Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Restaurant Week Details Revealed!

As mentioned earlier this week, Silver Spring will soon be hosting its first-ever restaurant week! I will probably try to hit up one or two restaurants during the week, so perhaps I'll see you there.

Here's the official Restaurant Week info...

Get ready for a mouth-watering, lip-smacking week of great food from Silver Spring restaurants! Join us February 5-11 for Silver Spring Restaurant Week. Co-sponsored by Downtown Silver Spring, the Greater Silver Spring Chamber of Commerce, the Silver Spring Regional Center and The Washington Post, Restaurant Week is the perfect opportunity to dine out. Enjoy Silver Spring Restaurant Week at your “tried and true” or somewhere new.

Participating restaurants will feature prix fixe lunch ($12) and dinner ($22 or $30) menus from Monday, February 5 to Sunday, February 11. In addition to these exclusive Restaurant Week menus, most participating restaurants will also offer standard fare at regular prices. Some restaurants may require reservations during Restaurant Week, so please call ahead.

...and here are the restaurants participating and their respective meal prices:

- Addis Ababa Ethiopian Restaurant -8233 Fenton St.: Lunch $12 Dinner $22
- Asian Bistro - 8537 Georgia Ave.: Dinner $30
- Austin Grill - 919 Ellsworth Dr.: Dinner $30
- Capital Bleu - 8727 Colesville Road: Lunch $12 Dinner $30
- Ceviche - 921-J Ellsworth Dr.: Dinner $30
- Crisfield Seafood Restaurant - 8012 Georgia Ave.: Lunch $12
- Cubano’s - 1201 Fidler Lane: Lunch $12 Dinner $30
- El Aguila Restaurant - 8649 16th St.: Lunch $12 Dinner $22 and $30
- El Nopalito Grill - 2259 Bel Pre Road: Lunch $12 Dinner $22
- Gallery Restaurant & Lounge - 1115 East West Highway: Dinner $30
- Golden Flame Restaurant - 8630 Fenton St.: Lunch $12 Dinner $30
- Jackie’s Restaurant - 8081 Georgia Ave.: Dinner $30
- McGinty's Public House - 911 Ellsworth Dr.: Lunch $12 Dinner $30
- Mi Rancho - 8701 Ramsey Ave.: Lunch $12 (Mon-Fri only)
- Mrs. K's Toll House - 9201 Colesville Road: Lunch $12 Dinner $30
- redDog Cafe - 8301 A Grubb Road: Lunch $12 Dinner $30
- Red Lobster - 8533 Georgia Ave.: Dinner $30
- Redrock Canyon Grill - 928 Ellsworth Ave.: Lunch $12 Dinner $30
- Sergio Ristorante Italiano - 8727 Colesville Road: Lunch $12
- Spring Garden Restaurant - 8613 16th St.: Lunch $12 Dinner $22
- Taste of Jerusalem - 8123 Georgia Ave.: Lunch $12 Dinner $30
- Taste of Morocco - 8661 Colesville Road: Lunch $12 Dinner $22
- Thai at Silver Spring - 921-E Ellsworth Dr.: Lunch $12 Dinner $30

What, no Ruby Tuesday's?

Conspicuously absent from the list: Ray's the Classics & Mandalay

Speaking of Mandalay, I just found out they charge you $1 if you get your food to go. I suppose their rationale is that covers the cost of the plastic containers that hold your food. However, not everyone wants to sit and eat in the restaurant, so that takeout meal is incremental business for them. Granted, it's just a dollar, but that might dissuade me from getting carryout from there (which I do relatively frequently) on general principle.


Terry in Silver Spring said...

Other restaurants missing from the list:

Tian Jin Palace: This place is wonderful!

Oriental East: I love the dim sum

Parkway Deli: My comfort food place

Any of the Peruvian chicken places: Maybe they're not on the list because they're largely carryout places. I love the rotisserie chicken, pork shops, the steaks, the yucca, etc. I had some chicken from Crisp and Juicy last night, in fact.

Negril's: Meat pies. Mmmmmm

Roger Miller's: I love that grilled fish with the veggies on it. The ground nut stew is nice, too, but I dream about the fish.

Langano's: I've had some nice meals in here and the injera is good.

