Monday, August 13, 2007

MS-13 Hearts Sligo Creek Park

Planning on going for a jog in Sligo Creek Park? You may want to bring your gat instead of your iPod, as the park has apparently been claimed by the Mara Salvatrucha gang as their turf. Signs like the one pictured below up and down the Sligo Creek Trail have recently been tagged with “MS 13” graffiti. (When I first glanced at it, I misread it as "MOOS 13"...)

Are they going to start shaking down the deer for protection money?

Of course, there’s the distinct possibility that this was the work of wannabe gangsters, but I probably shouldn’t say that lest I get my fingers chopped off by a machete. That’d make it awfuly hard to type.


Anonymous said...

This isn't exactly encouraging news.

Anonymous said...

Call the park police and report the locations. You can't assume they have seen this on these signs, wherever they are. I called awhile back when I saw tagging on a footpath, and someone came out within days and painted it over. You have to get rid of this junk right away, and that takes citizen involvement.

Mary Bradford, Parks Director said...

Park Police have been notified, thanks. You are right, got to get rid of this junk immediately. Good blog -- keep up the fine work.

John said...

I run through the park nearly everyday. This is development is certainly unnerving.

Mrs. Bradford - thanks for your comment. Have there been any recent crimes reported in that area, or is this really nothing to worry about?

rtsind said...

I remember when it was safe to let your children play along the banks of Sligo Creek.

I remember catching tadpoles and raising frogs, salamanders and box turtles. I also remember drinking out of Sligo creek many a time and never getting sick.

My brothers and a few of the neighbors use to play capture the flag in the woods-- and now--

The coomunity has changed and unfortunately not for the better..

The water is polluted, and I don't see turtles or salamanders anymore.

I see an occasional minnow but nary a crayfish- and water striders--nope- and the sound of frogs -- perhaps Rachel Carson was on the right track

only instead of DDT it is called development.

Sligo said...

I remember once years ago my friend and I caught crayfish and ate them. Well, he ate them at least. I'd definitely never eat anything out of there now, even if there were still crayfish.

The no crayfish thing is kind of sad...

Nate said...

I wouldn't argue with the general proposition that "things are less clean now than they were long ago," but I was under the impression that the Sligo sewer lines (and overflow outlets) have been there for DECADES. Somehow I doubt that drinking from the creek back in the '60s or '70s was any more advisable than it is today. It's been an "urban waterway" with all the runoff and foreign material that implies for an awfully long time now, and I think the general consensus is that it's actually much cleaner now than it was 10 or 15 years ago, when things were at their worst.

Damn shame about the MS-13 graffiti ... lets hope that it was just a middle school/high school wannabe rather than some sort of staking of a claim.

Sligo said...

Don't you know that EVERYTHING in Silver Spring was better 10-15 years ago?

rtsind said...

The Sligo sewer lines were added decades ago(circa 1970,s). There was a section that ran from the hill(near Dennis Ave and Sligo Pkwy) under the road and to the creek. This was a small stream.

When they put in the sewer line, this stream was covered over .

The water was more free flowing and one never saw stagnant sections covered with algae or whatever they call that scum.

I can not believe it is cleaner now that it was- it doesnt look very clean-- but I know that I would not dring from it today.

When I was drinking from it it was the 60's and early 70's, so it may be cleaner than it was 10 or 15 years ago but not 30 or 40 years ago.

Sligo said...

I can't say for certain if the water is any cleaner, but it does seem to me like there is a lot more garbage in the park than there used to be.

I cleaned up "my" section completely during the last Sweep the Creek, but I'm sure by now its full of litter again.

Anonymous said...

I'm a D.C. local and I follow MS-13 and post articles at my blog While this is not a good sign. From what I've seen, Bona fide MS-13 members who are out tagging will usually put their clique tag up. In the Maryland area there are 4 cliques that I've identified they are:
Langley Park DC Area - Langley Park Salvatruchos (LPS),
DC Area - Sailors Locos Salvatrucha Westside (SLSW),
DC Area - Teclas Salvatrcha (TLS),
DC Area - Centrales Locos Salvatrucha (CEN), and
DC Area - Leeward Lokotes Salvatrcha (LLS)
I don't see a reference to a clique. So, that makes it a little less threatening in my estimation. More likely to be a wannabe.
That's just my take.