Friday, June 08, 2007

No Films For You

Unfortunately, the outdoor film showings on “The Turf” that were so popular last August won’t be returning this year. As I surmised last year, the inevitable demise of the Jolly Green Carpet ensured that, despite its tremendous popularity, this event would be short-lived.

It was assumed that the Turf would be pulled up by this summer, and the sponsor (CW50) didn’t want to shift to another local venue. Because of the whole ice/turf brawl and the resultant delays, it turned out the space would indeed be available but by that time it was too late to schedule anything for this summer.

There will still be some films screened outdoors this summer, as two music-themed documentaries will be shown next week as part of the upcoming SilverDocs festival. (By the fountain, rather than on the Turf.)

On June 14, you can see Jonathan Demme's "Stop Making Sense," which captures Talking Heads over three nights in 1983 at the Pantages Theater in Los Angeles. June 15, the night will be aglow with Demme's 2006 film "Neil Young: Heart of Gold," which follows the legendary folk-rock singer in two concerts with his wife and many, many pals not long after his surgery for a brain aneurysm.

I’m not sure if Neil Young has the same amount of appeal as Harry Potter to the kids who packed the carpet for last year’s movies, but at least it’s something.

Of course, we are again completely trumped by NoVa, this time in the area of outdoor cinema, as Crystal City’s “CrystalScreen” will be showing Clint Eastwood movies all summer long. It had to be Clint Eastwood movies, for God's sake, just to rub it in.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how many people will get your Soup Nazi reference. Very clever ;)

Silver Springer said...

I knew it! Once again Montgomery County ruins a good thing.

Thayer Avenue said...

Who makes these decisions? Do we point the finger at people like Gary Stith? Is it a larger, hive-mentality problem? I thought we were a little more progressive than that in Silver Spring (minus the whole NPR debacle - thanks for stepping in, Ike!)

And if you don't want to give NoVa the pleasure, there's always the Screen on the Green on the Mall that starts July 16.