Wednesday, September 26, 2007

So, who exactly WILL perform at the Fillmore?

There's been a lot of bitching leading up to today's announcement over the types of acts that would supposedly perform at the Fillmore, but no one has explicitly mentioned what acts these actually would be and why they aren't satisfactory. It has only been stated that the lineup offered by the Birchmere would be better based on the fact that they would undoubtedly be less "commercial" than those brought in by Live Nation/Fillmore. We have established that Wayne Newton, Michael Bolton and Minnie Driver (!) have performed at the Birchmere, but what acts are currently booked at the existing Fillmore venues?

We can get a good sampling by looking at the acts for which tickets are available for shows at the Fillmore's existing venues. Click on each city to view the upcoming events at the Fillmore in that location:

San Francisco, CA
Denver, CO
Detroit, MI
Miami Beach, FL
Philadelphia, PA
New York, NY

Which of these acts is actually "good" is subjective, so I'll let everyone decide on their own. However, I don't see too many that I would classify as "too commercial", as if they were that commercial they wouldn't be playing in venues of this size. Of course, there are some that used to be really "commercial" but should be happy to be booked in places this big, you know, like Hanson for example. What makes me feel old is that one of the Hansons now has three kids. Mmmmm bop.


adb said...

b-b-b-but where are the Seldom Scene? How can you have a venue without the Seldom Scene being booked? And where for gosh sakes is Mary Chapin Carpenter? It is well known that only the Birchmere, in the history of music performed in front of an audience, has ever booked a good act; all other venues focus primarily on the depraved, the unlistenable, and I understand sometimes even what's sometimes called the Race Music.

Needless to say, I learned these things from the Woodside Park email list. They're Sad, very Sad, about this Bad News. Some are offended that Live Nation books only bands they haven't heard of (not, visibly, a challenging task); others deplore the coming Doom of thousands (thousands!) of teens marauding the streets, hopped up on Mountain Dew and hooting. The clear subtext: Conspiracy. Bad Men have been Scheming in Smoke Filled Rooms, in an evil plan to make sure that these good citizens cannot walk (well, OK, valet park their Audi) to two consecutive nights of Peter Frampton at $75 per, but rather will have go about six miles -> thataway.

Clancy said...

They seem to sign fairly good acts. I could see myself at a Minus the Bear, or Devotchka concert (amongst others). And, how cool would it be to book Lewis Black for a Silver Spring show?

I've a neighbor that told me point blank that if LiveNation moves in, she's moving out the next day. She's fretting about all the "bad elements" it will bring. I've never really been able to pin her down on what those elements are, and why it is that they are bad.

She does make one good point in all her rantings, however, about downtown SS being woefully under-policed. If we're going to attract venues like this, that's something that will need to change. Hell, it should change whether or not LiveNation moves in.

BTW, I'm anxious to see when the moving vans actually show up in front of my neighbor's place.

Sligo said...

Put a "for sale by owner" sign in front of her house.

The only people who might really have a reason to care are the people who live in the Montgomery Arms Apartments.

Tim said...

Like you said, the quality of acts booked at each respective club is certainly subjective. I look at the lineups at other Filmore locations and see more acts I'd go see than I do at the Birchmere. Very few of them are what I'd call "more commercial" than those at the Birchmere. The Birchmere seems to have more blues, bluegrass, and adult comtemporary (none of which I'm that interested in). I for one am excited about the Filmore opening up downtown.

Anonymous said...

I am in my late 40s, live in (gasp!) Woodside and would likely go see more acts at the Fillmore than the Birchmere. I live with teenagers and so hear the music they like - some of which is really good. Not everyone in the Woodsides is of the same mind set though of course it is much easier to take pot shots with that assumption. But I agree - a decent police presence will be required for crowd and traffic control at any venue. Will Ike pledge that?

jen said...

i only looked at the list of the acts playing at the Fillmore in SF, but based on that i'd say it's a very diverse list of artists, which is exactly what i'd want for a venue in Silver Spring. there were a bunch i'd like to go to - michael ian black, ozomatli... i'm pretty sure the Birchmere never has comedians (or latin hip-hop/rock for that matter), so right off the bat i like that better about the Fillmore.

as much as i have a knee-jerk reaction to hate live-nation for their destruction of fm radio, i agree that the Fillmore looks better for SS. the fact that the acts that play at the Birchmere are not as diverse makes that venue less desirable.

but i admit that i take a little bit of perverse pleasure in the aging pseudo-hippie intellectual elite types in the area being revealed for what they really are in such an obvious way.

zombiegutz said...

I've looked at both the Birchmere and Fillmore acts, and I prefer the Birchmere, but the Fillmore will get some stuff I like, so all is not lost.

And to Jen, don't worry: in 20 years you'll be dismissed as an aging pseudo-intellectual, and your taste in music won't matter to some people because, you know, you'll be old. On the other hand, the bands that you like now will play at places like the Birchmere, so you'll have somewhere to go to get away from obnoxious younger people.

jen said...

but i'm already old! i'm an aging pseudo-alternative gen x slacker!

and my favorite band will never play at the Birchmere because they only play venues that allow stage diving. i assume that excludes the Fillmore too.