Monday, October 09, 2006

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

- A photographer was arrested for filming women changing in the bathroom of his Silver Spring studio. Creepy.

- Are you a "broke graduate student" in an old Civic or "Mr. S__t-Eater" who drives an Audi? Have you been buzzing bicyclists on Colesville Road? If so, this guy would like to have a word with you.

- Silver Spring is getting a Best Buy. Sort of. The Former site of the Wheaton Toys R Us on Georgia Avenue is in the process of being converted into the most recent addition to the big box chain. (I always considered this Wheaton, but Google Maps identifies it as Silver Spring.) No word on the opening date, but I imagine the doors will be open before the holiday shopping season. Whether it's Wheaton or Silver Spring, it's certainly a lot more convenient than Rockville.


Rfustero said...

Maps show that Silver Spring extends as far as Aspen Hill, in one direction, as far as Burtonsville in another . It is a pretty large area.

In Prince Georges County, Langley Park falls under the auspices of Hyattsville.

Anonymous said...

i think best buy might have the worse customer service in all of retail.

isnt an old toys-r-us a small site for a best buy? i drove by it yesterday and thought it looked like a small best buy.

Sligo said...

It would be smaller than some Best Buys, but not all Best Buys carry everything. For example, the Freindship Heights one is a lot smaller than Rockville, but it doesn't offer the same range of goods.

As far as customer service, I usually go there knowing what I want so I don't have to deal with them. Of course, there are quite a few times they don't bother to re-stock the things I am looking for and then they act like you are stupid if you ask about it. That's a story for another day, though.

Terry said...

Good thing that guy from Craigslist is riding a bike. He has a wee bit of energy to burn off.

thecourtyard said...

A Best Buy! Might there come a time when we will not have to venture west of Veirs Mill Road to take care of our errands? Surely, this must be a dream.

Goodbye, Rockville Pike. You will not be missed =P

Anonymous said...

The Best Buy is opening this Friday, actually:

WashingtonGardener said...

I used to live one block from the old Toys R Us site - it is indeed a Wheaton postal address - but is like a lot of unincorporated suburbia where place names are just for USPS convenience and nothing really official. Just a way to find it - that's about the extent of it.

I'd welcome Best Buy more if they actually had enough salespeople to help out - esp in large appliances/computer items where it is not exactly DIY.

Circuit City just 2 blocks away must be quite upset about this opening.

Lindemann said...

Best Buy is terrible. The service at the Circuitous City in Wheaton is OK. Ergo, no changes in my present shopping patterns.

ihateyuppies said...

Responding to the guy bitching about cars honking him.

I like riding bicycles myself. It's great excersise and I enjoy the slower pace of transportation.

However, I would NEVER, EVER ride my bike on a road during rush hour traffic. If you are taking up a lane and cars can't easily pass you, you should not be riding your bike on the road, period.

Second, I have seen ass holes in their Lance Armstrong bike gear riding down East-West Hwy during high-traffic volume periods. First of all, East-West Hwy has sharp curves and NO SHOULDER ROOM on the road. These dumb ass bikers should realize that they are putting themselves and car drivers at serious risk by traveling on a busy road with only two lanes. Second, there are plenty of bike trails and lower volume roads through Rock Creek Park to take advantage of.

I think cops should ticket bike riders for travling in high-traffic areas during rush hour periods.

Woodsider said...

Now that is some serious "yuppie hating".