Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

- Do the MoCo cops fancy themselves some sort of county Gendarmerie? I can understand needing an armored vehicle when policing some places like, you know, Wheaton, but what's up with the olive drab paint scheme? Is this camouflage supposed to hide the vehicle from Panzerfaust crews in Germantown?

Maybe they should just park that bad boy outside the entrance to The Majestic. That might dissuade theatergoers from engaging in brawls on Ellsworth Street. That may not be necessary, however, as it looks like they've already brought in the big guns to restore order to Downtown Silver Spring.

What would be really cool is if they re-painted their Segways and fitted them with armor plating and submachine guns.

(Speaking of the MoCo police, if you have a parakeet but not a camera, give them a call.)

- They've started to set up "temporary bus stops" along Wayne, Dixon and Bonifant Streets to accommodate the construction of the new transit center in Downtown Silver Spring. This guy is none too happy about it.

- I'm not sure what this has to do with Silver Spring other than to prove there is still a little room for nature in our 'burb, but check out this Cute Overload-worthy shot of a baby cottontail I took in my yard Sunday night. The best part is there was a litter of six.

The next day I found two of them stuck down in window wells, requiring me to perform a little rescue operation.


Anonymous said...

The Majestic movie theater is a problem for the Ellsworth strip.
The movie theater attracts shady elements who are not from Silver Spring. Most Silver Spring residents I know do not even watch movies at The Majestic. They would rather visit the AFI Theater or a movie theater in other communities.

The teenage kids are loud, belligerent, and I wouldn't be surprised if many of those kids spent time in juvenile detention. People didn't feel comfortable about the kids going to the old City Place movie theater. The same crop of losers are now hanging out at The Majestic.


Anonymous said...

IHateYuppies the racist is back. Good form, Sir. Not!

the b said...

What's up with this racist crap. IHateYuppies did not mention race, nor did the reports on the fight. Does someone feel guilty? Why do you assume IHateYuppies is white, because he's literate and blogs. Dan Reed of Just Up The Pike might not agree.

I just wanted to compliment Sligo on a great eye. Did you use a digital SLR on the photo? I'll bet Marc Elrich would find those bunnies pro-buisness and have them killed. I think his grandfather killed Bambi's father!

Sligo said...

Rabbits are definitely "pro-growth".

I did use a digital SLR - a Canon Rebel XT.

cannedmeat said...

Man, Ihateyuppies, You seem to suffer from Narcissistic Personality Disorder. If it's attention you crave, why not patronize the local gay scene?

Anonymous said...


Fights and rude behavior crosses racial lines. I have encountered disgusting behavior from white, Latino and black kids at the Majestic.


Anonymous said...


Keep writing about boring software news crap in your blog.

the b said...

1st racial accusations, then gay stereotyping. This is the type of unenlightened behavoir that will scare off NPR. How much is Marc paying you? The good doctor would know how to handle you bastards.

Sparow said...

I hate to be nitpicky...but I'm pretty sure that's not a parakeet, but actually a cockatiel. I also find it horribly funny (quite possibly much more so than it truly is) that it's mislabeled all over the news article.

rtsind said...

Loud mouth teenagers in movie theaters are a mixed breed- they ruined the old City place, they ruined Wheaton Plaza, and now they are going to ruin the new City place.

I now depend on pay per view and video on demand- it cheaper, quieter and I dont have to pay high prices for snacks.

It is a sad thing indeed that if you live in Silver Spring or
Wheaton you have to go to Bethesda or Rockville to see a movie in peace and shop in peace.

Sligo said...

OK, did anyone get my Germantown joke?

the b said...

Ja wohl mein F├╝hrer.

WashingtonGardener said...

OKay that Germantown crack REALLY threw me as my Dad lives in Germantown and operates a publishing business called - Panzertracts )see -- mostly the books appeals to tank hobbyists and gamers. But hey, if the cops want to crib some stylish looks from WW2-era German tanks - feel free to peruse...

Anonymous said...

The area around The Majestic should be Rated R for all of the foul-mouthed thugs that hang around there. Silver Sprung will not truly be family-friendly while those elements are still around.