Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Can a man get a decent bagel up in here?

After reading an article in this weekend's Post about Washington's best bagels (and a subsequent trip to Bethesda Bagel) I got to thinking again about the absence of great bagels in Silver Spring. We've had high-class bakeries set up shop, but the bagel options are still incredibly weak.

Every Sunday morning I wake up craving a fantastic "everything" bagel, but have become resigned to the fact that I'll just have to live with the limited options in Downtown Silver Spring. Are there any New York transplants that have bagel-making experience and want to set up shop in Silver Spring? I'd do it myself, but my bagel knowledge is limited to the following:

- I like bagels.
- I want them to taste good.
- I want them to be prepared correctly (boiled first). Otherwise they are just bread.
- I don't want to pay $2.20 for one.

If anyone's interested, let me know. I can handle the business and marketing if you take care of the bagel-making.

Meanwhile, around town...

- A Silver Spring man was arrested yesterday in connection with the recent nightclub shooting in the District. This, of course, was the same shooting which precipitated the proposed ban on minors at clubs that serve alcohol in D.C.(e.g. The 9:30 Club). It might be somewhat ironic if this legislation were to pass and ultimately benefit the Silver Spring Birchmere (as Just up the Pike believes it would). Of course, I don't know exactly what MoCo's laws are regarding minors and establishments that serve alcohol. However, my experience with the county's draconian liquor laws leads me to believe that somehow the Birchmere wouldn't be able to take advantage.

- The South Silver Spring Neighborhood Association has a new website: www.southsilverspring.org. Be sure to check out the wiki community guide.

- REV is the new Borf. Anyone have any background on the "REV" graffiti that has appeared all around town?


Anonymous said...

I thing all the bagels, in particular the everything and multi-grain bagels, from Sniders are very good. Stop by one Saturday morning when they seem to be put out fresh baked (from the New Yorker bakery across Georgia Ave?). Never lived in NYC, but I think I know what a good bagel tastes like, and this is it.

Silver Spring Penguin said...

Making bagels outside of NYC is tough. The bagels must be boiled before baked. NYC's tap water has unique properties (eg, lead, radon, parasites) that give bagels their brilliance.

Boil bagels in Silver Spring's hard water, and you end up with donuts.

silver spring penguin said...

Re: Rev

The original Rev was a graffiti artist in NYC back in the day. His stuff was everywhere, and his tag often appeared with that of his friend Cost.

Two years ago, the NY Times reported that Rev had retired his cans of spray paint. Instead, he had turned to welding his tag to building exteriors. (He is an iron worker by trade.)

Can't say whether the same Rev has moved to Silver Spring.

Sligo said...

You aren't from New York by chance?

Anonymous said...

The most decent bagel I've had in SS is at Einstein Bagels...too bad I refuse to go there anymore bc so many people that work there are rude and incompetent (I dont appreciate being greeted with "mmhmm?")Not speaking about everyone that works there, just enough people to keep me away.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

I really miss the Polish grocery on Georgia (Gourmet Polonais). They had wonderful bread on the weekends and their sausage was heavenly. The pierogies, too, were to die for. Not those heavy Mrs T ones from the grocery store. These were so light, they'd cook in a fraction of the time and the noodle was good, not just a vector to convey the filling. [sniff] I miss those sweet old guys. The klobassy at the Burtonsville market is good, but it's not garlic-y enough. I have to get my fix from places in Penna and Massachusetts.

Sligo said...

You know, I almost mentioned Einstein Bagels in the original post. I've had the same exact experience. The people seem angry that they have to serve you. Right there is a reason to increase the minimum wage. Maybe if they got paid more, they'd give a damn about their jobs/customers.

chaz said...

I tend to get bagels from the Parkway Deli on Grubb Rd., but I dunno where they get them; I don't think they're made in house. They're pretty good--order them with chorizo, egg, and cheese and they're great. Their other food is good, too. Walking, it's a hike from DTSS, but it's not far.

Twoste said...

Dude, Einstein that bagel craving all the way.
They are de-lish.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

I second the Parkway recommendation. The poppyseed hamentash is spectacular, too. If I keep thinking along these lines, I'll be over on Grubb Street for dinner. Mmmmmmmm.

We do have some GOOD eating in this area.

Dumont said...

The best bagels in Silver Spring are a little out of the way, but they are VERY GOOD. They make the bagels out in the open and use a boiler and an antique oven. If you go on a Saturday morning it's hoppin. I really like this place, it's a mom and pop place literally, the owners are husband and wife and they are usually there when I go on the weekends. I think these rival Bagel City in Rockville and are better than Bethesda Bagels. They crush Einstein's. Here is the link.


Rfustero said...

The best bagels use to be from Bagel Delox in Montgomery Hills.

They were made on premise. They also had a decent bialy.

Katz's has a decent bagel.

