Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

- Richard Layman of Rebuilding Place in the Urban Space proposes the piping in of Baroque music at the future Silver Spring Transit Center.

- To expand on my previous post about Silver Spring's "Best Restaurants", here's a Washingtonian food writer's top six Restaurants in Silver Spring:

1. Ray's: the Classics
2. Ceviche
3. Jackie's
4. Mandalay
5. Cuba de Ayer
6. Samantha's

- When discussing higher crime rates in Montgomery County, the MoCo police chief claims that "most of the crimes have been confined to certain areas like Montgomery Village, Germantown, Gaithersburg, Wheaton and Silver Spring". Of course, I imagine a large portion of the Silver Spring crime occurred in the sections that I advocated giving to Langley Park.

- I noticed a new MNCPPC sign up in the small parking lot at Silver Spring Ave. & Fenton St. for a development of a new residential building. Anyone have any details on this project? I assume it is part of the whole "Fenton Street Streetscape" deal. Speaking of Fenton Street, it looks nice with all the wreaths hung on the street lamps.


ihateyuppies said...

Regarding the crime issue:

I think crime is worse in areas where you have higher numbers of low-income residents who come from Central American countries (legal & illegal). Gang activity is the biggest issue though. These gangs prey on residents. Most of the crimes are robberies, assaults, and narcotics.

I thank my lucky stars that the downtown area of Silver Spring never turned into an El Salvador slum. Middle-class white and African American families of Silver Spring formed a strong bulwark against any penetration from foreign illegals into apartment complexes.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad no whites or African Americans commit any crimes in the county.

ihateyuppies said...

You misunderstood the post. Of course, blacks and whites commit crimes in the Silver Spring area. But if you take out Langley Park from the Silver Spring district, you will see a steeper decline in reported crimes. Facts are facts.

Anonymous said...

Apparently Manger was talking about 3rd quarter crime. In the Silver Spring district, overall crime was up 4.8 percent in the third quarter this year compared to last year but robbery was down 3.8 percent, burglary was down 8.5 percent and auto theft was down 23.8 percent. Aggravated assault was up 7.73 percent. Areas that saw larger increases in the 3rd quarter were Wheaton, up 6.3 percent overall, Germantown, up 10.4 percent overall, and Montgomery Village, up 6.5 percent overall. I think that if robbery, burglary and auto theft are down in Silver Spring, that's likely a big plus for most people; the other types of crimes tend to be domestic or among those buying and selling drugs or other illicit items. I think the chief ought to be challenged more by the press for specifics if he is going to make sweeping statements about Silver Spring.

Anonymous said...

Ihateyuppies is right. I would like to add, though, that even though white people are probably panicking the most about being potential victims of crime by Latino immigrants, statistically these immigrants are most likely to prey on other immigrants (esp the ones coming off work where they are paid in cash, when they are in a rival gang, when they are dating an abusive man, etc.). I'm not justifying this crime, just making an observation about irrational panic.

Also, on another note, people working in the Discovery building on Kennett St. have been getting their cars stolen or broken into left and right. (at least 2 thefts in the past week from the Kennett St. garage) Very disconcerting.....

Anonymous said...

the darker the neighborhood, the higher the crime.

it is a fact.

Debbie Cook said...

About the Baroque Music at the transit center. I've heard hearing Baroque is supposed to lower your pulse rate and blood pressure (calm you down) Might be a great idea and based on some sound psychological facts.

silver spring penguin said...

Statistics are a magical thing, objective yet maleable.

The way I see the math, district 3 (which includes downtown Silver Spring) experienced:

-- a 26 percent year-over-year increase in reported robberies

-- a 12 percent YOY increase in reported larcenies

-- less than 1 percent YOY increase in reported burglaries

I think criminals will go wherever the score looks most appealing, regardless of who their victims are.

Debbie Cook said...

Silver Spring Penguin, I agree. This summer I took a busuness trip to Chicago, took the Metro home from National airport to the Silver Spring Metro at night. We were so tired of walking we decided to catch a cab home. Ended up being so afraid of that dark place at metro where you catch cabs (there weren't any cabs there anyway - just some unsavory characters hanging out) It was amazing how bleak and dangerous that area is at night compared to just across the street on Ga. Ave. Couldn't find a cab anywhere near metro so, we ended up hoofing it home.

Rfustero said...

Before the OPrince Georges County part of Takoma Park became part of Montgomery County, i was advocating that the citizens of Montgomery County should have a say in the decision.

At the time the P.G. County section had a higher crime rate and a larger demand on government services.

I am sure that the citizens of Montgomery County would have rejected such a merger.

no one in particular said...

In my very humble opinion... no list of "best restaurants in Silver Spring" is complete if it doesn't include Vicino's and/or Crisfield's.

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