The soul food place in City Place, I think it's called Brass Hen, but I could have the name wrong: OMG, I love their greens. This is also a comfort food place.

Lebanese Taverna: a chain, yes, but good food.

Mamma Lucia's: I really like that Mamma's special salad they have with the chicken on top. mmmmm.

Some of the sandwich places in the office buildings are actually quite good, too.

They don't list ice cream parlors, but we're lucky enough to have two spectacular ones: York Castle (Guinness ice cream is to die for) and Moorenko's (that pistachio and white chocolate ice cream is divine).

I know I'm missing a few things, but I'm hungry to distraction right now. How long to lunch?

Twoste said...

What, no Taste of Jerusalem?

FireJimBowden said...

Could this be the worst restaurant week ever, anywhere? Who's going to run out and spend $30/pp to eat at Red Lobster? In fact is $30 for dinner a good deal at 75% of the places on that list?

FireJimBowden said...

Twoste said...
What, no Taste of Jerusalem?

- Taste of Jerusalem - 8123 Georgia Ave.: Lunch $12 Dinner $30

Sligo said...

True, I don't know how you could spend $30/person at the Thai place, for example. The most expensive thing on the menu is $16.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

Maybe that's the point. You go in thinking that you're going to have to spend $30 and get a pleasant surprise. That, or the places have a special fancier menu for Restaurant Week.

Sligo said...

In general, though, I believe the attraction of Restaurant Weeks is that you get to eat at a city's best restaurants for a fraction of their normal prices. During DC's restaurant week, you can eat at the city's top restaurants for $30.

Anonymous said...

Wasn't there a Restaurant Week or some equivalent thing within the past month or two? I got a $30 meal at Austin Grill as part of that. (Not that I mind there being another one.)

Terry in Silver Spring said...

Tastee Diner isn't on the list, either. Another comfort food place.

Nate said...

Ray's is absent because the place is consistently packed. Although the word-of-mouth is more mixed than you might expect (check out the Reader Reviews on the Post, for example), they're filling the place every night so they don't really need a gimmick to fill empty tables. It would have been pretty cool to get a full meal there for $30, though.

I agree that a lot of the other places on the list are an extremely dubious value at $30, though. Maybe they're including a glass of wine and an extra appetizer or something. In nearly all of the places Terry has mentioned a $20 fixed price would be a dubious value, so of course they're not participating.

Jackie's, on the other hand, is going to fill every table they've got. Better make your reservations fast!

Dumbek said...

Mrs. K's is pretty tempting.

Anonymous said...

I just want to put in a plug for the new sushi bar on Fenton Street in downtown -- Sushi Jen (across from City Place).

It's the best sushi in Silver Spring, hand's down. Service is fast and friendly. With just one row of booths, the place is cozy. That side of the street doesn't get much foot traffic, so be sure to cross the street and check it out -- I'm hoping it sticks around for a long time to come. (At least another two months, so that my pregnant wife can enjoy some awesome raw fish, post-partum!)

Speaking of that side of the street, if I had a nickel for every time I saw a customer browsing in American Apparel over the past 6 months, I'd have -- 65 cents, maybe.

Anonymous said...

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Wes said...

My wife and I tried the sushi place on Fenton Street in downtown Silver Spring last weekend - Sushi Jin. After we're seated the server took our drink order, I asked for a large iced tea as I was extremely parched from a long day of walking around Silver Spring. Anyway, the server brings the iced tea over and as soon as she sat it down, I took 3 huge gulps. I noticed a sharp and pungent taste and asked the sever what they put in their iced tea. She said "nothing". "Uh oh, Why don't you pour yourself a glass and taste it," I said. She did, and as it turned out the iced tea was totally rancid. I mean there was mold growing inside the tea container! Things floating in it! It was disgusting, so I proceeded to the restroom and purged my system. It was the nastiest thing I've ever tasted. Anyway, after my bathroom visit, I ordered a Coke and continued with on our sushi dinner. I have to say that I've eaten from every single sushi restaurant in the District and this sushi was by far the worst I've had. Maybe the iced tea incident turned me off, but my wife eats sushi often and she also agreed. Anyway, If you go to Sushi Jin do not get the iced tea (or have the server taste it before you do!)