Friday, July 06, 2007

New Hope for City Place?

I wasn't aware that it was even for sale, but City Place (aka "Shitty Place" aka "Silver Plaza") has been sold to developer Petrie Ross Ventures of Annapolis. I've never been to any of the places they've developed, but I imagine they have grander plans for the space than what is there now.

‘‘We are excited to become part of the dynamic revitalization of Silver Spring,” Walt Petrie, chairman, said in a statement. ‘‘We have an exciting merchandising plan to create a prime destination for shoppers as well as current and future retailers.”
Maybe we'll get that Bed Bath & Beyond after all. No word yet on their photography policy.

What stores would you like to see in City Place? Off the top of my head, here's some from my wishlist:

- Apple
- Neighborhoodies
- Crate & Barrel
- Kid Robot
- Banana Republic
- Redskins Store
- Adidas Originals
- Nintendo World (as if)

I realize that there is little to no chance of getting some of these, however...


silver spring penguin said...

God, PLEASE put some decent shops inside City Place mall.

On a related note, The Examiner (maybe it was The Express) says that a T-Mobile is going up at the old Rostas clothing store (Colesville at Fenton).

That would have been a good spot for an Apple shop. Now where am I supposed to score an iPhone?!?

silver spring penguin said...

One more thing...

What does the City Place sale mean for the proposed office space above it?

Jennifer said...

i think a pinkberry would be awesome.

Thayer Avenue said...

Brookstone. I'd LOVE to go in after the gym and sit in one of the massage chairs. And maybe a Sharper Image for high-quality playtime.

And while we're at it, how about a Dallas Cowboys merchandise store?

thecourtyard said...

T-Mobile is replacing Rostas? It's sad that a high-profile location like that could go to such a lousy use, especially if we have to lose a local shop for it.

As for Petrie Ross: they will either turn City Place into a high-end wonderland like they're doing at Annapolis Towne Centre or they'll slap some paint on it and call it new like the Centre at Glen Burnie, which I visited a few months ago.

Either way, we can look forward to a newly-renamed "Centre at Silver Spring."

Sligo said...

At least "Centre" doesn't rhyme with "shitty".

Mobile phone stores suck - Exhibit A: the Sprint store in downtown Silver Spring.

Libby said...

1. Crate and Barrel
2. Dean and DeLuca (as if)
3. Lush
4. Yankee Candle
5. Lindt Candies

Just to name a few.

Anonymous said...

Ugh...a cell phone store! Why! We need a sports pub is what we need...not another cell phone place! don't we all have cell phones already? Why do we need all these store fronts??

Sligo said...

I'm not sure why, but the Sprint store at Wayne & Fenton is always packed. I think it has something to do with people paying their bill in the store, but I could be wrong.

silver spring penguin said...

The Sprint store is always crowded because its horrible customer service keeps everyone waiting forever.

Also, Anonymous says we need a sports pub. I'll drink to that!

This area could use more bars and nightclubs. So many good local bands, and no place to see them play.

Anonymous said...

We want G St Fabrics!!

Anonymous said...

I was thinking a World Market would be nice:)

And PLEASE either get rid of or re-do the Burlington Coat factory store. The inside of the place looks like it's been hit by a tornado.

Yes, the Sprint store crowds can be attributed to the crappy customer service, which seems to be the norm at many places in SS.

Sligo said...

World Market is a good idea. Maybe that can replace Burlington Coat Factory.

Remember when there was a Nordstrom Rack in City Place? That lasted about a week.

7smash said...

Do we know that they plan to develop it as retail- wasn't there talk about turning it into retail and offices?

Tdiddy said...

Heres my most wanted:
- Anthropologie
- Paper Source
- Apple
- BO Furniture
- Crate & Barrel
- Kid Robot - would be awesome
- Bliss
- Lush - Love their products!
- Williams Sonoma
- Nordstrom
- EB Games I'm too lazy to head to Wheaton

Petrie Ross seems to focus on all of the bix box crapola stores looking at their website. Oh well baby steps...

Here's to wishin...

rtsind said...

I would like to see a World Market or a Harris Teeters.

How about a decent music store and book store.

And I would cast a vote for a Brookstone

brent said...

I'm somewhat surprised to hear all the calls for CHAIN retailers. For years, at meetings on redevelopment and in letters to the editor, etc., I've heard a strong outcry to rebuild SS as a neighborhood of "small, local retailers who share our values." Does what I'm hearing mean that the community's tone has changed? Or are all of you just "out of touch with the neighborhood," as I've been accused of being? (Note also that there were huge groans when a "sports bar" was mentioned once because, as somebody said, "That's not the kind of community we are."

