Tuesday, February 13, 2007

NO Snow Day News 'N Notes

Damn, I was REALLY hoping for a snow day today (though not as much as these guys), only to have my hopes crushed by my office's weather hotline. When the snowplows didn't wake me up all night, I knew the chances were slim. Today's pathetic showing of wintry precipitation wasn't nearly enough to get me off of work, but I'm still hoping to get let out early. Hopefully they've got that water main break on 29 fixed so there won't be another traffic nightmare today.

- I went to the Silver Spring library's 75th anniversary this weekend, if only for the book sale. As usual, there were multiple dealers lined up at the door ready to cherry-pick any books worth buying. They have big plastic bins and somehow fill them up with every decent book available in under 60 seconds. It's a bit frustrating, but what can you do?

Here's a pamphlet with more information on the Silver Spring Library than you ever wanted to know.

- Poor Neils. The Silver Spring native didn't know the Chisholm Cattle Trail ended in Kansas and was therefore eliminated from Beauty and the Geek on last Wednesday's episode. Come on, everyone knows that.

- Ten years on, the Metropolitan Branch Trail from Silver Spring to Union Station still isn't complete... here's why.

- The Voice had an extensive article on the Tastee Diner in its most recent issue. (Pages 1 2 3)

- WARW, a radio station based in Silver Spring, recently changed formats and is also going green.


Twoste said...

Good Lord the traffic last night. It took me 15 minutes to get from 13th St. to Bonifant.
Go figure...

WashingtonGardener said...

I missed the SS Library Book Sale after tryin to get over there all Saturday -- didn;t know about the early-bird dealers -- did you end up buying anything at all? How are the prices?

Anonymous said...

Good of the "Silver Spring" Voice to include one article about Silver Spring, since 99/100th of it usually is about Takoma Park. I get a lot more Silver Spring news out of this blog than the Voice.

Sligo said...

I got a couple books, but nothing fantastic.

Silver Spring Penguin said...

I hit the library celebration, too, though I chose to hover around the three MASSIVE cakes in the reading room.

MoCo exec Ike Leggett and Gary Stith of the regional center spoke briefly about the new library, to be built on Fenton and Wayne.

Later, I spoke with Stith on what wil become of the Colesville Road site once the library has moved.

The future library should be cool. The old library site, still a mystery.

Anonymous said...

Your comment, "Here's a pamphlet with more information on the Silver Spring Library than you ever wanted to know" sadly illustrates the prevailing attitude of the community's lack of interest in Silver Spring's heritage and the reason why developers will get away with bulldozing it all and turning our downtown into Bethesda.

Sligo said...

It's just an expression.

WashingtonGardener said...

There is a new upscale clothing store open on Georgia Ave in the former Bell's Flowers store front - very nice stuff - stoppoed in today to welcome them to the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know what happened at the Silver Spring metro station Saturday (2/17) night? I was coming down Colesville Rd when six cop cars whizzed by me and practically surrounded the metro station as I approached it.

Anonymous said...

Gotta find a new SS blog to read- this one is getting boring.

Sligo said...

You're right, but I've been busy as hell at work lately...

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