Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday News 'N Notes

As mentioned before, my quest for photos of Silver Spring in the 80's and 90's has gotten off to a slow start, but here is what I have so far. Some of these photos have been culled from various websites and others were submissions. I'll keep looking to add to the collection and will post them as I come across new ones. Again, if you have any photos, especially those highlighting urban blight, I can use anything you've got!


- The Harry Potter launch party on Ellsworth Drive, ur I mean "Diagon Alley", tonight is only the second biggest celebration in the U.S., the largest being held at Border's NYC store. I do want to see this, but I'm still convinced that the size of the event will attract those trying to spoil the ending, especially since said ending is now widely available on The Internets.

- The DrinkMore Water Grand Prix of Silver Spring will be held downtown on Sunday. Here's some photos of last year's race.


silver spring penguin said...

EX-cellent collection of photos!

brent said...

Some, no doubt,will see the photos of the now-demolished Armory and the "original" diner and sigh with nostalgia.

But the Armory had long-outlived its functional life as a gathering place; and as for preserving its architecture, there are several virtual twins (can you have several "twins"? oh well) nearby in places that don't block the economic and social future of an entire neighborhood (e.g., Old Town Kensington).

And the diner -- well, the old version was crumbling and,let's face it, dirty. Ever go in the smelly, drafty restrooms? It was time for an update, and the location is far better suited to a landmark "economic engine" like Discovery. (does anybody remember the insistence of some in the 'hood that anybody building where Discovery is now would have to incorporate the diner -- as it was -- into their site plan?)

Surely there are shots of the art deco shopping center with its trim falling off, windows boarded up where Panera now is, and with broken bottles across the parking lot.

sshistory said...

Regardless if the 1927 Silver Spring Armory "had long-outlived its functional life as a gathering place" (which it had not)...the structure was a designated landmark listed on Montgomery County's Master Plan for Historic Preservation.

The Armory's demolition set in place the frightening precedent that ANY historic landmark in Montgomery County, sometimes designated after YEARS of long fought battles by dedicated historic preservationists, can have its protection reversed and razed under the pretence of economic development.

Jerry A. McCoy
Silver Spring Historical Society

firejimbowden said...

Thanks for the WGAY pictures. I remember noticing that sign a few times when I first moved to SS back in 2001, and then when a friend was visiting I tried to find it to point out and it was suddenly gone and I thought maybe I had just imagined it.

Also, BTW, DTSS on Friday night was compltely pointless. You'd think some of the stores might have tried a little harder, given how many people they lured there, than just putting up a big spraypainted banner or renaming their sandwiches after characters from the books. My wife and I wound up going home before midnight and coming back in the morning for our book when we realized it would take a good 2-3 hours after 12:01 struck to get our book at Borders.

Sligo said...

I completely agree about the half-assedness of the whole Harry Potter thing. Borders, which was the sponsor of the whole thing did nothing more than spray paint a sign, while McGinty's spelled "Leaky Cauldron" differently than the book. I will give credit to Marrimekko, which created a really nice sign for the event and which was actually doing something interesting by allowing you to create a custom cape.

They did a good job promoting it, at least, because there were quite a few people there on Friday night. Me, I got my copy via UPS the next morning at 9 and I'm glad I didn't have to wait in line at all to get it.

Thayer Avenue said...

Yeah - Diagon Alley was kinda lame. I wonder: was PetersonCos responsible for any of the implementation? I expected a lot more.

Though it did afford me the opportunity to hang out and drink for a while before the line started moving.

shortstaxx said...

why do you want old photos of Silver Spring? to bolster your smug satisfaction at the chainged Silver Sprung? you come off like an insufferable yuppie. why don't you just go live in Potomac where you can be insulated from such vulgarities as old diners and trees growing out of recruiting center roofs? ppl like you are what's wrong with the development. you seem happy to let Silver Spring become antiseptic like everywhere else, devoid of uniqueness. i suppose you can't wait til they demolish the Moose Lodge and start on southern S.S. you must be thrilled that Canada Dry is gone (oh yeah they saved the facade) and that condos are in its place.

Sligo said...

Maybe you should read my original post. I'm sorry if I offended any fans of the parking lots, police substations or closed down storefronts that used to be where DTSS is now.