Thursday, November 09, 2006

The Results are In!

With 100% of precincts reporting, the new (unofficial) name of City Place is...


It wasn't even close, with Silver Plaza taking 37% of the vote, more than twice its nearest competition, "Bling in the Spring".

Yeah, so what if it's already taken? It's not like anyone calls that area by that name, anyway. They should surrender the name to the mall for the good of the neighborhood.

The next step is to somehow get the mall management on board...

Complete Results:

Answers Votes Percent
Bling in the Spring 14 13%
MoCrap for MoCo 5 5%
The Mall that Used to Have a Nordstom Rack 4 4%
Hecht's Center 7 7%
Montgomery Mall 4 4%
Silver Plaza 39 37%
The Galleria at Veterans Field 7 7%
The National Mall 2 2%
Ye Olde Shoppes at Silver Sprung Towne 11 10%
The Shopppes at the Turf 12 11


Terry in Silver Spring said...

We could call the fountain plaza either:

- Fountain Plaza


- Silver Plaza Plaza

Silver Springer said...

I thought you were going to add a name that included Fenton to the list? Plaza is kind of a dated term although I could live with it.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

Fenton is a good idea, maybe for the fountain rather than the mall since the name recognition of Fenton is probably fairly local.

Don't most folks call the plaza with the fountain something like "the fountain plaza" now as it is? I didn't remember that it was called Silver Plaza until you pointed it out. Actually, most folks I know say something along the lines of "up by the fountain" or "there by the fountain" rather than using an official name.

thecourtyard said...

It's really interesting how colloquial names take over after a developer names (or re-names) something. I mean, just look at Wheaton Plaza - ahem, Westfield Shoppingtown Wheaton - which still goes by its old name.

Developers focus-group names to make them as inoffensive as possible, like "Veterans' Plaza." It isn't memorable, but if we named that space for an individual veteran, maybe "the Turf" as a name might fall by the wayside.

WashingtonGardener said...

I say just startedcallng City Place - Silver Plaza - and the effects will snowball. Power to the people!

As to the other Silver Plaza - I've never heard anyone call it anything but "the Fountain" and then add "with the mosaic" or "by Austin Grill" or "by the steps" etc.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the area is all considered Silver Plaza, and that is the Mall at Silver Plaza and the Shoppes at Silver Plaza line the street and of course it's the Fountain at Silver Plaza. Keep Silver Plaza a bit more generic with modifiers to describe that area and then everyone knows where in Downtown SS.

Anonymous said...

"Silver Plaza" is so '50's , so old-fashioned, so drab. Surely we can be more creative than that.

Anonymous said...

you bitches are owned. we just elected a crappy gov. and we are renaming a mall for fun? i heard that ike is going to put a mandatory hault on all construction in moco. is this correct?

ps - think the Sprung has great gyms? Wait until ANOTHER gym announces that it will be opening in downtown SS. This was confirmed to me by someone that was approached to be a new manager there. Guess which one it is... I'll give you hint. If you go there every day for 2 months you will see _________.

Sligo said...


7smash said...


Anonymous said...


Lindemann said...

[Anything] Plaza > Westfield Shoppingtowne [Anything]

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