Friday, July 27, 2007

Friday News 'N Notes

- I’m sorry, but neither Susan Hoffman nor any other living person can make a legitimate claim to the (current or former) title of “Mayor of Silver Spring”. As far as I am concerned, there have only been two lawful mayors in the long and glorious history of Silver Spring – one, a homeless guy named Norman Lane and the other a life-sized plastic Mayor McCheese who once ruled from the McDonaldland section of the old Georgia Ave. McDonald’s. (Sadly, His Honor succumbed to typhoid fever in 1986 after being served a contaminated salad.) Anyway, Silver Spring should be a monarchy, if simply for the fact that it rhymes with “king” (as in “King of Silver Spring”).

- For those of you lamenting the absence of "Chompy" during this year's Shark Week, put yourselves in the shoes of the many recently laid-off Discovery employees. I'd be pretty pissed if I were "on the street" and Discovery was flagrantly dropping tens of thousands on blowing air into a fish. I guess CEO David Zaslav shot a metaphorical oxygen tank that Chompy had clenched in his jaw...

- The Quarry House has a MySpace page.

- Borders has been in Silver Springs Spring, what, three years now? In that time, how many receipts have they handed out like this?

- Starting this weekend, Lawrence of Arabia will be shown at the AFI in its full 70mm glory each Sunday for a month.

- I leave you with this odd Silver Spring item available on eBay:

Amazingly, it has bids.


Anonymous said...

I just placed a bid on the ebay auction.

Thayer Avenue said...

How did that thing end up in Maine, of all places? I might try to bid on it just for posterity's sake. The have a contest on the site to give it away or raffle it off.

Thought of you last night when I was sitting in DaMarco having dinner. A bus rolled by and the lighted sign said "SLVR SPGS." Shame I didn't have my camera.

Sligo said...

That's fantastic. Even with limited space on a bus sign, they threw in the "s" anyway. I have another good example of "Silver Springs" which I may tack on to this post later today.

Whoever was bidding on that ashtray is going to be pissed at me.

Anonymous said...

Thayer ave,
Don't bid on it:-) Its rightful place is on my bar in my basement ;-)

silver spring penguin said...

Is there any way to bring back Mayor McCheese?

I'm not a big fan of political dynasties (example: The Bushes, the Castros). But perhaps McCheese spawned an enlightened despot of a McNugget who can run the show.

Maybe a black-on-red McCheese tee shirt akin to those depicting Che Guevara (or Family Guy's Peter Griffin) would stir the masses.

rtsind said...

If one considers Wheaton--Silver Spring, then the other unofficial mayor of Silver Spring, would be a guy named Joe Seiden-who ran for Congress in 1976.

His campaign literature touted his election as Mayor of Wheaton.

Having lived in this area for 47 years, I do not recall any election for mayor- but-- for some reason- he made that claim.

thecourtyard said...

Susan Hoffmann doesn't want you to call her the "Mayor of Silver Spring" (as I explain), but she does enough for the Downtown that she might as well be. (I refuse to recognize the sovereignty of Mayor McCheese.)

If you're wondering who Susan Hoffmann is and why you should care, check out Just Up The Pike's profile of Silver Spring's biggest mover and shaker.

Anonymous said...

thecourtyard- seriously, what's with the nasty icon of the hand with a tatooed 'X' holding a gun- you give me the creeps every time you post.

Sligo said...


thecourtyard said...

No, you've got me all wrong. It's not a gun, it's a Walkman. My icon comes from this drawing I made a couple of years ago, which hopefully explains everything (well, I mean, if you've ever noticed the emo kids on Ellsworth on a Friday night, it will.)

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