Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Silver Spring Restaurant Want List

I’ve compiled a list of the types of food establishments that Silver Spring is severely lacking, at least in my opinion. Included on this list are only things that could be realistically brought to downtown. (This is why In-N-Out Burger has been left off.)

1. Julia's Empanadas. For the love of God, WHY isn't there a Julia's here? That would be huge on weekend evenings. And every other day of the week.

2. A great Gelateria. The kind where they decorate each flavor of gelato with things that represent the taste. A good example would would be Naia, if you've ever been there. It's too hard to find decent gelato in this town. I actually want to start up my own place – I’m that convinced that one would do well. I’m not even joking. Anyone know anything about making gelato? (And yes, I do know they have gelato at Mama Lucia's, but driving to the other side of EW Highway defeats the purpose.)

3. A Phở joint that uses a vegetarian broth. The place we do have in DTSS, Pho-Hiep Hoa, uses a beef-based broth. I’m not a vegetarian, but my wife is, so that means I get no Phở. My favorite Phở is from Nam-Viet on Connecticut Avenue, but that’s a hike to get down there. There’s not a convenient place to get vegetarian Phở around here, at least none that I am aware of.

4. Great bagels. I’ve said this numerous times, so I won’t rehash the subject here.

5. A good sports bar. I want a place where you can go each Sunday and know that it will be full of (2-0!) Redskins fans well before the game even begins. The kind that has HDTVs and actually pays for the HD service. And wings, really good wings. I really don’t know of many good sports bars in MoCo, which I presume has something to do with the county’s draconian liquor laws. Willie & Reed’s in Bethesda seemed pretty popular on gamedays, but that one recently bit the dust.

6. Udupi Palace. Just move it here. Langley Park? Come on.

If I think of anything else, I’ll add to my list. Other suggestions are welcome.


silver spring penguin said...

I agree with you on Udupi Palace. (And while we're at it, let's get its sister restaurant Tiffin over here, too.)

Also on my wishlist:

-- A cafe that's good for nothing but cake, coffee and people watching. Existing coffee houses that brew good joe but serve stale cakes don't count.

-- Tapas.

-- A Korean restaurant.

-- Lots and lots of bars. Live music would be nice, too.

Thayer Avenue said...

I like the gelato at Kefa. Is it not authentic enough? All the kinds I've had are pretty tasty.

Sligo said...

I forgot they had it there, but there is one problem with it. It isn't open late, unless I'm mistaken.

Jaime said...

How about a kosher restaurant.

Sligo said...

Parkway Deli is pretty close.

Anonymous said...

what about a vegetarian place?

Sligo said...

Udupi Palace is completely vegetarian.

rtsind said...

We had a vegetarian Indian restaurant once-- it's gone, we had Bagel DeLox in Montgomery Hills- bagels were made on premise-- gone .

A cafe thats good for nothing but cake(how about some pies) that sounds good. Kirsten Cafe has some great cakes and pies, but lousy parking- How about a bakery with some decent bread-Paneras has been a disappointment and how about some kind of take out place- ala Wall Street Deli?

matt2 said...

I totally agree we need a sports bar. That's the one thing from Wisconsin that I really miss living here, having so many bars to choose from.
I know there's the Quarry House, but Jerry's, Ruby Tuesday? It's depressing just thinking about it.
I don't get it, that Silver Spring's supposed to be a rich city now, but all we get is trashy places.
Actually now that I think of it there's Galaxy Billiards, but that place is a little too new for me, it feels corporate and fake.

Anonymous said...

Galaxy Billiards also has disgusting wings. The bar is too cavernous, and there are hardly any Redskins fans there on Sundays.

tdiddy said...

Penguin - they do have Woo Mi Garden in Wheaton... It's a little far but much better than heading to Annandale.

My list:

Falafels and Fries or Grill from Ipanema from Adam's Morgan
Rio Grande
Ten Ren
Temari or Tachibana - would love some authentic Japanese grub

Sligo said...

Falafels - good call. Not that you can't get them at Lebanese Taverna, but I want a place that only serves falafels with tons of toppings like Amsterdam Falafel.

rd said...

Maggiano's & PF Chang at the Walsh Motor Co bldg or maybe even Pei Wei would be nice.

A good oyster bar/seafood restaurant.

Buffalo Wild Wings.

Any Greek restaurant.

rtsind said...

How about a place that sells good bologna sandwiches on cheap white bread, grill cheese sandwiches made with veveeta, peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, cheap coffee, boxed macaroni and cheese,
liverwurst sandwiches, spam and eggs, Black Label Beer on tap,Natty Bo Beer, amateur night entertainment,,,,anything else.....?

Nate said...

I think it's kind of funny that Mama Lucia's is too far away for gelato, but that you respond to the suggestion for a kosher restaurant with "Parkway Deli is pretty close." I suppose that's true, if by close you mean "2 miles away, and requiring a car to get to."

I'm pretty sure that Taste of Jerusalem on Georgia Avenue (is that too far to walk?) has some kosher options, too.

Also, the fact that Ben & Jerry's and Coldstone Creamery are already in place makes it pretty unlikely we'll see another ice cream/gelato/whatever place pop up in the downtown core. I'd swap either of those out for Moorenko's in a heartbeat ... they really are too far away to walk to.

