Thursday, October 05, 2006

Silver Spring News 'N Notes

It's been a slow week...

- South Silver Spring (no, I will not call it SoPo) residents and businesses lament the dearth of parks and parking in that area, according to the Gazette. The Gazette also has an article on the continued redevelopment of the downtown area with quotes the usual bevy of locals who oppose it. Just Up the Pike weighs in on both.

- Silver Spring gets a new police commander.

- Becca's Run, a 5K run & 2 mile walk starts at 8:00 this Saturday morning in Four Corners. Registration information is here.

- The circle of life continues. As one retaurant closes, another one opens.

- Rumors of another new restaurant opening in Silver Spring from Tom Sietsema's Washington Post chat:

Silver Spring, Md.: Hi Tom, Is it true that the chef at Colorado Kitchen is opening a new restaurant in Silver Spring?

Tom Sietsema: If that's true -- SURELY the chef would call me in advance (hint, hint) -- Silver Spring would be very lucky.


Rfustero said...

Can't someone open a New York City style pizza somewhere in Silver Spring- you know the type, cheese, tomato sauce, some meat and a slice the size of ones head- preferbly my head as I have a pretty big head(my mother told me I was born with this size head- poor woman)

Sligo said...

How about a real Neapolitan pizzeria like Two Amys?

Rfustero said...

Havent checked it out sligo- the address is Macomb St. is that the old Zebra Room?

Silver Springer said...

We are at least getting some unique shops in the area, even if they are chains.

taleswapper said...

Instead of SoPo, how about SoSo? I guess that doesn't quite fit South Silver Spring. SoSiSp?