Monday, October 30, 2006

Monday News 'N Notes

- OK, why couldn't Silver Spring do this? The Washington Capitals' recently-completed practice facility was built on top of Ballston Common mall. Perhaps this facility could have fit in City Place on the floor that used to house the AMC City Place 10 theatres. It would have been great - we could have an ice rink, not lose "The Turf", have a pro sports team headquartered here plus have a venue that can host all sorts of ice events year-round. Maybe this wouldn't have been practical for reasons I am not aware of, but it strikes me as something that would have been perfect in downtown Silver Spring.

- It may or may not be haunted, but a house on Woodbury Drive that was the site of a grisly suicide scares the bejesus out of real estate agents.

- DCist reviewed Cubano's last week. Personally, I agree with the commentor who writes, "You'd figure a place named Cubano's would have a decent Cuban sandwich, but that's not the case." I suppose it's OK otherwise, but when I first heard that there was a Cuban restaurant, I was excited to get a great Cuban sandwich but was ultimately disappointed with the limited sandwich options on their menu. What I'd love is a a more casual place that specializes in sandwiches. On the off chance that anyone's ever been there, Gordo's in Tallahassee, Florida is a perfect example.

- This Flickr user has posted some interesting photos from around downtown Silver Spring.

- A Silver Spring native is on the U.S. Women's soccer team.

- Reader CT reports that CNN was filming a report yesterday in downtown Silver Spring. Anyone got on any details on what this was all about?


A. Forsteri said...

Re: putting an ice rink inside City Place Mall, I'm all for it. A bowling alley would be fun, too. (Think Strike Bethesda.)

C. P. Zilliacus said...

Gunnar, Maryland has lost the Caps
and the Wizards to D.C. and
Virignia. This happens in part
because so many of our politicians
don't care. And the culture of
the Maryland suburbs (especially
Montgomery County) is to worry
about traffic generated by anything
that's new, but do as little as possible (and preferably nothing)
about recurring traffic problems.

Debbie Cook said...

Not to beat the open green space turf area thing to death - but, YES put the ice rink, bowling alley, sports practice place, civic center,etc. inside City Place. Just don't make "Sh-ty Place" any taller, use the wasted space already within it. Then we can keep the turf field open space like it is, maybe even have a DOG PARK on part of it! LOL!

Anonymous said...

i cant wait until city place is improved. 5 years from now we will look back and say, "Damn, why did it take so long for this place to get better?"

A. Forsteri said...

I agree that City Place shouldn't get any taller. Unfortunately, I think its skyward expansion is already in the works.

It would be a damn shame, because City Place's lackluster exterior already assaults the more attractive but vertically challenged AFI and Roundhouse theatres. Making City Place taller isn't going to help.

Anonymous said...

CNN was in silver spring to report on the Cardin-Steele race.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

I stopped going to Cubano's after a lunch fiasco. We had been waiting and waiting and waiting for our order to come out, when I noticed the cook/chef come out with HIS OWN LUNCH an sit at a table near us and begin to eat. I went to the maitre d' and asked what was going on. Well, they'd completely forgotten about us and we're in the least bit apologetic. In fact, they had a bit of an attitude. Certainly, the chef deserves a chance to eat, but shouldn't he fill his orders first? Terrible service combined with so-so food means I'm never going back in that place. There are too many restaurants in DTSS with great food and pleasant service to waste my time at Cubano's.

A. Forsteri said...

Why did CNN choose Silver Spring for a story on Cardin vs Steele? Were the candidates in town last weekend? Has the story been aired?

Debbie Cook said...

Terry in Silver Spring, I agree with you about Cubano's food and service. ... On the other hand ...They make the Best MOJITOS on earth! I'm not a much of a cocktail/alchohol drinker and I hate the taste of rum - But the mojitos at cubanos are so out of this world, that by the time the food comes you could care less about how long it took.

Silver Springer said...

The Caps would never come here, not even if we paid them to. Quite frankly who cares. The demographics are too different between Silver Spring and Ballston.

I wouldn't want a dying league to come here anyways. I'll take the Birchmere over that any day. The only benefit would be solving the ice rink problem.

The Maryland Nighthawks professional basketball team is looking for an arena about 7-12k seats. Perhaps they could do this on the City Place Garage? You can turn courts into ice rinks too.