Sunday, October 15, 2006

Monday Morning Notes

- Here's another "review" of the Downtown Silver Spring development. It's fairer than others, at least.

- At least wannabe carjackers appreciate the so-called "Bridge to Nowhere".

- This article is about a different Silver Spring, but the headline certainly sounds familiar.

- Ever wanted to own your own "castle"? There's one in Silver Spring, and it's for sale on eBay! Nice and cheap, too. Does the garbage strewn in the roundabout come with the house? It even has a moat!! (At least in the plans... I can't see it in the photo.)

If anyone happens to know where this is or anything about it, please let me know.

UPDATE: Dan over at Just up the Pike did some sleuthing and managed to locate the "castle".

UPDATE #2: If you want to know who would build a "castle" like this, it's this guy.

UPDATE #3: Realtor Debbie Cook informs me that "this 'castle' has been on the market (on and off) for the last 2 years with 3 different realtors and real estate companies. The price started out at $3,199,000 and when it was withdrawn from the MLS system on Oct 2, 2006 the asking price was $2,499,000."

Here's the full listing.


Terry said...

Boy, the castle man certainly knows how to write a warm, friendly, and inviting eBay ad, doesn't he?

I wonder if I can find some cold tolerant and sizeable reptiles to put in the moat. Without large, aggressive, swimming carnivores, a moat is just a fashion statement.

thecourtyard said...

I vaguely recall seeing a house like this listed on the MLS a few months ago. I don't remember the address, but I can tell you it's Up The Pike.

Sligo said...

I looked in the listings but couldn't find it. However, I came across this gem. OK, maybe that's a bad picture or something, but $549K for that??

Craxy said...

What's the point of a moat if you're going to fill it with shrubbery? The property is so ridiculous I must see it.

@Sligo - It's not a bad picture at all. IIRC, it's the teeny tiny house sandwiched between the house with the "gate" and the empty lot right at the first curve of Capitol View (heading into Kensington from Seminary).

thecourtyard said...

this is the location of the castle.

Terry said...

"I looked in the listings but couldn't find it. However, I came across this gem. OK, maybe that's a bad picture or something, but $549K for that??"

Where did they squeeze those three bedrooms in? It looks like a "shotgun", one of those linear houses common along the northern Gulf Coast.

So, where is Capitol View Park? You'd need some really interesting vision to view the Capitol from Montgomery County.

Silver Springer said...

Does anyone else feel like having a smurfing good time?

Anonymous said...

Put snakeheads in the moat!

Terry said...

No snakeheads! They're no longer exotic around here, unfortunately. I think the Post food section needs to publish an issue dedicated to snakehead recipies.

I think the moat needs something that you might find in an Austin Powers movie. Sharks with laserbeams on their heads. Or was it cranky bass with laserbeams?

thecourtyard said...

Page 40. You're in the papers!

Sligo said...

Thanks for the heads up. I didn't even realize the Express HAD 40 pages!