Friday, February 23, 2007

Bring Roy Rogers Back to Silver Spring!

I miss Roy Rogers. No, not the deceased cowboy actor, but the fast food restaurant that shares his name. I think it is high time that the franchise make its triumphant return to Silver Spring, preferably at a convenient downtown location. All the sandwich and burrito fast food joints in Silver Spring are starting to get stale, and sometimes a guy just wants a decent, cheap, fast hamburger on which he can add his choice of “fixins”. (Not to mention Roy’s roast beef, fried chicken, etc.)

The fast food burger options are limited around town. Yes, there’s supposedly a Burger King somewhere in City Place, but then I would have to actually go into City Place (even if I did like BK, which I don't). Then there’s the Silver Spring McDonald’s (Worst McDonald’s Ever™), of course. As Jules Winfield might say, “Hey, the Silver Spring McDonald’s hamburgers may taste like pumpkin pie, but I'd never know 'cause I wouldn't eat at the filthy motherfucker.” Fuddruckers was supposed to open somewhere downtown, but I haven't heard anything about that in nearly a year. Even if it does ultimately open, you somehow end up spending $8-$9 whenever you eat there.

In its heyday, there were over 800 Roy’s locations, but now that number has sadly dwindled to just 54. There were at least two in Silver Spring that I knew of – one in Four Corners, and the other in nearby White Oak. The one in Wheaton stuck around for awhile, but that's a Pollo Campero now.

I miss getting my burgers and roast beef sandwiches on at the Roy’s in Four Corners. After Marriott sold the company to Hardee's it was converted to one of their crappy restaurants. Myself and a lot of other people stopped eating there and eventually it was converted BACK to a Roy Rogers. But really it was nothing more than a Hardee's in disguise and the food wasn’t very good. Finally, Hardee's gave up and sold the franchise to McDonald’s, nearly putting the nail in ol’ Roy’s coffin. (Here's a video about Roy Roger's if you're interested.)

You can still find Roy's around, but none are really convenient to Silver Spring. There are quite a few up 270/70, but who wants to go up there? Fredneck Frederick has SIX Roy's and we have none. Even Gaithersburg recently got a brand new Roy's near Lake Forest Mall. There are the fake Roy's at those highway rest stops, but those are overpriced and unclean, and the food isn't very good.

It's about time that we got our own franchise. I strongly encourage everyone to contact Roy Roger's corporate headquarters and tell them that we want Roy's to return ASAP. Now I'm hungry.

UPDATE: elastic|synapse's comment reminded me of one of the greatest things about Roy Rogers - the fry container that you could wear on your belt as a holster.


thecourtyard said...

There was also a Roy Rogers at Georgia and Eastern (in D.C.), which was my main location when I lived in Downtown Silver Spring. Did you ever go there? It's much closer than Four Corners.

Last month my family and I sat through several hours of Old Town traffic to reach one of Alexandria's three Roy Rogers and boy, was it worth it. Next time, I think I'll just go to the one in Gaithersburg.

elastic|synapse said...

The awning has gone up for Fuddruckers next to zPizza. Not necessarily "fast food," but burgers nonetheless.

More than anything, I want to be able to get Hoster o' Fries TM from Roy Rogers!

FireJimBowden said...

There's a very good reason the last remaining Roy Roger's all seem to be in transportation hubs (the only ones I can think of are along the NY Thruway, inBWI, and at the DC Greyhound terminal)-- you need a captive audience with no other options to get anyone to eat that (expletive).

For cheap burgers what we really need is for them to finally get their poop together and open the Wheaton Wendy's.

Sligo said...

I'll pretend you didn't just say that about Roy Rogers.

Silver Spring Penguin said...

Re: Fuddruckers

The awning's up, and a sign on the window sets a hearing date for the liquor license (mid March). But peek inside, and all you'll see is gravel and PVC piping.

Perhaps Fuddruckers is suffering from Honfleur syndrome. That retailer, which was supposed to open its flagship store on Georgia at Ellsworth in March, hasn't made any progress with its site.

Re: Roy Rogers

Their roast beef sandwiches are okay, but I would prefer a Wendy's somewhere.

Sligo said...

What's with all the Wendy's love? I never grew up eating there, so I don't have the same affection for it as everyone else seems to. I don't even know where it was if there was one in Silver Spring. I do like the Frostys, though.

Dumbek said...

Oh, how I miss Roy's fried chicken. It put KFC to shame. I never understood the love of Wendy's either. I'm not a burger/roast beef guy though.