As for pierogies-the best bet is to wait until St. Marks on River Road has their festival(I think its in the spring)The members of the church make thousands of pierogies and you order them to eat there or to go. Call St Marks for more info.

Bronxboy59 said...

I'll second the Bagelry--approved even by my Jewish New Yorker manager.

Anonymous said...

Ever try NY Manhattan Deli in 4 corners?

Al said...

I'm a transplant from Northern New Jersey and I still haven't found a decent bagel place 'round here, much less up in Frederick County where I live.

I miss Taylor Ham, too.

Anonymous said...

We had two occasions in the past two weeks to hit Bagel City in Rockville, and we were extremely disappointed--not as good as it used to be. My bagels were nothing spectacular, without the familiar crusty outside and doughy center; my husband got the smallest Reuben ever made for almost $6--and only yellow mustard was available. BC is resting on its mighty laurels now, it seems. I'm looking forward to trying the Bagelry or whatever Sniders offers.

silver spring penguin said...

The Penguin is Brooklyn born and raised, baby!

Re: Einstein's bagels

I ask for a bagel with lox. They give me a donut with tuna fish and attitude.

Also, a shmear is not supposed to be a mound of artery-clogging cream cheese. It should be a thin layer. A shmear.

Rfustero said...

Hey Al, if by Taylor Ham you mean Taylor Pork Roll, you are right- that was some good stuff.

Giant use to carry it dont know if they still do- but google Taylor Pork Roll- I believe you can but it online.

For those who dont know what I am talking about- parts of New Jerseyuse to have Taylor Pork Roll kiosks, you could get a Pork Roll sandwich and a Birch Beer and you were in 7th Heaen.mmmmmm

Sligo said...

In an emergency, one could always order bagels overnight from H&H in New York.

Liz D. said...

And while we're at it, can we get some decent cupcakes here too? CakeLove is disappointing at best.

Why must New York have all the good food?

Berry-licious said...

This clearly illustrates that the amazing NYC (tri-state area) bagels are all because of the water up there.

I was born in NYC and raised in Northern NJ. Every time I go up there at least a dozen bagels make the trip back down here with me - causing my car to smell like a glorious everything bagel for days!

The best I've found are in Bethesda. I always manage to meet other NY/NJ transplants in Bethesda Bagel (which you've been to) who all agree it's as close as we can get. Also, Georgetown Bagel on River Road (shopping center with Whole Foods, Ledo's [yuck! we need NY pizza too], etc.)makes a good, doughy bagel and they're everything are slightly better than BethesdaBagel.

Steer clear from Rockville's Bagel City. I've been a few times, the service is horrible and they always manage to mess up the order.

As for the lox. Stick with just buying it in the super market and adding it to the bagel shop bagel yourself so as not to get the "huh" looks from the servers.

ihateyuppies said...

I grew up in the Midwest and I didn't know what a bagel was before I moved to the East Coast.

My reaction when I saw the first bagel: "So it's like a donut?"

I'll stick to donuts, muffins, and banana loaf bread for breakfast...thank you.

Anonymous said...

White Oak use to have a Chesapeake Bagel place. I remember it closed almost a year ago.

Anonymous said...

I think it's ironic that the employees of Einstein in SS probably have the lowest collective IQ of any bagel establishment.

Debbie Cook said...

Taylor Pork Roll is available at SAFEWAY in the cold cut/hotdog case section. I see it there all the time...

Silver Springer said...

Silver Spring Safeway is the worst ever, four corners has a worst facility though. Watch out!

Dumont said...

Hey "I Hate Yuppies",

Bagels are not like donuts. Enjoy your banana bread. It will go well with your spaghetti and Ragu!

Silver Springer said...

Liz D. said...
And while we're at it, can we get some decent cupcakes here too? CakeLove is disappointing at best.

Why must New York have all the good food?

1/31/2007 2:14 PM

Something must be wrong with your taste buds Liz. Cakelove is DELISHIOUSLY EXCELLENT!

Anonymous said...

Best bagels within, say, 150 miles, are actually south of here, in Charlottesville, Virginia, at Bodo's Bagels. If you ever go, get an everything bagel with chicken salad, lettuce and onions.

otis said...

It's not Silver Spring, but the Bagel Place in College Park has good bagels. The owner knows his business. He has to cater to the NY/NJ students that line up outside his door everyday. The only downside to the place are the occasional obnoxious students.

Sarah said...

I also endorse the Bagelry. It's on Vital Road in Colesville. Very good!

Anonymous: I miss Chesapeake too! But that place closed more than a year ago - I was still in high school. I think it was about three years ago. I used to go there like three or four times a week - I'd walk in and they'd ask if I wanted the usual. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

It is the Bagelry on Vital Rd in Colesville hands down. Owned and operated by Ricky and Neva, the bagels are the real deal. Boiled before they are baked. All kinds of good cream cheese to go with them.

Great people, great bagels.

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