Thursday, June 28, 2007

Festivus for the Rest of Us

I was reading this article from today’s Washington Post, and found it interesting that the planners of the new Veteran’s Plaza have such a grandiose vision for the space:

Montgomery County's planners hope to create an area reminiscent of Union Square in San Francisco or Rockefeller Center in New York on about 1.5 acres.
If that is the case, and they really want to emulate Rockefeller Center, I think that they ought to install a massive Christmas holiday tree each winter as the centerpiece of the plaza. (A real one, not a fake: they’re better for the environment, and frankly I think fake trees are cheesy as hell.) I think that would be an additional draw for the plaza and would make a great backdrop for photos, provided you are allowed to take them.

There would be the inevitable complaints and we might end up with displays related to a variety of religious holidays. If that is the case, I will request - no, demand the inclusion of a Festivus pole.


You know, I originally said it in jest, but I think there's some real merit to the idea of actually hosting Festivus activities. Talk about something unique that would draw people from outside the area. Kinda like Lebowski Fest. Of course, it might still be a really stupid idea.