Sligo said...

Interestingly, I was recently reading an old article that discussed the construction of the Silver Spring Shopping Center (which is now part of DTSS) and it quoted a contemporary source that stated the new shopping center was attracting the attention of "national chains". This was 1938!! If people think that there have not always been chains here, they should think again.

brent said...

When it comes to attracting retailers, we also have to remember that our economic diversity also is a bit of a curse. We don't have the easy "upscale professional" or "working class" demographic that signals retailers that this is the right market (that is, with sufficient numbers of their target customers). Even if 3,000 say they want World Market (just to use an example), that's not nearly enough to support the store. Even 10,000 wouldn't be enough. It also means that we could both a Williams-Sonoma and a Dollar Store to the same block -- but the problem is that neither retailer really wants to share that block, because neither can see the other's customers patronizing their store.

Anonymous said...

Unless they can attract a large, popular retail anchor (e.g., Nordstrom, Bloomingdales), Shitty Place will remain shitty despite any name change. A mall without an anchor is a shitty mall.

If you get the good anchor, they will come (the people, and all those other stores you people are pining for, like World Market or Bed Bath and Beyond).

Anonymous said...

I would LOVE to see something like Ground Kontrol go in at City Place, or anywhere in SS.

Anonymous said...

The Silver Spring Gazette awhile back asked the same question as to what should go in City Place. People at that time mentioned a craft store, such as Michael's, or a Bed, Bath and Beyond, and an indoor space created where children could play in the winter. You have to think outside the single and 20s-30s box to get a successful mix. Bed, Bath and Beyond would be a great anchor. We are left with chains because local stores are not interested even now in taking a chance on downtown Silver Spring. Where, for example, has Olsson's been all these years? Borders came in before Olsson's would leave the confines of Bethesda.

Sligo said...

Olsson's is gone from Bethesda now, anyway- to make way for condos.

Rex Immensae Majestatis Chapman said...

They should put a Dallas Cowboys merchandise store in City Place if they want it burned to the ground. (Perhaps using merch from our upcoming astonishing surplus of yuppie candle stores.) That's not a threat; that's a promise. A Redskins store would be welcome, though.

I'd like to see a boutique-y home furnishings store (not a chain) plus a Bed Bath and Beeyotch for the staples. I miss the old home furnishing store a lot.

Of course, I'm the one who actually shops at City Place semi-regularly.

thecourtyard said...

Take a look at City Place's possible future: Check out Just Up The Pike.

firejimbowden said...

Apparently "thecourtyard" has never actually seen the inside of Rostas. While T-Mobile wouldn't be my first choice for that location either, anyone who has ever had to walk by there on a regular basis could tell you, with all the butt-ugly crap they sold, they deserved to go out of business.

mmafan said...

Anon..It would be great to see local and chain establishments co-exist, but as you said, many local/indie establishments are reluctant to take a chance in DTSS, and sadly, I cant blame them. The ones that are in the area now are struggling to survive against chains with virtually unlimited resources.

Silver Springer said...

I'm still wishing for a Dave and Busters to replace the theater space, that Ground Control place sounds cool too.

Anonymous said...

I hope they kick out Austin Grill and replace it with a Rio Grande!

Sligo said...

I miss the old Rio Grande where you had to wait for an hour and the tables were 2 inches apart. That somehow made the food taste better.

nikki said...

I think a Dylans Candy Bar would fit in nicely next to Kid Robot. Although at this point I would be happy for an Old Navy or something mediocre like that...

On a side note did anyone happen to catch the MoCoPoPo running towards Shitty Place with their guns drawn one evening back in April or May? I just happened to be in my car at the light at Fenton/Colesville and I witnessed this. They were screaming at a couple of what look-to-be teenagers to "get their asses on the ground". I have to say in my 29 years of living in MoCo, I have never, ever seen a MoCoPoPo with their gun drawn. I wish I knew what the supposed crime was that the kids perped.

silver spring penguin said...

I'd vote for a 24-hour bowling alley with good pizza and lots of beer on tap.

In an arts and entertainment district, nothing says "artistic" or "entertaining" like bowling.

Jimmy said...

I'm with the Penguin: bowling. Apart from AFI and the Majestic, the only thing to do in SS is shop and eat (and occasionally protest).

However, I would like to see an Apple Store in Silver Spring. I don't know what other DC suburbs see on server logs, but at about 27% of our visitors are using Macintosh. And that's even considering that most of our hits come from people at work, where they are likely using a PC. It seems from my observations that Silver Spring residents like their Apples. On the other hand, should we get an Apple Store in South Silver Spring?

