Monday, November 13, 2006

Monday News 'N Notes

It's been a little slow around Silver Spring lately...

- Was there some crazy accident around Four Corners this past weekend? It looks like a car drove off of Colesville Rd. and crushed the bus stop in front of the Woodmoor shopping center. A crossing light also seems to have been thrown into the black shopping center sign on the northeast corner of University and Colesville. Anyone know what happened here?

- The City Paper discusses the effect of chef turnover on the cuisine of the Quarry House.

- There are plans for a skateboard park to be built in downtown Silver Spring.

- Jerry Rice, of Dancing With the Stars fame (I hear he used to play some sport or another, as well) was at Discovery this past week. Why? Beats me.

- Washington Gardener wants to produce acorn-shaped hats for downtown Silver Spring "Acorn Heads" to wear, kind of like a cheesehead hat, only not. You can get acorn hats (for kids) on eBay or make them yourself if you know how to do stuff like that.

This might be a good thing to produce and hock at the upcoming Thanksgiving parade.


A. Forsteri said...

A car did take out the bus shelter at the Woodmore shopping center. Saw what was left of its side-view mirror on the sidewalk, next to what was left of the bus shelter.

Don't know who did it, but can only guess at who's gonna pay to fix it.

thecourtyard said...

I hate to say it, but since The Gentrification there have been many a quiet week in Silver Spring. Or maybe Silver Spring has always been a quiet place.

But hey, we're still in the top 100 largest cities in America (we just have to make it legit).

kv said...

that would be my picture of Jerry Rice.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

A skateboard park? I'm getting old, I think. My first thought is that the increased number of skateboarders are going to spill out across the more pedestrian friendly areas and be a pain in the backside.

(Yes, I know that all skateboarders aren't problems)

Sligo said...

KV, so what's the story w/Jerry Rice? Is he doing a Discovery show?

Anonymous said...

You bitches are owned. Mario Lopez is the master of Dancing With the Stars. Jerry Rice is doing a special on Ballroom Dancing for one of the Discovery channels.

Twoste said...

Jerry Rice: Hero to zero.

Sligo said...

Hey, at least he doesn't have the awful "balding dreadlocks" anymore...

A. Forsteri said...

There's always stuff going on in Silver Spring. I think we're just experiencing PED: post-election depression.

The intensity of this year's political fervor can't be sustained too long after Election Day. The human body wasn't designed for it.

We've gotten over the euphoria or melancholy (depending on party affiliation). And now we're at the "jonsing for action" phase.


Anonymous said...

I saw a silver car yesterday on 29 just before the New Hamp. exit that had a smashed front end with a cop parked behind it yesterday morning. There were no other cars around to suggest an accident.

After seeing the smashed bus stand and sign at 4 corners I jumped to the conclusion that someone nailed the sign and bus stand and then abandoned and fled the car later on. Perhaps stolen?

Don't know any more.

ihateyuppies said...

No wonder why my car insurance premium jumped 30 percent when I moved to Silver Spring.

Car accidents galore. Grand theft auto heaven.

jen said...

no, a skate park will keep skateboarders OFF the streets and sidewalks. because right now, there is nowhere else to skate. where do you think these alleged "increased numbers" of skateboarders are skating now? in the streets and on the sidewalks, causing a pain in your old fogey backside.

the skatepark will also keep us alive. i used to skate in the street in front of my house until a silver spring man was hit by a car and died earlier this year while skateboarding in the street near his house. but other than the street, i have nowhere to skate unless i want to go to a skatepark in virginia or upcounty.

and it isn't all about "those crazy kids" -- i'm 35 & bob wooldridge was 45. a lot of adult montgomery county taxpayers skateboard, and we have as much right to utilize the silver sprung redevelopment as anyone else. not to mention that the skate park was part of the original redevelopment package approved by the county, and would do a lot more to provide safe and positive opportunities for the youth of the county (i.e. get them off the streets and out of terry's hair) than any other part of the redevelopment.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

I think the "alleged" increased number of skateboarders are currently skateboarding closer to their homes on roads, sidewalks, and public areas (parks, plazas, etc). The park will be a magnet and those using it will not feel constrained to stay within it's boundaries when skateboarding.

In order to be good neighbors, skateboarders (as a group) should avoid damaging railings, marble surfaces, and other structural things (see Freedom Plaza down on Penna Ave). They should also try and be mindful of pedestrians.

There. I sound like I'm the grumpy old lady. Yes, I know you are likely an entirely conscientious skateboarder.

Anonymous said...

