Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Vote for a new name for City Place

In honor of election day, I've added a poll on the right listing potential new names for City Place. The options were culled from reader submissions made in comments on this post.

Let the voting begin!


Anonymous said...

Same tenant mix: "Bling in the Spring"

New Mix: "Silver Square" (nah, that sucks, never mind)

Anonymous said...

How about Silver Shops Mall?

Craxy said...

Shopppes at the Turf has my vote.

Lindemann said...

Hey, you didn't include "Non-Aspirational Yuppie Shopping Facility." Were you pissed that I forgot the second hyphen necessary to make all three of the first words a humongous compound modifier?

Sligo said...


Sorry about that... I ran out of space. (The application only allowed 10 options.)

Lindemann said...

That's OK. I was pissed at myself about the compound-modifier thing.

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