Other stores I would like to see in City Place are Macy's, Bloomingdale's, Express, Teavana, A&F, Le Gourmet Chef, Williams Sonoma, Restoration Hardware, or any small or local store that is similar.

On a side note, I would REALLY like to have a Chicken Out, but I think it would do much better outdoors on Ellsworth, Georgia, or The Blairs.

I think we have a good balance of local and national retailers in Silver Spring. No one is going to come to Silver Spring unless it is for something they are familiar with. But need to keep them coming back with the good local flavor they discover when they get here.

Sligo said...

The thing about bowling is that they just got rid of the Bowling in downtown Silver Spring and turned it into LA Fitness. I'd be surprised if they were to bring in new lanes. It'd have to be fancy pants bowling like Strike Bethesda or Lucky Strike.

PS - don't forget White Oak Lanes.

nikki said...

White Oak is the best. I love going there. The guys that work there are really nice and it's pretty cheap to play and drink beer. Plus, it's duckpin and that is soooo Merrlind.

Anonymous said...

I would like to an inexpensive jewelry shop that makes custom silver pieces.

And somewhere in SS, I would really really really like a White Castle.

Anonymous said...

I'd kill for a Chicken Out. They are so much better than any other chicken restaurant in the DC area...even the latino ones (only because they offer more sides...the latino chicken kicks a**).

Jimmy said...

"I'd kill for a Chicken Out. They are so much better than any other chicken restaurant in the DC area...even the latino ones (only because they offer more sides...the latino chicken kicks a**)."

I KNOW! When I tell people I want to go to Chicken Out and they ask me what kind of place it is, I say that Chicken Out like Boston Market, but GOOD!

silver spring penguin said...

Jimmy wrote:

"Should we get an Apple Store in South Silver Spring?"

I think that is exactly where Apple should be, given the presence of Montgomery College. I'm sorry that part of Silver Spring isn't younger and hipper.

Sligo wrote:

"It'd have to be fancy pants bowling like Strike Bethesda or Lucky Strike."

Hellz yeah! Trick the place out!

WashingtonGardener said...

Bowling? Seriously?! No one supported it when it was here for decades.

And a Sports Bar? Isn't that what the cavernous Galaxy Billiards is? All I see on game nights is crowds watching the big screens not to many folks playing pool. (BTW get your great soccer game viewing at Addis Ababa or any of the Latino places on Georgia Ave.)

Sign me up for the G Street/Michaels/Joanns crowd and for BB&Beyond, World Market, and Lush.

As to the crowds at Sprint - I see them lining up way before opening time on Saturday morning. Can't comment on the service after the crowd gets let in.

Olssen's HQ is just up the road and I did ask them last winter why they are not in downtown SS - one of their "execs" says he drives right past it on his way down to the Dupont location. Really seem silly to me. Maybe we should start and email letter writing campaign?

Tom Collins said...

An Apple store definitely sounds good to me.

Anonymous said...

A World Market would be great, and would probably do very well. The number of apartments and condos in the neighborhood would create a great demand for WM's apartment-sized furniture and funky linens that are more affordable than Crate and Barrel and the like. However, it wouldn't be the same without the amazing (read: cheap) wine section, which I'm sure would not be allowed under MoCo's draconian liquor laws. The one in Pentagon Row in Arlington always has great prices.

Also, you can add my vote for an Apple store. (Although an insanely large portion of the household budget would probably end up going to impulse purchases if we had one in the 'hood!)

Anonymous said...

Can nothing be done to change the outdated liquor laws in MoCo ? Can this be taken up with county officials. Really annoying not to be able to buy at least beer and wine more conveniently ?

brent said...

The liquor laws are part of the strategy to limit competition in certain businesses and keep out chains and large companies in various businesses. Limiting chains to two licenses, etc. And now, as I understand it, we're about to require chains to post their nutritional content but not the mom and pops -- the theory being that McDonald's is bad for your health but the Tastee Diner is not.

Anonymous said...

i think we need an anchor. something between practical and upscale and that will not contribute to an attraction of more under loiters under 18.

pub on the corner of fenton/ga would be horrible. i live over there and the parking already stinks because customers to the plaza refuse to use the garage.

i think the plaza should continue to be local stuff and really pull the artsy-ness of silver spring up. make it somewhat touristy and local at the same time. goal being to attract some regulars and interesting people.

Anonymous said...

how about Anything But a place for GANGBANGERS?!?!?!

Pat said...

Eh, heck with an Apple store. How about another Microcenter? :)

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