Tuesday, October 31, 2006

News 'N Notes - Halloween Edition

- Someone has carved a pumpkin to look like the Canada Dry / Silverton Condo building:

[Via the Silver Spring Historical Society]

- In the spirit of Halloween, the Silver Bee real estate blog has more great stories about haunted and/or disturbing houses in Silver Spring

My personal favorite:

The Buyers were excitedly inspecting the house on their final walkthru before settlement. Upon inspection of the attic the buyers and their agent discovered Jack, the missing husband, His mummified remains were hanging from a rafter in the attic.


WashingtonGardener said...

The most frightening thing about these stories is that MD law does not require the seller to disclose these facts of a 'tainted house' to potential buyers - other states/jurisdictions do. I'd be so pissed to find out after purchase about any of these situations - makes you wonder - what else did the seller hide?

Debbie Cook said...

Washington Gardner,
I found out something awful about my house 3 years after I moved in. One of the neighbors told me that 12 years before my house had been broken into in the middle of the night and the owners had been pistol whipped in their bed (in the room I use as my my current bedroom) by the robbers. Another neighbor told me the woman that lived here right before me (who's estate I bought it from) had died in the house, in a bedroom that I now use as an office. I have'nt had any real problems with this, just mental ones. I have had two roomates that swore to me there is a ghost in the attic bedroom that they rented here. They both said the ghost is a yong woman with long brown hair wearing an old-fashioned long dress. She always appears at night and is friendly. She just kind of hovers in the room, doesn't do or say anything and neither roomate was scared of her.
Both of these roomates lived here at differnt times and neither one is odd, takes drugs or drinks excessively. It might be true, but I never go up in that rented room to see!

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