Sligo said...

I guess my point was that for a quick gelato, I would want it to be convenient to the downtown area, should I want one after a movie or something. I wouldn't want to go all the way over to EW highway (risking my life by crossing GA & EW along the way). That route is not pedestrian friendly. Besides, I want a place DEDICATED to gelato and just gelato.

And I wasn't saying you should walk to Parkway Deli, only pointing out that it was in the general vicinity.

Anonymous said...

A good place dedicated to Indian Chaat (snack-food, like tapas, meze, etc.) would be awesome. There isn't one solitary one in the entire DC metro area, and places that I've been to in San Fran and Raleigh bring in the crowds in droves.

Anonymous said...

Taste of Jerusalem has delicious falafell.

Moorenkos has great ice cream.

chaz said...

+a million on the sports bar. As a Philly fan, it's annoying to have to drive to Bethesda or into DC to find a place with all the sports packages. Bring a good sports bar here, and I'll even put up with Skins fans. I'm quietly hoping the bar at Hook+Ladder will fill this need.

A hearty no to Maggiano's and PF McChang's Olde Time Chinesery.

While I'm at it, @#$*~! Livenation, too.

I'd add that I want a good breakfast/brunch place, with plenty of options but mostly a great breakfast burrito. Like the Golden West in Baltimore. Parkway and Mark's Kitchen are pretty good options, but not quite what I'm after.

Anonymous said...

"A hearty no to ... PF McChang's Olde Time Chinesery."

LOL!! Line of the day! Thanks for the laugh!

DMZ said...

When people say "kosher", they generally mean "kosher certified by the Va'ad of Washington". Parkway Deli and Taste of Jerusalem are not kosher certified.

I think Goldberg's would be a good fit, since they're a fantastic bagel place.

Debbie Cook said...

I'd like to see them move the original LEDOS (the one you have to go thru Langley Park to get to, I think it's Adelphi)with their BAR to Downtown Silver Spring. The Ledos in Colesville and the one in Wheaton just don't have the same ambience.
The Woodside Deli is a good breakfast, Falafel, Kosher and all around casual deli food place that's not bad.

Anonymous said...

Neither the Parkway Deli nor Taste of Jerusalem meet any definition of kosher. The closest place to get kosher food is Max's in Wheaton. Great sandwiches as well as Middle Eastern fare. But not open late, not close to Silver Spring, and needless to say, forget about Saturdays.

Anonymous said...

I'd love a decent gay bar. If we can't get married, can we at least have a decent gay bar? Is that too much to ask?

Anonymous said...

" Anonymous said...

I'd love a decent gay bar. If we can't get married, can we at least have a decent gay bar? Is that too much to ask?"

Stay tuned. Well, not a full bar, but we will get one night per week from the rumors I've heard.

rtsind said...

"A decent gay bar". What does that mean.?

Are there indecent gay bars?

How about gay friendly bar? Isn't there a gay bar and dance club in Wheaton?

Despite the liberalism and left-leaning politic of Montgomery County- there is still a strong underlying conservative bent in its politics, and neighborhoods.

A gay bar would be a very hard thing to implement in this area.

Anonymous said...

Can I second and third Buffalo Wild Wings?

And, slightly off topic, I was at Lucia's (the deli in Wheaton, not Mama Lucia's at the Blairs) which was rather good for a dependable sub. They had just changed ownership, and the bar next door (barnaby's) was gone, out of biz.

what happened?

Sligo said...

Barnaby's went out of business???

rtsind said...

Yes, Barnabys is out of business- I've heard two reasons- one is lease related, and the other has to do with the owner wanting to convert the restaurant to another type.

As fpr Lucias-- it reverted back to the previous owner- who owned it about ten years ago.

Tino--who she sold it to and then bought it back, has a similar shop in Reston- that offer more seating,
alcohol, a really good hand tossed pizza, and an excellent gelato.

Debbie Cook said...

Barnabys is GONE?!! Too bad. That place has been there since at least the 70's hasn't it?

Jackie said...

Wow, I'm really late to the game, but here's a few offerings:

1. Mandalay has a great menu for vegetarians. I'm a carnivore and eat there frequently with and without my vegetarian friends.
2. Kefa brews the best coffee in town, and I love their gelato. Sadly, it's hours are short.
3. Quarry House is a fun place these days... I like the neighborhood pub feel, and live music is great. It's also owned by the folks who owned Jackie's.
4. I would love to see a place for beer lovers, somewhat like RFD in Chinatown, the Saloon on U Street, Brickskeller, etc.
5. I'd like the guys that own Sam and Harry's to come in with a spin on their now-defunct Tyson's Corner restaurant Harry's Essential Grille. They featured seasonal items, organic vegetables, a farm to table menu, and local ingredients. The restaurant was gorgeous inside and had great lunch specials for reasonable prices, though you could indeed blow a pretty penny on a delicious dinner if you wanted to.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe everyone missed the most glaring Silver Spring restaurant deficit: Good Sushi! Don't tell me that the asian bistro has or that that sushi jin is any good. There are no really good sushi places in Silver Spring or in Wheaton. Sorry, Moby Dick's isn't japanese sushi.

Sligo said...

Hey, they do serve whale in Japan.

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