Good Times and Martin, may be on its way out of its Silver Spring HQ for a new home in the District. According to the Washington Post, broadcaster Radio One is in talks with the D.C. government, which is negotiating a sweet deal for a new building in the city. Any move by Radio One would likely include its TV arm, which is currently operating out of 1010 Wayne Avenue, right across from Discovery.

While TV One isn't a particularly large organization, it was a nice piece of the media cluster that was starting to form in Downtown Silver Spring. Unlike Marc Elrich, the D.C. government doesn't seem too worried about "destabilizing neighboring jurisdictions or stripping them of their tax-base". As far as I'm concerned, the gloves are off. To paraphrase Sean Connery's character in the Untouchables - "They take TV One, you take NPR. THAT'S the Silver Spring way."

And speaking of moving networks out of Silver Spring, all I can say is that TLC best experience a big ratings jump after moving to L.A., because otherwise whoever made the decision to relocate the network and layoff the staff in Silver Spring should be kicked to the curb.


Anonymous said...

how quaint, you're starting to think of yourselves as more than low-rent Bethesda. That's cute.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Bethesbians -- and I am one -- are increasingly jealous of SS and wondering what will happen to all the cute restaurants once they have to buy space in the bases of empty towers here instead of leasing human-sized space for less in SS. W/o restaurants, Bethesda is... OMG... Crystal City Lite... ::::faint::::

Invisible Sun said...

where is silver springs? is it near the District?

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