Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Election Day Notes

- I can breath a sigh of relief today, now that I have voted and no longer need fear Diddy's wrath. I voted at Highland View before work, and the lines weren't too bad - the process took maybe ten minutes start to finish.

- I love the illegal signs sprinkled amongst the campaign signs along the side of the road that read "illegal signs".

- P.G. County gets Clinton, and we only get Al Gore?

- The subject of City Place seems to get people all sorts of fired up, based on the comments to posts here, here and of course, here. This weekend was one of the rare occasions that I actually saw the inside of City Place, and it was only from the upper level of McGinty's. From what I could tell, there were more people in the bar then in the entire mall at that time. Not to mention some of the people in the mall had just stepped out of McGinty's in order to make a phone call. A conversation I overheard in McGinty's says a lot about City Place:

McGinty's customer #1 (looking out the window into City Place): "What is that out there?"

McGinty's Customer #2: "I think it's a mall."


Terry in Silver Spring said...

I voted at Christ the King (off E-W Hwy) this morning before work and everything went smoothly. I only had about a 15 minute wait to get to the check in table.

It might sound silly, but I still get a little rush when I submit my ballot/votes. I do miss the old voting machines I started out voting on at Apple Grove Elementary in Oxon Hill (now Fort Washington). The curtain coming closed behind me reminded me of a confessional booth. I was doing something personal, private, and important. The best part, though, was the huge chunk sound when you'd pull that handle when you were done. The metallic sound meant that my vote was counted and I'd played my part in my community and country.

This morning, I just touched a place on that Diebold screen. Yes, I risked it and used the e-voting machine. I did this because deep down, I feel like sometimes the paper/absentee ballots don't really "count". The election is ususally conceded before they get get around to counting the paper ballots. I know every votes does actually count, but I want my vote to be one of the ones that starts showing up in the tally shortly after 8pm tonight.

When I pressed the screen button to submit my ballot, I didn't get to hear that satisfying metallic chunk sound, but down deep I felt a little rush of power. I'm one of the people to which Jefferson was referring when he wrote "Governments are instituted among Men, deriving their just Powers from the Consent of the Governed". A person can be either active or passive in providing their consent. I choose to be active.

Please vote, folks. It's important. Oh, and you get a sticker, too. :)

Sligo said...

I got TWO stickers for some reason. Unfortunately, they didn't let me vote twice. Or did I even "vote" at all? Only Diebold and Karl Rove know.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

TWO STICKERS! I'm jealous. At my polling place, the daughter of one of the election workers was very conscientiously making sure each person just took one.

NotYourBroom said...

I shopped at City Place on Saturday. I got a coat from Burlington for just $25, and I wasn't the only one buying a coat - the place was really crowded. City Place is great - why would anyone want an expensive mall when we can get coats for just $25?

Jono said...

Just randomly happened upon this blog - very nice!

Glad to hear that things at Highland View went smoothly. That's my polling station, too, and I've got kind of a tight window to vote tonight between work and class.

ihateyuppies said...

I voted at Christ the King church too. No big problems there. My wait was like 20 minutes before I voted.

sielwolf said...

Same at Highland View. In and out in twelve or something? I got there early and got to wait. No machine backfires or anything.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

As I was waiting in line to vote, I was looking at all the various options folks have to vote: e-voting, paper ballots, magnified, read-aloud, translators, etc. I imagine that some folks might see the multiple methods/accomodations as a drain of money, but it made me proud that here it's just a matter of course that we make sure everyone who is eligible CAN vote.

We have good values, folk. :)

Terry in Silver Spring said...

Have you all heard anything about voter intimidation in PG? My mother just called me from her cell phone on the way home from her voting place (Apple Grove Elem in Oxon Hill/Ft Wash.) and was talking about people from Philadelphia giving out bad information, trying to discourage folks from voting. Mom's upset (particularly in that she was a poll worker at that site in the late 1960's and early 70's) and it was hard to follow exactly. She did say that the long line of folks at the site all stayed and were angry and resolved to get their votes cast for the Democrats. I need to call her when she gets home and hear this when she'd calm.

Twoste said...

I wonder if this election will be a victory for yuppies?

Anonymous said...

I voted at Something Baptist Church in downtown SIlver Spring, things went very smooth. They even had girl scouts there selling snacks. Though by the time I left the line was pretty long.

perrik said...

I did the absentee ballot thing this time around. The electronic voting machines, as Terry noted, just can't compete with the chunk sound of the old machines. That was the music of democracy!

It's not that I don't trust the Diebold machines (well, maybe a little)... it's just that I get so irritated with the electioneering at the polling place. I hate having to run the gauntlet just to vote. For this election, I just pencilled in the little ovals, sealed the envelope, and dropped it into the mailbox. The mailbox lid went "thunk!", which is almost as satisfying as the old machines' "chunk!" noise, come to think of it...

Anonymous said...

To Terry, I believe there is some coverage of the PG stuff on the Post's blog. Apparently the Republicans brought in homeless folks from Philly and had them passing out literature that implied some Dems had endorsed Ehrlich and Steele when they hadn't

A. Forsteri said...

Voted at First Baptist Church in DTSS without a hitch (though I was disappointed that the Girl Scouts there were selling only coffee and bagels, NOT cookies).

Someone outside was handing out sample Dem ballots. No signs of Ehrlich or Steele on those fliers.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

I saw that the Post, Gazette, and Wash Monthly have covered the PG County story. For goodness sake, Kendall Ehrlich was involved with this. She picked an interesting way to raise her visibility.

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