Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Speed Cameras are (Almost) Here

As mentioned before, Silver Spring will soon see it's first speed cameras. (We already have plenty of red light cameras, of course.)

According to the MoCo Police website, the following roads in Silver Spring will be subject to automated speed enforcement:

Wayne Avenue
Piney Branch Road
Calverton Boulevard
Powder Mill Road
Cannon Road

Until April 12th, you will just get a warning in the mail, but after that, it's a $40 fine, which is a bargain when compared to the $75 red light camera tickets. Of course, a majority of your fine will likely end up in the pockets of American Traffic Solutions, which already gets $20+ for each ticket issued by DC speed cameras. Then again, a lot of those don't even work. At least you don't get points.

ATS was sure happy to get the speed camera bill passed in Annapolis last year:

"Passage in the House was a total team effort from leadership to the Montgomery County delegation to the leadership," said David Carroll, a lobbyist for Capitol Strategies who represented Arizona-based American Traffic Solutions, which sells speed camera systems. "It was whole hog"

Not that they care if traffic cameras don't necessarily reduce the number of crashes. (Note that I am not advocating speeding or running red lights; I just don't like the whole traffic camera scam.)


thecourtyard said...

Calverton Boulevard? I don't even go down that street anymore, let alone speed on it (and it's a major route to my house) since the County stripped off the asphalt last year. You don't want to go too fast on that bumpy stuff underneath. It makes a hell of a racket.

silver spring penguin said...

As long as they don't post a traffic camera on Colesville at Sligo Creek Pkwy, I'm cool.

I can't help running that light, especially when speeding southward on that hill.

(Did I just jinx myself?)

Anonymous said...

Well next time you speed through an intersection, especially one which is frequented by pedestrians, think twice about what you're doing.

silver spring penguin said...

Don't worry, dude. With gas prices being what they are these days, I won't be driving anywhere any time soon.

Besides, I've learned of this fantastic device that sits to the left of the accelerator. I believe it's called a brake pedal.

Anonymous said...

I for one welcome our new police camera overlords!

I'm all for living in a police state, but this is pretty much an ugly combination of letting Police not have to do a tedious/yet effective form of police work.

The traffic stop often yields more then just a speeder and some income for the county. They get alot of people when they run the wants and warrants aswell.

Twoste said...

Damn them all to hell!

Terry in Silver Spring said...

As someone who was hit by a car while in a crosswalk WITH a walk sign, I'm happy see traffic cameras (red light, speeding, anything else they can come up with) in Silver Spring. We have a LOT of cars in and area with a LOT of pedestrians. If truth be told, a good percentage of both the drivers and the pedestrians are skirting or breaking laws regularly to save a few minutes here and there.

Penguin, I love you, I really do. Be really careful with that light. Think of the families and bikers that cross there.

Silver Spring Penguin said...

Self-deprecating humor aside, I've run the light on Colesville at Sligo Creek twice. (Admittedly, that's two times too many.)

Both infractions occurred very early in my Silver Spring residency. I was "keeping up with traffic" (read: avoiding that tailgating shmuck behind me) on the southbound side of Colesville. Not realizing there was a traffic light just south of the Beltway overpass, I maintained my speed.

As I came around the blind turn, I saw the light go yellow. I slammed on the brakes, but by the time I came to rest, I was in the middle of the intersection. At that point, there was nowhere else to go but forward.

I am a more conscientious driver these days, and more often I take the bus. If I go through another red light anytime soon, blame the bus driver. :-)

Terry in Silver Spring said...

I'm hoping the DO give tickets to the bus drivers. Those folks regularly make left turns long after the arrows has gone red (going from E-W to Colesville). I hope the whole mess there at the entrance of the bus Metro area is cleared up by the new station design. I'm not holding my breath, however.

ssboricua said...

The Colesville/Sligo light is timed to perfectly screw drivers and make sure they get as many red lights as possible.

They really should make pedestrian/sligo creek overpass there.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, grammar police again: "Silver Spring will see its.." not it's.

Such a simple thing.....

thecourtyard said...

Could Downtown Silver Spring become an example for the new College Park? Should it? Check it out: Just Up The Pike.

Anonymous said...

Sligo must be an accountant and it's tax season, which is why we never hear from him anymore

Sligo said...

Something like that. I've been insanely busy lately!

Anonymous said...

Where are the red light cameras? I've never seem 'em before.

Sligo said...

Old Georgetown Road & Edson Lane
Rockville Pike @ Grosvenor Lane
Frederick Road & Shady Grove Road
NB Route 29 & Dale Drive
SB Route 29 @ Fairland Road
SB Georgia Avenue @ Randolph Road
Great Seneca Hwy & Longdraft Road
N Frederick Rd & Montgomery Village Ave
River Road & Goldsboro Road
SB Georgia Avenue & Norbeck Road
East University Blvd @ Colesville Road
SB Georgia Avenue @ Connecticut Avenue
NB Wisconsin Ave & Montgomery Lane
Shady Grove Road & Research Blvd.
NB Connecticut Ave @ Randolph Road
East Gude Drive & Southlawn Lane
New Hampshire Avenue & Lockwood Drive
Rockville Pike & Halpine Lane
EB University Blvd @ Inwood Avenue
Colesville Road & Fenton Street
River Road & Wilson Lane
SB New Hampshire Ave @ Dilston Lane
SB Georgia Avenue @ Colesville Road
MidCounty Hwy & Goshen Road
SB Viers Mill Road @ Twinbrook Pkwy
Viers Mill Road & Reedie Drive
NB Viers Mill Road @ Newport Mill Road
WB Randolph Road @ Kemp Mill Road
RT. 124 & Firstfield Road
WB Randolph Road @ Selfridge Road
EB Randolph Road & Dewey Road
WB E Gude Drive & Crabbs Branch
EB Redland Road & Crabbs Branch Road
Shady Grove Road @ Briardale Road
SB 355 @ Middlebrook Road
SB Georgia Avenue @ 16th Street
NB Connecticut Avenue @ Knowles Ave
NB Rockville Pike @ First Street
WB Shady Grove @ MD 355/Frederick Rd
WB Shady Grove @ MD 355/Frederick Rd
SB Wisconsin Ave. @ Cheltenham Drive

Mark Lodato said...

Thanks for the list! Where'd you get it?

I made a Google Map of the list, so that way everyone can easily be careful around them. If the purpose of the cameras is to increase safety, then the whereabouts of the cameras should be advertised, not hidden, so as to deter dangerous driving. Now, I've never seen any signs posted about traffic cameras. Perhaps the county wants people to run lights in order to generate revenue? Maybe there's no way to tax us more than they already are...

Anonymous said...

The map that Mark posted does not include the cameras installed by Chevy chase Village. The list of those cameras is at


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