Saturday, September 15, 2007

No "Objectionable" Acts at Live Nation Venue

According to sources, the Live Nation venue that will ultimately occupy the old J.C. Penney building on Colesville Rd will not book "objectionable" acts. (For those of you still in denial, I'm sorry, but the Birchmere ship has sailed.) Presumably this is in response to community demands related to the type of music the county should ALLOW to be played in this venue.

Of course, "objectionable" is certainly a subjective categorization.


Anonymous said...

If there are no "objectionable" acts, and it's a 1,200-seat venue as I've heard, that may be okay.

rtsind said...

so what is considered objectionable-----rap music,heavy metal music with any mention of satan, any music that mentions drugs, or the overthrow of the government---who will be the censors.

On top of milk-toast music, 1200 seats- that a lot of cars in Silver Spring(You know they wont be taking the Metro),, how are they going to handle all the crowds, noise and drunk behavior(or worse),

I am so glad I do not live in downtown Silver Spring.

Sligo said...

I doubt the traffic would be very bad. Most people probably wouldn't go alone, and a lot of people would take the metro, especially if they lived in DC.

b said...

Any act that cannot be found objectionable, to anyone, is not worth paying to see. I always figured that, "If it doesn't scare your parents, it doesn't rock".

adb said...

As with the prior Birchmere hysterics, the Woodside Park Community Association's email list can provide a terrifying view into the mindset of the kind of folks who talk about 'objectionable' bookings with a straight face. Dumbfoundingly, they seem to think their incredibly limited demographic (older white liberals *and* retired white liberals!) actually accurately represents a microcosm of the Silver Spring area. These folks actually thought the Birchmere's narrow range of bookings represented "all kinds of music" (you know, "country AND western"), because it matches their own record collections.

There's plenty of evidence that the WPCA crowd know how to raise a fuss, though. I just wish I knew how to mobilize the people who think 'smooth jazz' is objectionable. Last weekend that damn 'jazz' festival made my backyard sound like a shopping mall food court.

Silver Spring Penguin said...

I find The Wiggles objectionable.

Imagine 1,200 screaming kids jacked on candy and soda, running amok through the streets of downtown Silver Spring after a gig. Madness.

Kyle said...

There go my dreams of seeing of the Wu-Tang Clan 2 blocks from my apt. I can't imagine what the parameters for non-objectionable music are.

Woodside Park Penguin said...

"adb" apparently knows little about the demographics in Woodside Park. Although the income levels are higher than average for Silver Spring, the neighborhood is well integrated racially and age-wise. On my block, for example, 20 percent of the families are black. 20 percent are retirees. There is some overlap in that -- one of the black families is retired. There are a lot of young kids at the school bus stops, including the one that serves my block, so we can't all be older.

I do fit "abd's" stereotype, I'm an older white liberal. He forgets that a lot of us became adults in the 60's and 70's, in the height of the Viet Nam war protests and counterculture. We still oppose big brother and censorship.

Anonymous said...

"adp" got it only partially right- I live in Woodside Park but I dont' fit his demographic: "older" (not yet), "white" (well yeah), "liberal" (hell no) and "retired" (probably never.) I've been to the 9:30 Club, and the Birchmere, and I regularly get LiveNation emails, and I'll choose the Birchmere as a neighborhood venue any day- leave the huge crowded stand-up venues down in DC where people can line up for blocks and misbehave whenever they want.
On the other hand, I fully agree with adp about smooth jazz and country/western...

Whirli said...

Based on the comments above, it's fairly predictable how this Live Nation discussion is going to devolve.'s not about music content, ffs. It's about location. On what basis can anyone you say that 1200-2000 people exiting a venue wont cause major traffic issues and impact on dtss? Add high energy music, liquor and other substances, and non-fuddy-duddy crowd demographics, and there is no way that that isn't going to have a HUGE impact on dtss every time an act plays. I personally have no problems at all with the Live Nation concept....I just have a huge problem with locating it at that particular location. There are plenty of alternative places it could be placed at in ss.

I hope that when the proposal actually gets announced, we can look at the entire issue (the economic package/incentives offered to LN by the County (and the Lees), the revisions in liquor licensing and zoning laws that need to occur, and the traffic impact) and not focus on the ridiculous issue of music content.

WashingtonGardener said...

Where is "1200 seats" coming from? My understanding ofthe LiveNation format is they are STANDING only.

If what LiveNation is planning here is a seated layout - I'd love to see the details on that, if anyone can point me to them.

adb said...

This traffic argument strikes me as non sequitur wrapped in a red herring. How many people live in your average D.T.S.S. high rise? Or work in the next office building to be built? How many patrons does a full Silver Theater bring? Or the Majestic? Silver Spring is already a major mass transit hub -- is there a rational explanation for how a few hundred driving patrons of The Club of Doom will clog our streets, off hours, worse than the next office/retail/residential project?

I'm partially playing devil's advocate here, because I have no particular love for the sort of bookings The Devil's Playground will be likely to draw. I'm just annoyed by the coy way the discussion from neighborhood lists tapdances around what they seem to really mean, which is that the Scary and Multi-Hued Youth are Coming to Listen to their Jungle Music and Take Our Children In the Night, just like They have already done in the mall on Ellsworth, where I have seen, myself, Public and Unapologetic High-Spiritedness! And I bet they take the drugs, too!

rtsind said...

Lions and tigers and bears oh my!

Dumbek said...

How did DTSS handle the jazz festival? I heard there were over 10,000 people there (a number I'm too lazy to confirm). Was it a traffic disaster?

Sligo said...

That's a good point about the Jazz Festival. I was out of town that weekend, so I didn't see it for myself, but I assume that DTSS was able to handle crowds much bigger than what we'd see at the Live Nation venue. I know that I've gone downtown right before those outdoor films which draw a lot of people and the traffic wasn't all that bad. I think the traffic issue is way overblown. I've never seen terrible traffic jams coming out of the 9:30 club, and 9:30 isn't at the crossroads of two major arteries.

Anonymous said...

There was a big problem with the Wayne Avenue garage during the jazz festival - the Gazette had a story on it. But that garage would not be the main parking for the Live Nation site. Really, I think these objections are a lot of overreaction from people who liked Silver Spring the way it was a decade ago, for whatever weird reason. Silver Spring could still slip backward - witness the comments in Sligo's other post about the Majestic. We need a good strong draw in that decrepit JC Penney building and it is not going to be the Birchmere - and I say that as someone who would have preferred the Birchmere. Let's move forward and figure out how to make Live Nation work with us, and not be seen yet again as a community that can't agree on anything and gets left behind.

Giles said...

so when does Live Nation expect to open this venue? all seating - yuck! give me a large open space for dancing and sound system like NYC's Bowery Ballroom and I'd very happy

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