Friday, May 25, 2007

News 'N Notes - Memorial Day Weekend Edition


The long weekend is finally upon us. If time permits, I'm going to try and hit up the AFI Silver and see Seven Samurai . The theater is also hosting a John Ford/John Wayne triple feature on Monday. And soon, Lawrence of Arabia returns. Showing Lawrence of Arabia has become a summer tradition at the AFI, and I have started my own tradition every year of saying, "I should go see Lawrence of Arabia at AFI" then ultimately not going. Maybe this will be the year that I finally buck that trend.

Speaking of the AFI, I just noticed that they finally updated it with the winner of their Program a Night at the Silver contest and the winner selected... THE BIG LEBOWSKI!!! And even though I once said, "If you see The Big Lebowski scrolling across the marquee at the Silver Theatre anytime soon, you'll know I was the winner of the Program the Silver sweepstakes", this person is not actually me. He is just another man with impeccable taste in films, or he just ripped off my idea. Heat is a decent choice, too.

Also in the "news"...

- Metro has approved the opening of a ($400K) southern entrance at the Silver Spring station.

- The mixed-use version of Studio Plaza project is back on the table after the chimerical "Purple Line" was re-routed.

- The Washingtonian has recommendations for a "date night" in downtown Silver Spring.

- The Silver Spring National Guard unit is headed to Iraq.


- Contrary to information on the corporate website, the Silver Spring Five Guys is indeed open (and quite busy). I'm not as enamored with Five Guys as some others, but it's nice to have the option available.

Apparently former Vice President Dan Quayle is an employee at this location:

UPDATE: You will notice that this has been fixed. That was me.

- The Saturday Post has a profile of Silver Spring's Quaint Acres neighborhood.


the b said...

I work at Walter Reed, so thanks for the Memorial Day reference. And a special thanks to Sligo for getting me, (thru his most excelent blog), into Silver Spring politics. After calling Marc Elrich a Weasel (in a most unflatering way), I got an e from "his people" that he has re-concidered his stance on NPR. Who woulda' thunk that a politition of his stature would flip da flop. As the good doctor, Hunter S Thompson said, "When the going gets weird, the weird turn pro".

Danke, the b

Anonymous said...

I tried out the new Five Guys tonight. Good burger, but the staff could use a little training in the art of subtlety.

As the cashier handed me my change with one hand, he slid the tip jar right in front of me with the other. As I waited for my order, I watched other (white) customers got the same treatment while non-white customers didn't.

Sligo said...

I assume you didn't tip him.

What you should have done is just taken the tip jar and said, "Oh, thanks!"