Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Friday News 'N Notes

Not a whole lot going on this week, but I will pass along this account, sent to me by a reader, of a recent hullabaloo at the Worst McDonald's Ever™.

A Mickey D’s employee, realizing that they were out of the odd-smelling pink liquid stuff, decided to refill the bathroom soap dispensers with an alcohol rub instead. Unsurprisingly, hijinks ensued when an elderly customer proceeded to use the hand sanitizer to cleanse her face.

The hysterical woman, eyes burning, complained to the manager, who, after investigating, asserted (chortling) that hand sanitizer was a perfectly acceptable replacement for soap. I hope they at least gave her free McNuggets or something.

I keep hearing the Ralph Wiggum in my head crying “My face is on fire!”

Also, they've really got to do something about that abandoned Army recruiting center on Georgia Avenue. It looks more like something from Route 66 than a "revitalized" downtown Silver Spring. There are freakin' trees growing out of it, for chrissake.

Photo by Flickr user punkwalrus.


rtsind said...

I hate to side with big business when they have made mistakes...but the elderly women who decided to wash her face in a MacDonald's bathroom--- what was she thinking

In many restaurant, the hand cleaner is a sanitizer- it is a sanitizer so that employees who use the bathroom will have clean and sanitized hands- it is a law.

To walk into a strange bathroom and apply a strange soap to your face is just dumb- almost as dumb as the elderly women who put the cup of HOT MacDonalds coffee between her leg and attempted to drive-- another nut case.

If you must wipe your face use plainwater when you are ina strange bathroom- use common sense.

Easley said...

I dunno Sligo, this McDonalds is bad, but I still have to go with the one in White Oak off 650 as the worst. Nothing more appetizing then going in for breakfast, going to the bathroom before ordering, and seeing some nice human droppings on the floor in the stall.

There must be some rule of McDonalds that says all McDonalds without drive-throughs must be havens of disgust.

rtsind said...

There must also be a rule that states drive in personnel do not have to speak English and are allowed to screw uo orders.

Terry said...

Yes, that's McDonald's is bad, but honestly, the one in the strip mall along 16th by Spring Street is far far worse. Nasty employees who openly argue at the registers, badly designed store, consistently filthy, AND they manage to mess up a breakfast sandwich.