7smash said...

Speakin' of eatin', whatever happened to Piratz? Haven't heard a word about it since it opened, and don't know a single person who's been there. Is it going to make it?

Sligo said...

I know a lot of people that have tried it once and thought it was ok. (I include myself in this group.) However, I've never met any regulars.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

Boy, do I ever miss Roy's, too. That one in BWI just isn't right. :P

There used to be a Roy's in the student union at UMd and you could use your dining hall card to buy a delicious "trigger burger" and fries. I wish I had my metabolism from those days back. Sometime around '82 or '83, one of the ballrooms in the Student Union caught fire. One of the dj's on the university radio station was doing a live show, worrying more about where he was going to get his Roy's fix than the welfare of the building as a whole.

As good as the burgers are, my favorite Roy's sandwich is is/was the roast beef. Succulent meat on a buttered and slightly toasty roll. Mmmmmm.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

By the way, there are TWO McDonalds in DTSS. The one by the Metro and there's also one on 16th Street, in the strip mall just north of Spring Street. The 16th St McDonalds is far, far worse than the one on Colesville. In addition to being rather dirty in there, a customer can look forward to being yelled at by the surly women working in the too small kitchen and counter area. I tried stopping there for breakfast a few times before starting out on long drives (mmmm, biscuits), but it was consistently HORRIBLE.

ssboricua said...

Fuddruckers: I emailed the company and they told me it was scheduled to open in May.

Piratz Tavern: I tried to get a drink at the bar last weekend, but the place was so full I couldn't get seats for group of 6.

McDonalds: Why no _ucking drive through?

Wendys: The best fast food ever.

Anonymous said...

Looks like you've really run out of things to post about. All hail the Penguin and the Scene!

thecourtyard said...

Hey, let's not forget Just Up The Pike. We're all about finding things to write about.

There are at least two Wendy's locations within a mile of my house in Calverton, so that's become my family's fast-food mainstay over the past few years. Burger King is too greasy; McDonalds just makes me sick. Wendy's has its bad days, too, but I'd take it over the competition (except for Roy Rogers, of course) any day.

silver spring penguin said...

Burger King's okay -- much better than the burgers at McDonald's.

(Full disclosure: I am a former BK employee and graduate of its esteemed university.)

But right now, I am jonsing like a mofo for a Wendy's cheeseburger and fries!

Damn you, Wendy, for making me love you so much!

silver spring penguin said...

One more thing ...

I'm not digging the idea of Fuddruckers coming to DTSS. I'm not a big fan of the food, and the garage-sale decor is tired.

Anonymous said...

Hey, nothing wrong with a burger debate and indeed that McDonald's on 16th takes the prize for nastiest employees ever (though many Silver Spring food emporium employees are in that competition). I wondered how Fuddruckers would do in such a small space in DTSS - seems like the one in downtown DC has a lot more room. Can't stand Wendy's but I always wonder when I drive through Wheaton what the holdup is with the one planned for the front of the mall - anyone know?

Rfustero said...

My favorute Roys sandwich was the Double R Burger. A burge with a slice of ham on it--also their bacon cheese was a killer.

The Wendys is Wheaton. from what i have heard through the grapevine concerns traffic problems.

Something to do with the drive-thru and causing a bottleneck at that intersection.

What i miss is Arthur Trachers. The one on Bel Pre Road closed and I miss my fish fillet. Does anyone know if there is another Arthur treachers near by?

Tina said...

Why not just give us a five guys and I'll be in heaven if we have to put a burger joint in DTSS... If it has to be fast food to, Falafehs and Fries from Adams Morgan is great!

Terry in Silver Spring said...


When you graduate from the BK University, do they give you a crown?

Debbie Cook said...

I agree with you Singular! Bring back those great Double R Bar Burgers and especially the strawberry shortcakes they have. I would love to see them back in the Silver Spring area.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what the deal with Quarry House is? I called all day on Saturday and Sunday and no answer. Last night my husband and I took a walk down there and all the furniture was cleaned out of the place! What gives?

WashingtonGardener said...

For fast burgers - why not go to to Tastee Diner?

For drive-thru McDs: go a few blocks down Gergia Ave past the DC border or go tothe one in SS on 16th St as another post mentioned or go north on any of our main roads - plenty of McD locations.

