Thursday, March 22, 2007

Silver Spring to Get Mini Golf - Or Not

As you've probably noticed, I haven't been posting much lately. Unfortunately, The Man has me working too much lately so I haven't been able to dedicate a lot of time to the blog. I will try to rectify this in the coming weeks. Anyway, I somehow managed to miss an important (to me) bit of news last week.

I've already dedicated a post to my belief that Silver Spring needs a miniature golf course. It turns out that I wasn't the only one who thought we deserved mini golf, as the county's Golf Course Master Plan included the construction of one at Sligo Creek Golf Course. Now that I am on the verge of having a course within a short stroll from my house, my own neighbors are trying to deny me my dream.

I could care less about the driving range and all that other stuff, although I would like to learn to play "real" golf at some point. What interests me is the plan to construct one or more mini golf courses:

Under the plan, the other big site change would be the addition of miniature golf: Miller said the Revenue Authority intends to put in one 18-hole course and may add a second later. He described the design of the course as "peaceful" -- "no windmills or clowns or things of that sort," he said.

(Clowns scare me, but what's wrong with windmills?)

In the county planning meeting last week, the golf course's neighbors claimed that the proposed changes would create a "amusement park atmosphere" and would cause gridlock, light pollution, noise pollution and dangerous conditions for pedestrians on that stretch of Sligo Creek Parkway. I don't necessary disagree with anything they say, but come on - MINI GOLF!

Look, jettison the driving range idea if this bothers people too much, but for the love of God, spare the mini golf!


Anonymous said...

I like mini golf too, but this is absolutely the wrong location. There's not enough parking, there's already too much stress on Sligo Creek Park from traffic and human overuse, and the lights and hubbub until late at night would just completely destroy the peace and quiet of the park. The animals neeed that as well as the humans. Those of us who live nearby also work overtime as it is picking up the trash and debris that park users cast aside. It is intolerable to think of yet more. Why not find a place in downtown Silver Spring for mini-golf? That's supposed to be the entertainment center, not a residential neighborhood.

A reader said...

I totally agree that this area needs mini-golf. I used to play all the time as a kid in Annapolis and find it bizarre that my 12-yr-old stepdaughter has never played. It's a childhood ritual!! Lighten up a little people! As far as the location, I hope they can find a location that suits everyone. Silver Spring needs mini-golf!!!

Anonymous said...

Why they gotta be hatin' on miniature golf?

My kids love mini golf. We used to play at White Flint, but that place closed. Now, we go up to the place on Route 29 just across the Howard County line. Nice little place, driving range, batting cages, the whole works.

A miniature golf course at Sligo would be nice, if it is low key. If they try to make it a carnival-like atmosphere, then it will be a real problem given the surrounding area, which is very quiet and residential.

Without having seen the plans, I'd vote yes, subject to the above qualifications.

Twoste said...

Why does it have to be low key? Isn't mini golf, by its very nature, a low key activity?

silver spring penguin said...

I'd prefer to see mini-golf in the downtown area -- maybe not on Ellsworth and Fenton, but perhaps the site on which the public library now sits. (That library is moving to Fenton and Wayne, anyways.)

Or it could be the transit center's public amenity.

Anonymous said...

Mini golf in Silver Spring is my dream come true.

Tiger said...

Mini golf and real golf go together like astronauts and diapers. Might have sounded like a good idea, but...

Now you would be hard pressed to find a golf course worth its bunkers that doesn't have at least a rudimentary driving range. Sligo Creek needs one.

Put the mini-golf on the turf where it belongs instead of the ice rink.