Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Just for the heck of it


UPDATE: I just want to put this video into context for those who were wondering what the hell this is all about. If you grew up in Silver Spring or anywhere else in the D.C. metro area in the 80’s, this ad is permanently burned into your psyche. Frankly, I believe it is the single greatest advertisement in the history of television. 20+ years later, anyone who has seen it can still remember the music and dialogue verbatim, as well as the phone number for Jhoon Rhee (which is still active, BTW). I suppose this strong recollection can also be attributed to the fact that we all saw it 100K+ times during after-school cartoons.

I have been trying to describe this ad to transplants for years, but until recently was never able to find it online to show to them. This post and its comments section over at DCist motivated me to renew my search, and it turns out the video had recently been posted on Jhoon Rhee’s own website.

UPDATE #2: A little know fact - this song was written by rocker and Montgomery County native Nils Lofgren. (He even has his own day in MoCo.) [Thanks to "terry in silver spring" for the tip!]


Terry in Silver Spring said...

Those kids were SO CUTE!

Code Monkey Master said...

you made me post my own blog entry about it based off the dcist discussion today. Again, i am so thankful for you finding this. I've been looking for this for years, i had no idea master Jhoon finally got it up on his site.

Terry in Silver Spring said...

Did you all notice that the song was written by Nils Lofgren, who's an outstanding guitarist, member of the E Street Band, and noted Marylander.

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