Thursday, January 11, 2007

Got FiOS?

Do you live in Silver Spring and have Verizon’s FiOS TV service? I had tried unsuccessfully in the past to sign up, only to be told that it was not available in my neighborhood (or at least at my house). After reading news of expansion of the service to new parts of Silver Spring, I was emboldened to try again. I went back to their site to fill out their availability form, only to be told I was still SOL.

Having been once advised that the site is out-of-date and that I should call Verizon directly, I did just that. Sadly, I was rejected yet again and was informed that “the lines are there” but that service had “not been approved by the city”. (“City”…) There’s a form on the website that will supposedly contact you when service IS available. However, you may wait quite awhile, as some “downcounty” areas aren’t expected to get the service for three years. :(

I refuse to get Cable TV Montgomery Comcast, so I currently have RCN, which is serviceable for now. However, RCN’s lineup lacks the all-important ESPN2 HD and NFL TV HD networks.

So, those of you in Silver Spring who can get FiOS, in what area do you live? If you have the service, what do you think? I’m jealous.

FYI: FiOS pricing and channel lineup.


Debbie Cook said...

What's wrong with comcast? I have
the phone, hi-speed and cable TV deal all three for $99 a month (i am trying for a year) There were bugs at first but they seem to have been worked out now. They even get here and fix stuff quicker (within 24 hours) than Verizon ever did. I finally got fed up with Verizon (that was costing me twice what comcast phone does)when they said they couldn't fix my phone for 4 days minimum and the problem was in THEIR lines. So, What's not to like about comcast??

Blutorg said...

Howdy. I live two blocks W-NW of the site of the infamous car-bomb-b-cue of a few weeks back, near Sligo Creek Parkway and Dennis (NW of Four Corners). According to Verizon, I'm lubed and ready to receive FiOS TV. I've had FiOS internet for over a year.

My only hesitation to switch comes from the lack of NFL Sunday ticket--I loathe the local Redskins (Seattle Seahawks and Miami Dolphins have always had my allegiance). NFLST comes only with DirecTV satellite service.

Sligo said...

Loathe....the....Redskins...? Uhhhh....

Not having the NFL package is a drawback to all terrestrial services. However, this feature doesn't make up for all the other shortcomings of DirecTV. Overcompressed HD picture, anyone?

Twoste said...

Comcast will eventually dominate you.

perrik said...

Calverton, at least the Montgomery County side, is enabled for FIOS TV and internet. We haven't made the switch from Comcast cable (regular, not the big honkin' expensive digital version) + internet, but are contemplating it. I crave BBC America!

My husband harbors a deep-seated, slightly irrational hatred of Comcast. I know not why. Internet service was flaky for a while, but has been pretty robust for the last year or so.

Anonymous said...

I have had Verizon FIOS since I moved to the Dumont Oaks neighborhood in Silver Spring (off of Colesville Road, between University and New Hampshire)over a year ago. I have been impressed with their service and have never had a problem. I used to have DSL and it's much faster. I think it 's probably at least equal to cable and probably faster. If they are offering FIOS TV in my area, I am ready to switch. I understand perrik's husband's deep-seated hatred of Comcast, as I have the same feelings. I have had countless problems with my Comcast cable service since I moved here, usually pixelation problems where the screen would freeze into pixels and was unwatchable. It's nearly impossible at times to get customer service on the phone when I'm having a problem. The guy that they sent out to fix the problem told me that nothing was wrong with the line to the house, but that something had to be adjusted on the outside box which feeds alot of houses and that some other dept takes care of that. He told me that MANY people are experiencing similar problems and that it's never fixed correctly. Anyways, I could go on and on but the bottom line is I HATE COMCAST!

Dumbek said...

I hate hate HATE Comcast. I'm switching to FIOS for tv/internet within the next month or so.

If you ever have a real problem with Comcast's service, contact the MoCo Office of Cable and Communications Services
(found via

Within a couple hours of contacting them via the web, I had a manager from Comcast calling me at home begging for forgiveness and eventually crediting me a full MONTH's worth of service.

Lisa said...

I live near Sligo Creek Parkway and Dennis Ave and had FiOS installed a few months ago. Love it! Not one problem so far. When we called to arrange wireless service we were told that FiOS was our only option.

Anonymous said...

FIOS TV is available at my parents whom live off lexington dr near the corner of colesville and university. I too HATE Comcast. Bad customer service and their max HD resolution is 1080i whereas FIOS is 1080p. Comcast phone service is horrible with constant voice modulation problems. Only some of Comcast's channels are digital whereas all of FIOS' are. You cant beat the light!

