Monday, December 25, 2006

Christmas News 'N Notes

Oh the weather outside is frightful, and the fire at my house is so delightful, but unfortunately I don't think it's going to snow (and get me out of work tommorow).

- I went to both Snider's and Whole Foods to do some Christmas Eve food shopping yesterday and there was a striking difference. Snider's seemed to be doing a fairly brisk holiday business, but there was plenty of parking and no lines at the checkout. Whole Foods was a different story. It was so jam-paced you could barely navigate the isles and the parking lot (see below). Even the "express" line had a 15-20 minute wait. I hope that Snider's is still doing OK with all the new competition in town. I worry that the (proposed) Harris Teeter could be the nail in its coffin, though I certainly hope I'm wrong.

- Speaking of the Whole Foods, it appeared that there wasn't much enforcement in that lot vis-à-vis parking for Christmas Eve mass at St. Michael's. The combination of the rush on Whole Foods and the parking rule violators made the lot a real joy...

- Consign It and DaVinci Florists, the two businesses located at the corner of Dale & Schuyler (near the old Blair) will be vacating at the end of January. The owner of the property is reportedly planning on redeveloping the buildings to attract new tenants. Let the speculation begin.

Personally, I will always associate that building with the long-defunct Fairway Pharmacy.

- Eastern Village Cohousing of South Silver Spring was featured in this Saturday's "Where we Live" section of the Post.

- Someone told me that Bonifant Books in Wheaton, formerly on Bonifant (duh) in Silver Spring, had closed down. I haven't had a chance to check this for myself. Can anyone confirm/contradict this? That would be a shame if it's true.

Merry Christmas!


WashingtonGardener said...

St Mike's (or the Baptist Church across the street or the main street-front churches on Fenton and Georgia Ave) parishioners are ALSO Whole Foods shoppers (and Strosniders, Baja Fresh, etc.) - and vice versa. These are not exclusive/separate groups - there is a great deal of overlap so I find it bewildering when people slam the church-parkers as ifthey have read their minds or followed them to know for a fact that they went to the church and then did not patronize the local business before or afterwards.
Having said that: I'm guessing a great number of the Christmas eve service attendees are once-a-year church-goers who have no idea of where the church-designated parking is nor that the "Whole Foods parking lot" is not for that usage.

Anonymous said...

Snider's does just fine. Just about everyone in the Woodside neighborhoods shops there, and are a very loyal clientele. It's also very smart of Snider's to have a decent wine selection. Unless the Harris Teeter is the only one in the county, it won't be able to sell wine or beer. The Giant in downtown Silver Spring would suffer more from the Harris Teeter competition, since it is the worst Giant in the world with the nastiest employees andawful produce.
As for Whole Foods, I no longer go there because of the parking situation and the same is true of many friends. I can't imagine how much business they lose from the church parkers movie parkers or whoever.

Anonymous said...

Been shopping at Sniders for 20 years, and I certainly hope they stay in business. But I do miss the old days when the cashiers didn't have weird facial piercings that gross me out, and the baggers were friendly and didn't have attitudes like they were doing me a personal favor by dragging my groceries outside, with their pants hanging so low I have to look at body parts I should not see. Clean 'em up, Sniders.

Debbie Cook said...

I usually try Whole Foods first. If that parking lot is a mess, I just run over to Safeway on Thayer (always parking) and I end up saving a lot of money! If I do get into Whole Foods - WATCH OUT. When "Fresh Fields" (now Whole Foods) first opened, we had a "Fresh Fields Support Group" in my neighborhood. We were all addicted to going there too much, spending too much time there and too much money there. LOL! I much prefer shopping at Snider's to all the grocery stores in this area! It's just further away. I don't think Snider's will be hurt by another grocery store because it has such a loyal clientele and it is so different than any large chain. It's one of a kind.

James Lackey said...

The Monster in downtown Silver Spring would experience the ill effects of the Harris Waver rivalry, since it is the most noticeably bad Goliath on the planet with the nastiest representatives andawful deliver. With respect to Entire Nourishments, I no longer go there due to the stopping circumstance and the same is valid for some companions. I can't envision how much business they lose from the congregation parkers film parkers or whoever.
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