I saw a teenage skateboarder with a big metal file grinding down the edges of the low concrete barriers in the Grace Episcopal Church parking lot. What was that all about???

Silver Springer said...

What's the status on the skate board park in Fenton Gateway Park?

WashingtonGardener said...

The Fenton Gateway Park and Skateboard Park facility are two entirely different projects. We thought this had been made clear, but now see that Kreger is once again attempting to pit Green interests against skateboarders.

100% of the local businesses and residences bordering the Fenton Gateway Park site are opposed to a Skateboard Park being place there. (we did a door-to-door survey - did the MNCPPC?) We are all unanonymous in our desire for a GREEN space there.

Mr. Kreger is MISLEADING in his presentation - the Master Plan calls for Fenton Gateway Park to be a GREEN space featuring public art and rest spots (benches).

The Skateboard Park is a "maybe" in the Master Plan and to be located in the Central Business District - NOT adjoining residential neighborhoods as Fenton Gateway Park does. There are several other recereational "maybes" in the Master Plan as well, such as a bocci ball court, none of these are being given park space or planning prioirity at this time. We wonder why Mr. Kreger is pushing this one over the others and also attempting to ram-rod a project to the objections of the surrounding community.

The skateboards SHOULD have their own facility - but it should be located where the ice rink will go - for sommertime, seasonal use. Or how about as part of the new MNCPPC grounds? Or new SS library? Or new transportation complex?
Why are all these above locations not even considered? Because the dirty little secret behind this is that certain BIG business downtown want those "troublesome" skateboard kids transferred as FAR away as possible from their pristine new plazas.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

On a totally different subject, has anyone actually observed someone shopping in the new American Apparel store? I'm by there at an assortment of hours in the evening and on weekends and the door is usually invitingly open, but the store seems to have tumbleweeds drifting through the aisles.

I haven't been tempted in go in there since I think I'm a good bit older than the top end of their demographic given their ads.

Is the store doing well? Are folks shopping there and I'm just not noticing them?

Debbie Cook said...

Thank Goodness we're getting that park! last week there were 4 skateboarders at the entrace to the front Safeway parking lot on Thayer. They were playing "chicken" with the cars coming in and going out of there, by jumping over the entrance. Looked like a certain catastrophe in the making to me! I went in for an hour and a half and when I came out they were still there, only getting bolder and more like evil knevil by the minute.

WashingtonGardener said...

Debbie & others - the skateboard park would not a way solution to 'get rid' of skateboarders -- it is just a place for thise with the $$$s to pay the entrance fee to use it for a while, learn the few jumps/tricks they install, then move on to more challenging areas. As one skateboarder told me: "I'm a STREET skater and park or not - I will always be one."
The park planners are deluding themselves if they thinks these skateboarders will take the metro or bus to SS, walk thru it carrying their boards, and then ONLY skate within in the park confines, then go home. That is a just not a realistic picture.
We should be exploring what planners are doing right in downtown Bethesda, Rockville, & DC to work WITH skateboarders so they can safely pursue their sport within an urban setting.

thecourtyard said...

I don't know . . . the signs in Bethesda seem to be very specific about what they don't want in their downtown.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

We don't tend to be quite as uptight over on this side of Rock Creek Park.

WashingtonGardener said...

You'll find similar signs all over downtown Silver Spring - try the plaza at the metro exit towards 2nd Ave. "No-No-No" -- Haven't seen any forbidding "Parkour" - but it is coming I'm sure.

On the American Apparel tip - I have been in there 3 times - it is like most other boutques you see - looks empty, but is actually a steady flow of 1s and 2s coming in all day long. Their prices are surprisingly good and I like the fabric softness along with th color ranges. Sure beats fuchsia nylon undies across the street at CP.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

I still can't get past American Apparel's ad images. They seem to feature rather young women in overly suggestive poses. I'm in my mid-40's and don't need "body conscious" t-shirts. I'm glad to hear their products are soft, though. Comfy is niiiiiice.

chaz said...

Geez, Terry, you sound like a lot of fun! "No youthful activity/clothing!"

You can certainly make your own judgments on the value of American Apparel, but don't let the ads alone turn you off. Most of the stuff is basic and comfy (the sizing is a little small), and all made in the USA, if that's important to you. I just picked up a pretty excellent scarf there.

WashingtonGardener said...

No parade news or photos? If needed I have some to share.

Sligo said...

I was actually gone this weekend, so I didn't see it.

If you send me some, I can post them.

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Age never prevented people from doing things:

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