Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Hump Day Update

- There's at least ten places in Silver Spring that are haunted, according to "ghost hunters" Lynn Koiner and Barbara Finch of Baltimore / Washington Paranormal Investigators. Among them is Mrs. K's Toll House:

Blanche lives in Mrs. K’s Toll House on Colesville Road. Sometimes you can hear her calling out the waitresses’ names. Sometimes she’ll playfully push them.

A ghost "lives"? Anyone have any Silver Spring ghost stories?

- It's a little creepy when logs show that someone arrives at your site after searching Google for "body found in silver spring" when a body hasn't turned up...

- Gazette readers respond to last week's article about the lack of green space in downtown Silver Spring.

- The Post has more on the hidden camera incident and profiles the Ovis-Yobis Bakery on New Hampshire Avenue.

- To do this weekend: the Silver Spring Library Bookfest. You can find some good, cheap used books, but go early to beat the cherry-pickers.


groovything said...

I've heard a few stories about Mrs. K's, mainly from 2 staffpersons. One said that she was at Mrs. K's late at night and heard someone say her name, but she was the only one there. The alarm goes off in the middle of the night and no one can pinpoint the reason. Also heard a story about the mangers office being locked from the inside when there was no one in the office....Mrs. K's -- freaky history, great food.

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