Thursday, August 23, 2007

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

Edward Banya, obviously anxious to begin browsing the 17th century French literature section of Silver Spring Books, became irritated at someone who he believed wasn’t vacating their Bonifant Street parking spot quickly enough. He then grabbed a screwdriver from his car and stabbed the driver repeatedly in the hand and torso. (In the way the incident plays out in my head, the assailant yells “screwwwwwwww yoouuuuuuuuuuuu!!!!” à la Schwarzenegger in Total Recall.) No word if the weapon was slotted or Phillips.

Even though the victim had just “superficial wounds”, the MoCo police as usual thought it necessary to send half the force to the crime scene:

Photo by Flickr user joshsisk.

To add to Mr. Banya’s problems, they found “several thousand” (!) pirated DVDs in his car. Now where the hell am I supposed to get my copy of Bourne Ultimatum?

Other miscellaneous stuff:

- Today I was surprised to hear erstwhile star dancer Tucker Carlson, who is filling in on Tony Kornheiser's radio show, refer to the "mean streets of Silver Springs (sic)".

A. That's my phrase.

B. You'd think he'd know the correct name of the damn place as he's presumably lived in the area for some time. I don't go around saying "Falls Churches" or "Foggy Bottoms".

- Maybe if this guy makes it to The Show, they can get his hometown correct.

- There's been a rash of burglaries in the White Oak, Springbrook and Fairland neighborhoods.

- Joe Ferg Sports, which runs intramural sports leagues in Silver Spring, is now taking accepting team registrations for their fall flag football league.

- Another pedestrian was killed trying to cross the street in Silver Spring. I'd bet dollars to donuts there was jaywalking was involved.


Anonymous said...

Not a "Silver Springs" sighting, but what do I see on my receipt at the 13th Street Subway?: Sliver Spring.
Is it that hard to get?

rtsind said...

As to the burglaries inthe White Oak and Fairland area- so what else is new?

During the 70''s the White Oak Shopping Center was a well known place for purchasing drugs... as for Fairland the same thing.

As for Silver Springs-- maybe he meant Sukver Springs Fla., or maybe he is just ignorant.

rtsind said...

Sukver Springs-- maybe I am ignorante-- I meant Silver Springs Fla.

Sligo said...

I think your right hand was half an inch too far to the left!

Christopher Chambers said...

Tucker Carlson is a right wing clown. Unless this was tongue in cheek, in what possible context could he back up the "mean streets."

Then again (with me sounding like a right wing clown), where there is assisted housing around here, there are burglaries and serious assaults--which is why you'll find NO section 8 etc apartments in the rarefied and wooded west County or south of Gaithersburg...

Anonymous said...

Oh, yeah, like the "mean streets" of Woodmoor?? North Woodside? Forest Glen? I don't know the context of the quote but I would guess Tucker Carlson has never been east of Connecticut Avenue.

Dan Reed said...

Christopher - while the Fairland area has a lot of subsidized housing, ther e are larger concentrations in other parts of the county. Gaithersburg and Germantown each have over two thousand MPDUs. In fact, Germantown has the largest share of the county's subsidized housing units.

And Sligo - I wouldn't call White Oak and Fairland "neighborhoods." They're too big and too ill-defined to be called neighborhoods. But "communities" (as used in the news report) makes more sense.

Anonymous said...

I thought it was Bonifant Books, not Silver Spring Books. Great place - I go there all the time.

Sligo said...

Bonifant Books hasn't been on Bonifant in some time. It's in Wheaton now..