Anonymous said...

I can sure join the comcast-haters group! I left them several years ago for DirecTV and have NO plans to go back! That's saying a lot in light of the fact that Verizon seems to have no plans to offer DSL or FIOS or anything else in my neighborhood off Briggs Chaney and 29 and apparently, I can get high speed internet through comcast. I've been trying for months, actually a couple of years to get high speed internet to no avail. Talk about frustrating!!! I'm almost ready for anything----except comcast.....

C. P. Zilliacus said...

I have had Verizon FIOS since
May, 2005. I have a Silver
Spring mailing address (Zip
Code 20904), but I consider
my home to be in Burtonsville
(I am near U.S. 29 and Briggs
Chaney Road). The Internet
FIOS service has been pretty
close to flawless since I
have had it.

Now that Verizon and
Montgomery County have resolved
the legal squabble between them,
I will be getting FIOS-TV in
the near future.

I dislike CommunistCast with
a passion, for several reasons.

Here are two:

(1) After the big President's
Day snowstorm in 2003, my cable
TV service died for reasons
not clear to me. They had
people out to my home over and
over again, but were not able
to get it working (though
CommunistCast was very good
at sending bills to me even
though their service was
broken). Late that year, I
just told them I did not need
(or want) their service any

(2) All utilities in my
community are underground.
CommunistCast's cables
were apparently installed
in a very shoddy way, and
fail frequently. The favored
way for CommunistCast's techs
to make repairs is to just run
a new cable across the grass
or our sidewalks and just leave
it there - forever, or until
they get a nasty letter from
our association's attorney,
since they ignore phone calls
about this.

Four Corners Folks said...

We live in the Four Corners area and this very day we're divorcing Comcast and having Verizon FIOS tv installed. Problems with Comcast are literally the same as others who commented here, particularly with the pixellation problems, failure to properly record programs, and a near total lack of ability to receive HD channels or even the all-music channels (in the 400 range). Yesterday I couldn't even get TCM.

Absolutely agree with others: their service is abominable, and the last guy who came to the house, it was clear, simply did not want to spend time trying to fix the problem, and blamed some other office at Comcast. . .

So, Sayonara Comcast! I do think, though, that the competition will force Comcast to improve its service, but we're not waiting around . . .

Anonymous said...

No love for Comcast in here huh?

I really haven't had any problems with Comcast, except for some old coaxial in the house which I replaced myself. However, I will switch in an instant to Fios just for the bandwidth.

According to the Verizon site my neighborhood (20901) isn't ready for Fios, and I've always assumed that Fiber Optic lines and old fashioned telephone poles don't mix, but I could be wrong. Guess I'll give them a call.


Kevin said...

omg their fucking ondemd movies lag like crazy u have to constantly rewind and fast foward and when if u miss the movie by falling asleep the fast foward and rewind system is SLOWW i could take a dump and it will probably be 20 minutes in and their custamer service lacks experciance and needs to take some time to learn how to commuicate with their custermers

JJ said...

I have FIOS TV in zip 20902 - University Blvd and Inwood. Have to say I love it!! For less than what I was paying for comcast (basic + preferred + HD)...I now get the FIOS Premier + HD + DVR and a SD set top box!!)...
When I called to cancel COMCAST, they offered me $12.00 off my monthly rate.. Sorry Comcast..too little too late!!

Oh and I think comcast is Sh****ing I got a call from some survey company asking why I left Comcast and if I had an annual agreement for FIOS TV. That's all they asked and they hung up (Per caller ID, the company is called "Call Pro" - looks like they are some sort of marketing or research firm).

I was told by the installers that a lot of COMCAST folks are heading over to Verizon looking for jobs! I'm sure competition will also help them get better pay! So it's all good for everyone involved!

The installers told me that they came from the laurel office and that all the installers there were told to work in Silver Spring that day..they cant catch up with the demand for new installs!

dupreewith2es said...

I live about a block or two from Blair (University and Colesville) and my family just switched over to FiOS. The service is excellent and the channel line up is AMAZING.

We previously had Comcast and only had a few OnDemand problems but some extremely irritating internet shortages. The internet would work for 10 minutes and conveniently stall for 10 seconds during a job/college/Fafsa application.

My only complaint about FiOS... the menu layout is disgustingly fugly. Sometimes I have to force myself to search through the main menu just because its so displeasing to the eye.

I'll just have to close my eyes and hope that Verizon decides to be pretty.