Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Fillmore >>>Officially<<< Coming to Silver Spring

Hide all the sharp objects in certain neighborhoods, because it's about to become official - Live Nation is setting up shop in Silver Spring. The future Fillmore Music Hall will accommodate 500 seated or 2,000 standing patrons and will open up in late 2009 or early 2010. The agreement will be officially announced today during a noon ceremony at the AFI Theatre. Of course, that's three hours from now, so who knows what will happen between now and then.

Inexplicably, 9:30 club owner Seth Hurwitz decided at the 11th hour that he might want to open a venue at this location, even though it was fairly obvious that the deal with Live Nation was already done. Where was he the last couple months?

Oh, and don't cry for the Birchmere. It looks like College Park will soon be getting its Michael Bolton on as the spurned music hall will be opening their second venue on Route 1. Interestingly, it was Doug Duncan that wooed Birchmere over to P.G. county. Maybe we can sell him the "Future Home of the Birchmere" banner and recoup a few bucks.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! Silver Spring will get one of Live Nation's lame cookie cutter music venues. What a crock. Silver Spring will be better off without Clear Channel Communications- woops, I mean Live Nation.

Silver Springer said...

Right, we should get our money back for that sign, it was large enough to wrap a baby whale

Anonymous said...

I agree. Forget the arts and entertainment idea. The perfect isn't the enemy of the good. Lets just keep the empty shell of a building.

Anonymous said...

Obviously I would have preferred that SS get the Birchmere, but CP having it is okay by me. That's still only what, 15 minutes away? Either way it's 2 new venues. Cool.

Thayer Avenue said...

anonymous #1: Live Nation's cookie-cutter venue will be able to convert from 500 seats to 2,000 standing, hold local and children's events and highlight local talent while pumping money into the Silver Spring economy. Quit yer bitchin' or move somewhere else. Or you can just hop on over to College Park and set something on fire by the street before your no-talent-ass-clown Michael Bolton concert at The Birchmere.

That's not too harsh, is it?