Saturday, July 28, 2007

The Enclave, Revisited

I decided to return to the page for the Enclave apartments in White Oak, as it was so entertaining the first time around. I was curious to see if the reviews had gotten any more favorable since they started their "renovations". From the comments left by tenants over the past thirteen months, it sure doesn't seem like it:

- "there is a citation from the state on our elevators that assure 'substantial probability of death or physical injury'"


- "[The roaches] got to the point that they didn't even run anymore when they saw me, preferring to almost ask me how my day was while using my Playstation 2."

- "one day the ceiling fell through covering my bathroom in raw sewage"

- "Please, please do not live here!!!"

- "Roaches were coming out of my sink and dishwasher by the dozens. I bleach my counter tops everyday and keep a spotless kitchen, but they are everywhere. They are called German cockroaches and my cabinets are infested with them. I rarely buy groceries anymore and I keep them in a suitcase."

- "I would have been happier being homeless."

- "I would not recommend this place for even an animal."
Of course, I can see how out-of-towners might be tricked into renting through the official website, which makes it look serene (and clean) by utilizing bogus photos from other buildings. Hmmmm, I didn't realize the Enclave rented giant lofts.


Anonymous said...

Everything you hear bad about this place is true. Even the management sucks. Since they started renovating my friends apartment she started to complan about sores on herself. The complex put her in a furnished apartment since they are renovating hers. After a few weeks of pain she decided to go to the doctor and he told her that she had bed bug bites. She went and told the complex and they went on to tell her, "so go stay in a hotel." She asked if they would pay for it and they went on to say no when the mattress was owned by the complex.

thecourtyard said...

I have to admit that the new clubhouse they're building looks mighty swanky, though the money could 've been better spent making the apartments more, um, livable. What a shame.

But if Remy the Rat was one of the rats living in my apartment, I would be quite glad as he would make a decent cook out of me.

Anonymous said...

I agree...I wouldn't mind if Remy lived in the apartment.

Sligo said...

Perhaps I should have picked a nastier rat.

b said...

Surfing Apt. I found this on a DTSS building.

....One of the assistant managers is incredibly rude. We almost did not take the apartment
because of her poor people skills. Frankley, I believe she is mentally ill. Luckilly, my profession is in mental health.

It is a sad statement on our health care system when the care givers are openly hostile to those they are charged with helping. She deserves partying roaches like those in Joe's Apartment.

b said...

What about 'Ratso' Rizzo? ...I forgot, he has 2 Oscars.

Anonymous said...

I wonder how the stock models shown on the Enclave's Official Website would feel about being used to advertise a rat-infested slum.

Anonymous said...

I can't believe how bad living at The Enclave actually is. I read all the bad reviews but it seemed that they had turned things around. DO NOT MOVE TO THE ENCLAVE. I moved in September 15, 2007 and it was the worst decision I ever made. This place is the equivalent to thje threshold of hell. Seriously, it's that bad. I received two months free. Guess what, my apartment flooded week on and stayed that way for most of the two months. Construction starts promptly at 7:30am every morning. The have been working in my hallway banging away since September. Nothing changes. Nine workers a day just swinging hammers. Doing work, ripping it out, doing it again. God I hate this place. I haven't slept in six months.

Anonymous said...

Do not rent from the Enclave you will be very very sorry. I moved in March 31st. The leasing office paints a very different picture than what you actually get when you move in. Management is unprofessional and is lacking in every area. I had a flood in my apartment a few days after moving in, horrible experiences with management trying to get issues resolved - and the problems in my apartment have yet to be fixed- which include - no working heat, air conditioning, a faulty refridgerator, the cabinets are falling apart, the walls are crooked (well I know that can't be fixed right now) and on top of it - they boast about a $500 off for referrals of new residents which they refused to pay to my friend who referred me here. The construction starts very early in the morning, they key to enter the building may or may not work from time to time, and security as well as maintainence all have the worst communication ever. I have no idea what they are even doing there except taking up space. Save yourself a world of heartache and go elsewhere!

Anonymous said...

I have stayed at The Enclave because so many apartment buildings in the area also have negative reviews. I thought it was better to deal with the devil that I knew...but not only are the buildings infested (I have nightmares about mice and rats), but the management is horrible and the RUBS system that is used to determine utility bills is rather arbitrary. Water and sewer bills can double and triple without notice. Electric prices have gone from 2 cents to 12 cents per unit in just a few months. The management only sends notices to threaten their residents to move things so that they can do construction (or you will pay a fee always) or to threaten them that they will have to pay if they do not remove everything from their kitchen a million times so that they can exterminate uselessly again. The maintenance staff (the workers, I mean) and that is about the only compliment that I can offer. The absolute worst thing about The Enclave is the management. They are horrible and have no people skills. At the root of this is the GM who needs to take some courses in hospitality or customer service or anything of that nature. Good luck and if they destroy your belongings, they will simply tell you to claim it on your own renter's insurance. It has happened countless times because they refuse to upgrade anything inside the apartments - they are only upgrading external things. Forget the ridiculous LCD screens downstairs - fix the apartments! It's a bad place. Every apartment complex has it's problems, but The Enclave has gone steadily down hill. A poor elderly man in a wheelchair almost died as a pip burst and boiling hot water poured on top of him. Did they care? Honestly, no. They did not want to be bothered with that matter. A good landlord-tenant lawyer needs to move here. The tenants need help and have been taken advantage of for a long time!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The Enclave advertises itself as a luxury community but this is FAR from luxury. Floor plans are spacious and there is an abundance of on site parking, including available garage parking but the "luxury" stops here. Everything else should be deemed standard, given its age and condition. All apartments are NOT upgraded with premium flooring, bathroom, and kitchen fixtures. Some units and basement corridors consistently have issues with growing mold. Plaster is chipping. Evidence of deterioration is evident in hallways. Some units have issues with consistently having hot water available. The fire alarm in building A frequently sounds off due to a mechanical malfunction that they refuse to remedy. This is a major safety hazard as most residents ignore the alarm. One day, evening, or night this alarm may not be "false" and tragedy is sure to occur.

THERE IS GRAFFITI SPRAWLED ACROSS THE PERGOLA AT THE ZEN GARDEN and has been there for more than one week. The dog park is not well-maintained. Holes dug by the dogs are never filled. The fence had been in disrepair for more than 6 months. The floors in the gym are filthy and have not been mopped in MONTHS.

Residents utilizing garage parking pay each month for one reserved parking space. The garage doors are never down. Recently, there has been evidence of tampering with residents' vehicles in one of the garages.

Residents smoke marijuana indoors which allows for the transfer of the smoke and scent into hallways and other units. run the halls. "Laundry Facilities" is somewhat exaggerated as units with washer/dryer units inside are priced higher than apartments without. However, each floor has ONE community washer/dryer combo. The term "luxury" is used too loosely. If you want a large unit with city amenities, metro access, the beltway, etc then this is the place for you. However, any expectation of "luxury" should be left on the street.

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