I personally always found Roy's chicken to be a greasy mess and had a REAL problem with the posters of Roy on Trigger hanging everywhere while folks are eatting juicy "beef," but I did hang out at the Roy's inside both the Wheaton and Montgomery Malls as a teen.

silver spring penguin said...

Terry in Silver Spring said...

"Penguin, when you graduate from the BK University, do they give you a crown?"

No, just a name tag and 10 percent off any combo meal.

Mark said...

Thecourtyard said he sat in traffic to go to the Roy Rogers in Alexandria. I can top that -- I grew up in Bowie, and we used to drive all the way to Landover Mall for a special post-church meal. Double-R Bar Burger (with ham and cheese) and a holster of fries. Mmmmm.

Twoste said...

The closest Wendy's is in Beltsville.

Anonymous said...

Two Words: Five Guys

Anna said...

I'm also in favor of Five Guys over Fuddruckers. Of course, I'm from California, so it all pales in comparison to In n' Out.
Also, can anybody speak to Anonymous at 6:34's question about the Quarry House?

Silver Springer said...

To hell with Five Guys! No body wants that sloppy mess here! With their unsanitary conditions...I can't wait till someone gets sick from eating that crap and it's all over the news.

Sligo said...

Five Guys is okay, but when I've tried it it never lived up to the hype that preceeded it. I feel like I'm going to have a heart attack after I eat an order of their fries. The one up 29 still isn't open, although they put a new "coming soon" sign up recently.

I am with Anna on In N Out Burger... that is the best.

Nikki said...

I was at the Quarry House last night with some friends. They ripped up the carped and the floor was bare cement. It had yucky chemical smell that was kind of annoying as I was trying to eat my dinner. Anyway, they were open, business as usual.

dupreewith2es said...

Wasn't there a Roy Rogers somewhere in Wheaton Mall near the 2nd movie theater no one knew about and the pet store? I miss them...

Forget Tastee Diner, its overpriced and never as amazing as it should be. Wendy's is where its at. And if they knows whats good for them, they're going to open, now. I'm tired of driving all the way to New Hampshire or effing Beltsville to get some fast food that's actually good.

You can't beat the 10 chicken nugget meal! You just can't!

Anonymous said...

Back in the 80's, I used to manage a Roys in Long Islad, NY. I too miss the food at Roys, but there's a Roy's in Leesburg, VA that I go to maybe once in a couple of months and the burgers are still as good as I remember.

Anonymous said...

bring roy rogers back to new jersey
ooohhh how i miss them, please come back,come back,start in north bergen,nj please
the doubble r roast beef..oooh i can still tast it like it was yestrday.........come back roy


charlie said...

Im moved from DC to San Antonio Tx 10 years ago.The two things I miss the most are Howard Stern and ROY ROGERS!!!I worked at R-95 Roys in Mclean high school.Charlie

Anonymous said...

This discussion brought back many memories. I worked at the Roys in Bailey's Crossroads in Virginia in 1972...when they were still owned by Marriot. The Roast Beef was the best..the chef mad the hamburgers from real meat..loved the fried chicken too...teh Doubl e R Bar Burger with horseradish sauce.. In the 1970's I moved to Florida.One time my mother was coming to visit me because I was in the hopsital..she asked me what I wanted from home...I said Barbecue Sauce from Roys. They had stopped selling it in the smaller bottles.She said she wanted to bring it to me and they GAVE her a gallon of the sauce. I can't say I enjoyed saying Howdy Partner or Happy Trails, but you got used to it. I will never understand how they went from being on every corner to almost gone forever.

rich said...

i usually go to roys on nj turnpike

DRTV said...

I am glad to learn about the good news that roy rogers are being brought back to silver spring. I think every one would love see them in the right corner to taste their tasty inventions.

product and design said...

It seems that everyone is desperate to see them back as they seem to believe old is gold. Expectantly, it would be new, recharged and high spirited rogers.

Debt Lawsuit said...

All of Silver Spring would like to see Roy rogers back to Silver Spring and expect hopefully better and quality assurance from them. I think we have been missing them very much.

recipe secrets revealed said...

vox populi vox dei. In view of their desperateness of the denizens, it is good that Roy Rogers are back to Silver Spring. Hope, the people's expectations translates into new, different and special Roy Rogers.

Eviction Notice said...

Taste buds neither forget that awesome taste nor the Roy Rogers. Their home coming is really a good news for everyone who still yearn for their favorite foods.

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Roy rogers are known for the quality; taste, flavor and aroma. Let us hope to get your favorite foodies without much delay. It is great to learn about their nice days.

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